Overcoming procrastination: excuses begone!

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Procrastination. Otherwise known as it’s not the right time yet. Or, I’ll get to it later. Or, once I’ve figured out XYZ then we’ll do it. Excuses, excuses.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time until that’s all your journey becomes; a series of lost or delayed opportunities.

We’re all guilty of this and often times we’re blissfully unaware that we’re even procrastinating on our dreams. I mean, there are lots of things to plan for and prepare and the interruptions of a normal busy life feels so out of your hands and worthy of your attention, however with closer a closer look overcoming procrastination can be achieved!

It can seem like this is what is getting in the way but, after bringing in awareness and close inspection, you can see these as excuses covering up fear and doubt.

I noticed this the other day when it came to our USA trip. We hadn’t set a date yet. Like a real commitment date. We kept throwing possible dates out there, but would follow it with, we’ll wait to we hear back from so and so…we’ve got that conference on that might be good to attend…we won’t know for sure when we can go until we get our visas.

I popped my head up and saw that June, the flyaway date we chose, was fast approaching and was not going to happen. All that lack of commitment got in the way of us applying for the visa, which takes a month to process so we won’t get in time for a June departure.

There is so much about this trip that we haven’t figured out and is so undecided, but I realise that we’re making it so because deep down we fear we don’t have what it takes to make it happen, and we’re lacking faith in a Universe that’s always supported our dreams.

The missing connection to making it happen is our commitment.

“You know Craig, it’s time to set a date. If we don’t, we’ll keep pushing it back until we have everything ready, which won’t happen and we’ll never make America Unplugged a reality.”

We’ll share more about the date at the end of this post and how making that commitment has put things into overdrive motion.

What’s really underneath all that procrastination

Giant fears – fears that you’re not good enough, that you can’t make it happen, that the dollar will crash, that your visas won’t come through, that people will be upset with you, that you’ll miss opportunities at home, that you don’t have a clear path, you don’t know where to start, or where to go next.

The list is endless.

What we’re really fearing is change and our ability to handle it.

I’ve been almost paralysed by my fears, yet I’m a seasoned traveller and have leapt into the unknown abyss time and time again.

It’s more fearful for me now because we travel with kids AND we run an intense business that is our only source of income and provides income for the people who work for us. That’s another level of pressure most people don’t have to manage.

What if I can’t make it work? What if the pressure is too much and steals away my enjoyment of the dream? My Dad has also been sick so I’m worried about him. What if something happens to him while we’re away?

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, yet we constantly make decisions based upon our fears and things we can’t control. Instead, it’s better for us to ask and answer “what do I know to be true in this moment and how can I make a decision that will help me best enjoy this minute and maximize my potential and the joy I can feel?”

I’m glad I caught these fears before their masquerading excuses continued to delay America Unplugged.

The ducks don’t have to be all lined up in a row for you to have what you want. I know what my heart and soul wants, and I know a life lived any other way is destined for gigantic failure and unhappiness.

I’ll work through the fears. This is the exact same process I went through before we made the leap

This is the exact same process I went through before we made the leap to do our Australia road trip. I knew in my heart and soul this was the right thing to do yet my fear kept getting in my way. You can see the striking similarities in this post I wrote three years ago.

Big change will always bring big fear

Awareness will help you see this and help you know what to do each time it happens. Plus, you always have the proof of the time once before when you felt the same fears, worked with them anyway and had experiences that brought you so much joy and growth.

Big fear always brings big rewards (if you move through the fear!)

The heart and soul are calling fervently to me now. It’s time to go. I’m ready to embrace this new life and the big rewards. No more procrastination or playing small. We can do this!

We love our beautiful Burleigh, but life has other plans for us and it’s time to join it. We’ve set our date –August. Straight away we felt different. Committed. Clear. Certain. We got to work. We now have a basic itinerary mapped out. We’ve started the visa ball rolling. We’re in communication with the right people. It’s incredible the change and momentum, which has come about simply because we stopped the procrastination game.

We’ve hit publish on our promotional video. Let us know what you think:

My other huge tip for you when you’re struggling with fears and procrastination – hold yourself accountable by telling someone else. We tend to announce it to the thousands in our community – there’s no backing out now!!

Next week I’ll share with you what some of these fears around our US trip are. Some make sense, some are totally irrational.

But, that my friends, is how our beautiful minds work. The trick is to know your mind and befriend its craziness with love and the willingness to work through it together.

If you’re finding yourself procrastinating on a dream of yours follow this easy plan:

  1. What are all the excuses you are telling yourself as to why it can’t happen now? List them out with all the fears that lie underneath them.
  2. Now for each one, list why it can happen now. Come up with a logical plan as to why these fears don’t matter in this moment and how you can make it happen.
  3. Commit to your dream, make a date, take a step forward, do one thing that will move you toward the reality of it regardless of what those fears tell you.
  4. Announce it to someone and ask they help you be accountable.
  5. Let go and allow your dream to come.

I’m reading a great book at the moment by Wayne Dyer called Excuses Begone. He lists 18 common excuses we tell ourselves, I definitely recognised all of them. I highly recommend reading it so you can hear his wisdom for overcoming these with logical and soul-drive thought.

He says,

Wayne Dyer quote

The right time is now.

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18 thoughts on “Overcoming procrastination: excuses begone!”

  1. Love both the post & the video guys !
    I find it so hard to just take a leap & dive into my dreams. Thankyou for being such an inspiration & showing you can make dreams a reality !

  2. This absolutely resonates with me. Thanks so much for the kick up the butt- I’ve been putting off ‘hustling’ for my blog and free lancing jobs because of fears masquerading as laziness. Good luck with the US plans!

  3. I can understand your dilemma… sometimes though it is certainly better to leap into the unknown with a grin and assumption that it will always be ok in the end. wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could actually use the benefit of hindsight too, though! Enjoyed your video clip about the upcoming trip, those kids are too cute!
    Make sure to visit West Virginia for a good insight into life there. Just lovely that little state, I have friends living up a little ‘hollow’ in a log cabin there… maybe you could go visit them!

    1. We went white water rafting in West Virginia once and had such a great time. Super keen to go back. I so wish we had the benefit of hindsight Jane!!

  4. I read your post and see myself in everything you said.
    I’ve been dreaming of moving overseas for decades now and have all the excuses lined up.
    I don’t have enough money to live on. They won’t let me work. If they catch me trying to work, they’ll deport me and I’ll wind up back in square 1 (or worse). I have no real transferrable skills. I can’t bear to get rid of all my stuff! To pack up everything and where will I put it? How can I take care of my business here? How can I keep up with my licenses? on and on…
    I did finally manage to take the TEFL course, so now at least I can probably earn enough to live on if I leave. Only took me about 13 years to do that!
    Thanks for sharing your stories. They do help inspire me to get moving. 🙂
    I hope you make it to the US soon because that’s your dream. Here I am trying to escape.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how many excuses we line up for ourselves. It’s only when we stop to really think about them that we can see what they really are.

      I’m so glad you’ve taken the TEFL course – that’s a giant leap. And its never too late!

  5. Hey guys just wondering what sort of RV are you looking at?? C class or A class. My best advice would be to look at an C class around 24 to 28 foot. We have an A class 32 foot and have had a few problems with it being too big for a few roads in a few National Parks. Lots of camp grounds and some National Park roads won’t take more then 24 foot. Fuel economy is a little better with a C class. Most of the RV here have a whopping 6.5 litre V10 petrol engine in them. Ours gets about 7.2 miles to the gallon. The petrol is on average sitting at around 70 cents a litre. Diesel pushers are mostly C class and quite expensive RV’s. An RV is the way to go, by far the best and they have everything over here. Generators, full showers/toilet,big beds. There are so many RV’s over here, it’s amazing just how many. My biggest warning I can give you is the weather and seasons will drive you nuts. Seriously in most states the winter seems to last at least 6 months. Snow has been following us for the last 6 months ( seriously ) I have been in shorts and T shirt I think about 10 days out of the last 6 months and we have been through about 18 states in the last 6 months. Just letting you know, great if you love skiing and throwing snow balls. They had snow in the mountains of Las Vagas today. I was talking to some people today ( we are in New Mexico right now) and they told me it is warmer in New York then New Mexico right now. That seamed strange to me, warmer in New York mmmm. If your coming in August you have about 2 months before the fall starts. Do yourselves a favour and try and get up in New Hampshire/Vermont in the fall. My goodness that blew my mind, what a beautiful sight it was catching the fall colours up there. You will think you are in heaven. What type of RV are you looking at?? People here are amazed when we tell them we have been traveling for 11 months around America in an RV. 🙂

    p.s just interesed in what type of Visa are you getting??? we are on the B2 one

    1. Thanks for the great tips Peter. We’re looking at a Class C under 30 foot. We’ve been told about the issue with the NPs and big RV’s.

      We mapped out a tentative itinerary last night and are definitely planning around the seasons. We lived in NC for four years so definitely know about their 6 months of winter. I felt they even had that in NC and it’s considered a mild climate. We’re lucky in Australia to have really short winters.

      At the moment, we are applying for an O visa. It’s a special non-immigrant visa that we can possibly get due to the work we do.

  6. Great post! This really resonated with me because I often procrastinate because of self-doubt. I find I can push past it for a bit, but it always rears it’s head again. This post has inspired me to ignore that little voice in my head a bit more, and take the leap. Thanks!

    1. I’m so pleased Kate. I want more people to tune out those voices of self-doubt and to trust themselves more. you’ve got this!

  7. Such a great post, Caroline. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who hide behind a “I’ll do it when…” excuse every now and again.

    My procrastination is sneaky. Instead of just encouraging me to drag my heals, I’ll get stuck into some new, exciting, big unrelated project. It allows my brain to hide the fact that all I’m really doing is procrastinating from making progress on my real goals.

    So glad you’ve set a date and are “officially” ready to make it happen! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.


    1. I totally hear you Jane. I am also famous for getting distracted by other projects. I finally figured out why so many of them are unfinished and I quickly lose my enthusiasm for them – they were just a procrastination distraction.

      It takes a lot of awareness and intention to overcome this, but I’m working on it and understand the signs better now. It all comes back to belief!

  8. Great video Caz. And thanks for the reminder about procrastination and the fears that lie underneath. You also remind me about the huge leap we took in living overseas for a year in 2011 – adopting our son and only being home 11 weeks in Australia before heading to Canada, worrying about how the adoption authorities would react with us moving overseas and I also had the worry of my Dad’s diagnosis and surgery for prostate cancer. The worries were so much bigger in my head than they turned out to be – yet I forget that lesson and remain fearful.

    1. I like to write down a list of things like that Kathy, so in those moments of fear I can look back on how I’ve been supported before to remind me that I can do this, fear is just taking over a little bit at this time. It really helps me to grow that self-belief and confidence.

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