Introducing Prana Clothing – welcome additions to our travel wardrobe

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To say Caz and I have been overdue for new additions to our travel wardrobe would be an understatement.

My go to jacket has traveled with me all over the world for the past 10 years, my pants are well worn and faded (some with rips) and my t-shirts have seen better days.

Caz could tell you a similar story regarding her travel clothes.

So we’re super excited to share our new partnership with Prana clothing. And not just because they create stylish travel clothes and accessories, but the responsible way they go about making them!

woman posing in front of a mural
Caz wearing her new Barton Dress in Nashville

Because we travel a lot with kids, we do our best to cut back on packing, so I’ve always liked travel clothes that are versatile and can be worn in multiple combinations.

It’s not always possible to duck back to the hotel after a day of sightseeing to get changed for the evening, so having travel outfits that can be worn casually throughout the day but are still dressy enough for going out at night are a bonus!

As you’ll see down below, Prana clothing more than meets our desires, and I’m sure you’ll love their mission!

Who is Prana?

Based in California, Prana creates sustainable clothing that is both stylish and versatile.

I love that their travel wear and active wear are designed and created from their own personal experiences of traveling the world, from climbing mountains and practicing yoga.

Some companies claim to make the best travel clothes, but when you wear them you wonder if they have ever been tested in the elements.

Since owning and wearing Prana products, we can say that you can wear their clothes doing almost any activity every day of the week!

close up of a man wearing a shirt
My new Prana classic t-shirt with their logo

Here is the Prana company mission:

Inspire healthy, active and free spirited living

Who can’t get behind that?!

And what I like most is that not only do Prana create travel clothing that is comfortable and practical to wear, but they care about how their products are created.

Everyone at Prana considers themselves a conscious consumer, and that’s a mindset we are doing our best to incorporate into various aspects of our lives; especially the way we eat!

Sure, nobody is perfect in how we live as consumers, including us, but it’s admirable that Prana is setting the example.

They Care About Sustainability & Fair Trade

One of Prana’s core philosophies is using factories that are Fair Trade.

In case you don’t know, Fair Trade basically means that the production of goods must be free of forced labor or poor working conditions and that workers have a voice in the workplace, higher earnings, and that women are treated equally.

Since launching their Fair Trade styles back in 2010, Prana is proud to be one of the first major clothing companies to offer Fair Trade Certified products.

They choose materials like organic cotton, hemp, and recycled poly that use less water and don’t have as much of an impact on the environment.

people walking past a wall mural
Caz rockin her new Lizbeth Skirt, a combination of hemp and recycled poly

When they think of a product to create, they think of how sustainable can that product be!

We feel good about aligning with Prana in knowing they will continue to create products that are the best possible options for us as a consumer and be a leader in the sustainable clothing movement.

They use Organic cotton

84% of the cotton used in Prana clothing is organic.

I especially love wearing cotton t-shirts, so knowing that the majority is organic is awesome on so many levels!

close up of a man wearing a shirt
Off-the-grid t shirt

I’ve been guilty of this myself, but a lot of people probably don’t think about what goes into making a cotton t-shirt that isn’t organic, and how the farmers are impacted by the pesticides when managing the crops, and the impact it has on the environment!

With the production of organic cotton, no insecticides or pesticides or toxins have been used, and less water is used, therefore it’s more sustainable.

Hat tip that they care about the people who handle their products, that they aren’t being put in harm’s way!

They use hemp

I’ve never owned any hemp clothing until now, but I can honestly say that my Furrow Shorts are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. I’m practically living in them!

man standing on a bridge
Furrow Shorts

Growing hemp is illegal in the US, so the hemp used in Prana clothing comes from industrial hemp plants in China. And while technically not certified organic, it’s grown as organically as possible.

The good thing is that hemp doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, thanks to its natural heartiness, which makes it’s safer for the farmers that grow it as well as the land it’s grown on.

Not only that, but the farmers who grow hemp are able to plant food crops in the same field immediately after harvest – something not possible with a lot of other crops.

And once hemp is processed, it’s lightweight and breathable.

They are stylish

You don’t have to compromise on style and looking fashionable when it comes to Prana.

They know how to make you look and feel good whether you’re out on the town, walking in the woods, catching a flight or sitting around the pool.

Caz by the pool in her Lahari One Piece Bathing Suit
Caz by the pool in her Lahari One Piece Bathing Suit

Our Favorite Prana Clothing

When packing our suitcase and choosing which travel clothing items to bring on our trips, the below Prana products are the first things packed!

For Her

For the latest women’s style, click here

Barton Dress

Caz loves her Barton Dress because it’s light and comfortable, and she can wear it casually or when going out. It comes in two colors, coal or koi (Caz’s choice) and it features a recycled poly fabric with an interior shelf bra. Another great thing about Prana’s clothes for women is that most of them have interior shelf bras so you can kiss those unhealthy wired bras goodbye!

Mika Strappy Top

One of Caz’s Prana tops is the Mika Strappy Top. It’s a yoga style top that is easily worn when she travels as well. It’s her absolute favourite top because of the colour and versatility. She can wear it casually during the day, out at night, and for her yoga classes.

It’s lightweight and the relaxed fit keeps her comfortable and she just loves the summer peach color – also comes in black, white and moonrock. She always packs it for warmer weather as part of her travel wardrobe.

Quinn Dress

Another one of her favorite dresses for travel is her new Quinn Dress. Light, bright and comfy. She can wear it casually in the daytime or dress it up for the evening!

Lahari One Piece

If you’re looking for a new one-piece bathing suit for this summer, consider the Lahari bathing suit. It’s a classic halter top with adjustable neck ties. Perfect for the beach, pool, or lake – and it looks great on her! Caz loves the vibrancy of the pattern and colours!

Lizbeth Skirt

Caz is like me in that she loves feeling comfortable when she’s traveling, and her Lizbeth Skirt is one of her new fave travel skirts.

She’s also in love with the soft hemp and recycled material, and the coal color goes with a lot of her tops – also comes in mood indigo and tree bark.

Saida Kaftan

Looking to cover up your bathing suit? The lightweight and stylish Saida Kaftan will keep you feeling free and breezy. Comes in four color patterns. She also wears it with her Lizbeth skirt for day wear!

Breezie Tank

Whether Caz is walking in the forest or doing yoga at home, she will often see her in her new Breezie Tank top. I must say it looks comfy and stylish! Again the patterns and colours keeps her chakras happy and her energy high!

For Him

For the latest men’s styles, click here

Bronson Pants

These men’s Prana pants are my new favorite pants for wearing out of an evening. Made from a stretch organic cotton, they’re super comfortable and stylish. I love these Prana pants so much I own two pairs, one color is mud the other henna.

Tamrack Shirt

close up of a man wearing a shirt

I have several Prana t-shirts and this Tamrack Shirt is made with organic cotton blended fabric making it super soft, and features classic plaid in a comfortable short-sleeved button up.

Goes well with pants or shorts. Comes in 4 different color patterns.

Classic T-Shirt

Not only do I love plain yet stylish t-shirts, but I’m a big fan of soft material on my back and this classic Prana shirt complete with Prana logo is 100% organic cotton and fair trade certified and travels with me everywhere – love the amber color!

Stretch Zion Shorts

close up of pants

I love shorts that I can wear in multiple ways. These Stretch Zion Shorts are great for hiking or wearing around town, and one of the first items I pack in my suitcase. Comes in 10 different colors!

Lukas Shirt

close up of a man wearing a shirt

As mentioned I love wearing cotton t-shirts and I always pack them for my travels. This Lukas Shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and fair trade certified. Comes in 5 different color patterns.

Setu Hoodie

I’m a fan of a good slip in hoodie that’s practical and can be worn on many occasions, and this Setu Hoodie is 92% organic cotton making it super comfortable!

Furrow Short

close up of pants

Like I said, these Prana pants are the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. Love the soft hemp material, they are casual or for dressy occasions, and I’ve been wearing them constantly on my travels, and at home. Comes in three colors.

Off-The-Grid T-shirt

close up of a man wearing a shirt

I like going off the grid when I travel as much as possible and I love this off the grid t-shirt, made from lightweight organic cotton. My color is raisin but also comes in emerald water.

Stretch Zion Pants

Stretch Zion Pants by Prana - Great for traveling or wearing around town!

Same style as my Stretch Zion Shorts, these Stretch Zion Pants are made with an ultra resilient fabric that repels water and abrasions. I wear them on the travel road and around town on the weekends. 8 colors available!

Ok, can you now see why these might be some of the best clothes to travel in?

Which Prana clothing product would you like to add to your travel wardrobe?

By the way, they have a ton more clothes and accessories on their website. So if you’re looking for a new outfit for travel, visit

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