Reason Why You Won’t Travel Number 5: I have no money

I have no money. I hear it all the time as to why people can’t travel.

I even say it all the time as to why I can’t.

But, I don’t let that stop me; I’ve learned to ignore the excuse, and act in favour of my dream anyway.

When you swallow the fear, and develop a healthy attitude towards your worth and your dreams, what you need to live the life you want will arrive.

It’s only when I have taken responsibility for my ability to create the money and opportunities, that I’ve been able to live the life I want.

We are not preaching to you how easy it is from our cushiony life. We’ve never had the money to travel. I just chose not to make that worry a limitation as to what I could actually do.

Each time I went on my next adventure, I got to work applying the tips and strategies in our ebook. I made it work because I believed in my ability to create what I needed to do, and what I wanted to do.

All I did was follow my principles for success and said, “I’m saying yes to my dream. I’ll figure it out as I go along and make it work.”

This meant I arrived in countries at times with only a few dollars to my name and made it work.

We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. When you believe in and want something strong enough you’ll make it happen. We share our step by step plan for this in our travel eBook, but for now, let me share our story to highlight that not having money should never be a barrier to you not living the life you really love.

 Our Money Barriers

Before I met Craig, I traveled for three years and then together we traveled for 5. After that honeymoon, we decided this was the lifestyle we always wanted. We just didn’t know how to make it happen.

We started worrying about not having enough money – something we’d never done before. We were so focused on not being able to make our dream a reality because we didn’t have any money, that we ended up completely destroying our healthy financial situation.

Everything we knew about money and how to manage it went out the window.

This was our situation in a nutshell.

We lost almost $500,000 in property and investments. (Note, we created this money in property investing because of hard work and smart choices, not from any gifts or handouts) The money was held in property, but we owned it free and clear, so we could have sold and walked away with a sum of money that could have had us traveling around the world for many, many years. Instead, we lost it all AND added $30,000 in credit card debt on top.

We had a baby, we owned nothing, and were jobless. We had to move home from America and, because we had no money or possessions, we moved in with Craig’s parents. We had a total shit bomb for a car which, when you have kids doesn’t make you feel good about your ability to provide for them.

If you struggle because of money or any sort of pain, we understand how you feel. We understand how frightening it is to have too much month at the end of the money. We know how, no matter how many corners in the house you hide the bills, they still keep coming.

I’ve cried, screamed, and raged over them. I’ve done my best to ignore them too.

This was the most demoralising time of our life. We were depressed, mad, rueful, and totally stressed. So badly that it impacted upon my health and it is taking me months to clear the damage.

At this time we also experienced a miscarriage, debilitating health challenges, and then had another beautiful baby girl.

Through all this we never lost sight of our life vision and we worked towards it every day. Even when it hurt badly. We had no money, no prospects, no skills, and no self esteem, but the one thing we had was ourselves.

You don’t need money, you just need to employ the power of yourself. You can create your dream life if you believe it, despite the chaos, obstacles and the brick walls,  if you just take steps towards it each day.

This period of regrowth has lasted 3 years. And through this, despite having no money, we continued to travel.

You’ve been reading about it here on this blog for 3 years. We’ve had no money and it’s been bloody terrifying, but despite that the universe said, “I’ve got your back. I can help you do this. “

The Universe was working alongside of us to make it happen. It brought us a car, the right connections, the right wisdom, the right opportunities, and the right experiences. It has been endless travel.

I don’t want to tell you this as an opportunity to brag. I hold off on sharing this often because I don’t want to appear like that. I want to share our story because I want you to see what you are capable of.

If we can do this despite all our obstacles, you can too.

It’s just a matter of believing in your dream and backing yourself.

You have to back yourself, no one else will.

No more excuses. No more brick walls. You are powerful enough to smash them down.

Want Even More Reality From Us?

In September 2013 we left on an indefinite road trip around Australia.

If you looked at our bank account, you’d laugh at the huge risk we have taken. It’s not empty, there are reserves and no debt (thank God), but there is not enough to back us as a family traveling for a year-long road trip around one of the most expensive countries in the world.

It’s the scariest decision I’ve ever made and it is taking all my strength to believe and trust.

But, I can no longer let my life slip on by filled with moments I don’t really want. The only thing that is holding me up and moving forward towards my dream is the voice that keeps whispering,

“You’ve got this. Everything will work out, it always has.

I spoke with a friend about my fears.

“Just trust mate.” She said. “It’s so much scarier for you now that you have children. But, you’ll fall on your feet, you always do. Things will work out.”

It reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother about a year ago. He was moving to Darwin, and after 20 years of world travel, was worried about finding a job and making it work.

“Stilts you’ll be fine. You always land on your feet. Think of all the countries you have travelled through and lived in. You’ve always found good paying jobs and have been able to sustain the life you love.”

“Yeah your right sis.”

He landed in Darwin, got a job working on the boats like he wanted and now earns a shit load of money.

The Universe will have your back, if you have it too.


We made the decision to travel Australia despite not having the money and the Universe is already weaving its magic.

It makes me cry sometimes to see it appear and I just want to scream from the rooftops for everyone to just trust more and do what is really in your heart. The only reason you are not having the life you truly love is because you are saying to yourself you can’t. You are saying you can’t based on fear and not truth.

Say I don’t know how this is going to work, but I want to so I’ll do it and figure it out along the way. Let the Universe help you.

I can’t stop thinking about how my life would be today if three months ago I gave into the I have no money fear.  I’d still be crying at the life I lost and playing the world’s biggest violin at how unfair life is.

Just because I made that simple choice to own my life, the doors opened and the opportunities poured in with virtually no effort on my behalf.

We have sponsors for the trip which has brought assistance to help cover costs AND the deadline actually sprung us into action to stop procrastinating and do the thing we wanted to do for many years.

Write a book. Share our wisdom to help others live the life they truly want. We’ve had it in the pipeline for years. I knew what I wanted it to look like. In fact, I had written 2/3 of it. I just wasn’t doing anything with it.

Use Your Power to Create

We backed ourselves with the decision to do the #yTravelOz road trip and then we got to work.

“Craig, if we are going to do this trip around Australia, then we need to start selling our own products to have income coming in. And we need to crack the whip with it.”

So we cracked the whip. We took control and created the money we needed for our dream.

Why can’t you do the same?

sand dunes

I never released it before because I didn’t believe I was good enough.

I felt like I was being slimy for selling something to people. Through the help of my mentor this year, Marie Forleo, I’ve learned that I have something really valuable to share that can help change people’s lives.

Who am I to let my small self hold back on that?

We constantly get in our own way with our small thoughts of lack, limitation and worthlessness.

We are so much more than these things. We are powerful beyond measure and can create our wildest dreams.

I don’t ever want you to live from that space of wanting, of pain, fear and thinking that everyone else but you deserves that life you envision in your heart.

It’s bullshit.

You deserve it too and you can create it. It’s totally up to you.

Are you plagued with fears about money?

Tell me one unique strength you have that can help you create more money and that life you really want?

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About The Author

55 thoughts on “Reason Why You Won’t Travel Number 5: I have no money”

  1. hi nice to. read ur blog its very inspiring i am from india ……i also love travelling ….till now completed 3. countries ……i. am became a fan of u now ….i try to keep travelling

    Niranjan scoda

  2. I absolutely agree you can create whatever dream life you want for yourself.

    Money – or lack of it – is one of the biggest excuses people always give when they tell me they wish they could go travelling and I tell them to go for it, and it really frustrates me sometimes because I know that it is just an excuse.

    I can afford to travel, and I travel a lot. But there is absolutely nothing special about me. I have the same bills to pay as anyone else, the same money worries, the same rubbish wages and punitive taxes. I am not some rich kid with a massive trust fund, I have not won the lottery and I don’t have anyone else funding my travels for me.

    So how do I do it? I work my backside off and make travel a priority. I have a clear vision of what my priorities are in life and I chase them with a passion!

    So if I can do it, anyone else can too.

    They just need to stop making excuses, drag themselves out of the rut of societies expectations and follow their own dreams.

    1. Beautifully put Michael. I love this quote
      Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her. But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. – Voltaire

  3. Wow, what an encouraging leap of faith. As a photographer, writer, traveler and parent of a teenager, we are in the perfect situation to drop everything and go (no debt, work in education, open mind…) yet we haven’t made the move. I have faith that when the time is right, it will work out. It’s just a matter of knowing when the time is right.

  4. As a college student, money is defiantly what stops me from doing everything. I have been blessed and lucky enough to not have to take any loans and haven’t acquired any debt (so far…. haha). I’ve recently started the journey of experience over possessions, fighting the immediate gratification of a new pair of jeans for the pay off of travel and adventure. It is more difficult than I expected but very liberating.

    Anyway, while in college I’ve been planning couch surfing road trips, but I can’t wait to travel across seas and out of the country. Reading your blog posts, and especially this one, is giving me the confidence to give it a shot. The universe hasn’t let me down yet!

    Can’t wait for all the wisdom of the e-book!

    1. I think you have the right mindset Crystal and are making the right choices. You will create that life you want and the Universe will back you all the way

  5. Nice inspirational piece Caz. It is bull-shit, but you and Craig are lucky that you both feel the same way. I am with someone who feels the same and we are planning our escape! Watch this space. Happy travels.

  6. I read this post at the right time. Right now I’m in the middle of looking for work in the writing/communications field in order for me to graduate from University, but I haven’t been able to find anything yet. Normally I’m a “suck it buttercup” kind of person, but I have to admit this whole experience (I’ve been applying for jobs for the past two months) has really gotten me feeling pretty depressed, and scared. These feelings I hate because I’m after many many mistakes I’m realizing how you think shapes who you are, and it shapes the world you live in. So I am reprogramming (for lack of a better word) my mind to think more positive when it comes to money and I think the advice to trust the universe is something I need to hear. Of course I also need to take action so I will keep writing, and I will keep my heart open for whatever good the universe offers.

    1. Ah yes, such a challenging place to be in. I know it well. Just keep moving through the process and keeping your eyes open to what the lessons are. Usually delays just mean we aren’t ready or the Universe has other plans. Just keep being clear on what you want and take steps towards it each day. I think sometimes all we have to do is release our expectations and trust–but that is so freakin hard!! Make sure you take time out from thinking and having your brain stressed– get out in nature, meditate, listen to your favourite tunes, and dance like no one is watching. it is often all we need to shake out the bad vibes. Sending lots of positive vibes your way for the perfect outcome.

  7. ‘I can create the money for my dream’ – I love this line and I live by it. Of all the reasons for not traveling – the only reason genuine is ‘no money’. I am the kind of person who would travel as often as possible – you know I traveled even when I was chucked out by my employer this July – I was in Mumbai – I lost my job – While I was looking for a new job, I took two short trips – Matheran and Pune. I discovered two new places while I was still jobless.

    1. Yes, I agree Renuka. No money is genuine and I know why it stops so many people. I think a slight switch in thinking for everyone is to believe they can create the money or the opportunities for more travel– even if it is in your backyard.

  8. Great post – sometimes you really do just have to believe it will work out. You can’t predict the future so why hold yourself back. You can always travel even if it is a short weekend trip. No excuses; go forth and travel. 🙂

  9. Definitely have felt the fear.. but the more I hear from others who take control of their life the more confidence I gain!

    Resourcefulness – this skill has helped me figure out how to create a life doing what I love! (teaching yoga and travel)

  10. Great post! I wonder, though, would you mind sharing more detail about how you made it work when you landed in a new country with no job, no money and no place to stay? Clearly it worked out, but for those of us who tend to imagine the worst, I’m wondering how did that first day and night go? How did you find a place to stay and eat those first few days? Of course, if that’s too personal then please feel free to ignore, but I’m just curious.

    1. Not too personal Stephanie. IT’s all in the ebook and I might write a post soon highlighting the basic steps as it can be more involved. Basically, you ask some simple questions
      1. Who do I know that can help?
      2. How can I make more money quickly?
      3. How can I spend as little as possible and still have food and shelter?

      In some cases I called upon people I knew who were in the area, but didn’t really know very well; I’ve stayed with strangers, or in really cheap hostels. And then I hit the pavements to find work. I found jobs within a day and the money started to come in. In some cases I’d work two different jobs- one during the day and then another at night to get that money flowing back. There are endless things you can do, you just have to ask the right questions

  11. Congrats on the book – that’s awesome 🙂

    Yea I hear this all the time from people too. I often tell them that if they “wait” for the money to show up, the Universe will “wait” to give them the money. The Universe responds to bold action taken in faith.

    I have taken big risks too. When I quit my job, I still owed $200,000 USD on my mortgage. That was scary. Yet I stepped out in faith, and now that debt is paid off. And so are all my other debts. In fact, what has consistently happened is that the money I receive has expanded based on how much money I needed and how much I was willing to step out in faith.

    Teach it! Over and over again this lesson needs to be repeated until people stop buying in to their own money excuses, which are sadly still holding so many back from their real dreams. Cheers.

  12. Beautiful post, wish you guys the best on the rest of your journey. Yes, making the leap into the unknown can be very scary but it’s also when we feel most alive. I have always followed my heart, but this year some of the fears you have mentioned have started to surface a little as I prepare for my next trip. The reason is, is that now I am married.

    When I travelled alone I knew that even if the worst case scenario happened I would be ok, somehow I would figure it out. Now, that I have a partner, I don’t want her to experience any hardships. Next year, we will also be embarking on an indefinite adventure around the globe, and I am excited to see how things unfold, because your right as soon as you take the leap of faith and take action on your dreams the universe has a way of presenting you with amazing opportunities.

    Take care, many blessings to you and your family.

  13. It is good to just get in there and have a go. What is the worst thing that can happen now that you are on the road? Sure you might not make it all the way through the year, but think of what you would have missed out on. Even if it were to stop tomorrow, you have seen and done some fantastic things already and so have your kids. You all will be so much richer in ways other than money just for the experiences and opportunities that living life in full will bring you. I had hoped to meet you in Wollongong when you passed through, now I just hope we will meet on the road one day, maybe next year… who knows! in the meantime, just get out there and enjoy what you can and give back to the communities you pass through when you can!

  14. Sometimes I wonder which is better – do I prefer to have no money but maintain my dignity, or get paid a hella lotsa money but work for a greedy billionaire tycoon who keeps cheating on his customers, suppliers and shareholders.

  15. I do everything at home on my bike. I’m lucky to live in Holland where we have great bike lanes and you can get around anywhere on 2 wheels. While my colleagues and friends take the bus/car/train to work/gym/city I gladly cycle all around. Ofcourse I don’t always like it, esp. when it’s raining, but my rainsuit has been a worhty investment. I guess this saves me about 50 euros/month which makes 600 euros/year, enough to book a planeticket to somewhere on my wishlist. And it’s good exercise, too 🙂

  16. What a beautifully written and inspirational post, Caz. I can feel your fear as you take that leap of faith because I’ve done it myself so many times over the years. I’ve been to some really low places financially and I’m always willing to just do whatever it takes and never lose sight of my dreams. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.
    I admire what you’re doing and your writing will inspire many others to live the life they want. When I’m struggling with something, I just think about how I’ll feel when I’m 90. I don’t have much ‘stuff’ but I’ve gained a lifetime of precious memories and an enormous amount of personal strength from all my travels.

  17. Wow, pretty impressive story. Bouncing back from a $500K loss must be pretty hard, specially with the responsibility of a child to look after. Respect! It’s those dark times that define who we really are.

    Also good that you decided to release your book. I felt the same way before I released mine, that it wasn’t good enough. So I decided to make it available for free. Now I get emails from people asking me why I’m not selling it and that it is way to good for a freebie lol.

    Have fun in Oz!

  18. I love this post. I am so guilty of always using money as an excuse… this is very empowering and an awesome read! Thanks 🙂

  19. I firmly believe that the excuse “I haven’t enough money” is about priorities.
    For some travel just isn’t a high enough priority they would rather drink at the pub, buy the latest clothes, or perhaps they just don’t have the bug – the travel bug.
    Basically if you want to travel you will find a way to save that money.

  20. Thank you for this article it is one of my favourite topics, by that I mean lack of funds to do anything you want. A wage or lack of a wage doesn’t stop you looking for opportunity. In my life I have cleaned cars, kept gardens neat, learned how to write websites and get an income from affiliateships and Adsense.Today there is ebay to buy and sell a myriad of items. I have even tried network marketing with some success, the whole point being the fact that if you want something enough you can find a way.

  21. I liked this “You have to back yourself, no one else will.” quote… If you can really learn how to empower yourself, function as well as possible – by yourself, then you get closer to succeeding.
    I am so sorry to read about all your family drama, but I like the positive attitude!
    You inspire us.
    Nevertheless, many people are able to re-think out spending, curtail certain expenses and squeeze out a little money for at least a weekend break. But they don’t they’re either naive or ignorant.
    Still: money can help improve the quality of the trip. Traveling around the World and flying still costs money.

  22. Nice post guys.. I left with no money 5 years ago and travelled Australia, New Zealand and Thailand before making my way back to Ireland. You will create the money, you just have to go and try!

  23. Thank you so much for this post! I am a college student trying to save up for a ticket to Australia and I have been really down in the dumps about it recently. This post made me think more positively about how I really can do things on my own 🙂

  24. Kimberley Johnson

    Hi Caz & Craig!
    First off, you are both such an inspiration! I’m sure you have been told that many many times! Thank you for having such a a wonderful blog to follow, in fact I am going to look you guys up on all social media, so i don’t miss a thing!

    My partner and I grew up as expats, and in fact met at school whilst living in Singapore. We have both travelled and lived in many different places, to say we love travel is an understatement. We feel that we do not have a home, that the whole world is our home. Sure some places hold significance in our hearts, but wow we cannot sit still in one place for too long unless it offers travelling opportunities!

    I fell pregnant with our first son quite young (20 years old) and he was born in Singapore (he is now 5 years old). So he also has quite the travel bug in him! Like you both we have had a very rough start beginning our family, and now two little boys later (youngest is almost 2) we feel stuck in a rut living in Melbourne (Australia). Reading your articles is EXACTLY how i feel. Unfortunately my partner is a lot more worrisome than I am and gets a little anxiety with the thought of change he doesn’t feel control over!
    We feel stuck, trapped, bored and uninspired…id say every 2 years i get the travel itch and want to pack up our lives and move somewhere new! I find it very difficult to stay in the one place. My girlfriend is the same, she also grew up an expat. I met her during a short stint of boarding school here in Melbourne (which didn’t work out….it was too boring…i never fit in! ), however she was living with her grandparents. 10 years later we are still as close as ever despite travelling around and life taking different courses. Now we are both here in Melbourne and every friday night we crack a bottle of wine and talk of our dreams to travel, to get the hell out of here, to feel free, to LIVE!

    Thanks to you both, this friday night I will be showing my girlfriend your blog, and I am hoping our dream of travelling around will begin to unfold .. even with two little munchkins on the journey!

    Best of luck with your life journey Caz & Craig & kids!

    p.s…sorry for such a long post!!

    1. I love those conversations over a bottle of wine on a Friday! I’ve done that many times as well. I love your long comment Kimberely so thank you! Passion always holds my attention. I hope that you and your girlfriend can hatch up a great plan to travel more and help your husband to not worry so much. I totally understand the worry, but I believe if we follow our hearts we’ll be supported. Joy is a powerful creator and magnet for good things! Thanks for connecting!

  25. Really great to read this at this moment in time…I’m due to fly out to India in 7 weeks, this time on a one way ticket!! After a gap year in 2014 through India, SE Asia and NZ I’ve been longing to travel again, but this time want to make it more of a long term sustainable lifestyle.

    My two passions are nutrition (specifically plant-based nutrition in the context of holisiic health and wellbeing) and travel (with a focus on vegan food and eco friendly options). I’ve saved enough to last around 1 year (if I stay in Asia) and I’ve started a vegan nutrition and travel blog that I want to put my all into on this journey, for my own personal creative enjoyment, but also to share advice and inspiration and help others with travelling healthily on a plant-based diet.

    I’m aware of how saturated the travel blog market is and that it won’t be a sudden success or make lots of money, and there’s that little voice inside going ‘really Mindy, you want to run a vegan travel blog with the potential to make some income from it!!!, c’mon be serious!’

    But then there’s that part of me saying ‘why not?! it won’t be easy but it’s not impossible’ and if it’s something I would enjoy doing anyway and get great pleasure from creating the content and helping others live, eat and travel vegan I should just give it a go.

    You’re so right when you say we tend to get in our own way with our small thinking and limiting beliefs. How do you best deal with these fears and doubts? I find meditation a great help. And wow, Marie Forleo as your mentor, how fantastic! I love Marie tv.

    1. I say give it a go and enjoy it. You can gain so much benefit from that alone. There’s not a lot writing about vegan travel, but I’m sure there are a lot who are interested. We have a new vegan restaurant opened up down the road from us which I want to try. It is always super busy and looks amazing

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