Official Qantas Correspondent for the ‘Great Crusade’ Ultimate Supporters Tour of New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago we posted about our Travel Bucket List for our Ultimate Adventure.

Craig and I debated about whether to list the upcoming Rugby World Cup in New Zealand for this year, or in four years time.

I opted for four years time as I couldn’t see how we could organize ourselves to get to New Zealand for the event in just two months time, and I am due to give birth any day now.

Craig was smarter than me, and said “Let’s just put it down for this year. You just never know”

The great crusade world cup rugby tour of new zealand
At the Great Crusade Launch

And that is the beauty of life. You just never know. Never plan your dreams based upon your own limited thoughts on what is possible or what you can do.

Dream big. You do not know what is working behind the scenes for you to bring you your dreams.

There is magic in this world of ours, and usually all we have to do to tap into that is to dream, decide on what we want, and play full out by taking action steps every day.

Before you know magic happens and your dream arrives to you effortlessly and easily.

The Ultimate Adventure Begins

Last week we received an email from representatives from Qantas who invited us a few months back to attend the launch of “The Great Crusade Ultimate Supporters Tour of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.”

We had a really great time at that event and loved promoting the competition.

At the launch with current Wallaby players

Qantas have now invited yTravel Blog to participate in the Great Crusade as one of the official Great Crusade Correspondents.

As it’s not really a family event, we can’t take the kiddies with us. This meant that one of us could go and one would have to stay.

Who do you think is going?

Yes. It would be a bit mean of me if I hijacked the campervan, as Craig is the ex-professional rugby league player and general all round sports addict.

Besides, I am the milk factory for the next several months and am more than happy to have a two weeks girls only club with my daughters. If only we could do it in New Zealand too.

The Great Crusade Correspondent

This means that Craig will join the second leg of the tour in order to write, photograph, video, and do live social media updates surrounding the tour of New Zealand and the rugby events.

He will be traveling around New Zealand for 12 days from September 29 – October 10. (yes, he will miss my birthday)

The great crusade world cup rugby tour of new zealand
The convoy of campervans that will tour New Zealand

He will get to experience Rugby World cup games and follow the Qantas Wallabies around New Zealand and watch them play.

And he will also get to attend lots of official events and parties, meeting celebrities, TV and radio hosts and interviewing them, and enjoying the beauty and adventure of New Zealand through sightseeing, quad biking, jet boating, bungy jumping and a whole lot more.

He reckons he won’t be bungy jumping (he has a HUGE phobia of heights) but I reckon he has to now for a good story. What do you think?

Are we excited?

You betcha! When you combine our two greatest passions, travel and sport, we are over the FRIGGIN moon with excitement.

You may wonder why I am excited as I am missing out on all the fun. But did you not hear me say I was having a two week girly adventure of my own here in my home town, working behind the scenes to help publish all the amazing stories that Craig will be living?

While I am a little shattered as I would so have loved to experience this as well, I am immensely excited by the opportunity this gives our blog.

This is our passion and something we have worked so hard for over the past year, there is no way I am going to get in the way of an opportunity like this.

Sacrifices always have to be made when you are striving forth to the attainment of your dreams. Making the sacrifice is well worth it for motherhood.

Craig also has to make a sacrifice in that he will be away from his three gorgeous girls for two weeks having immense fun without us. Something we have never done before.

The Great Crusade is us to a T. This is what we envisioned doing on our Ultimate Adventure, and here we are starting it in just a couple of months time.

Are we grateful?

Hell yeah!

Our gratitude goes very deep, not just for the fact that Qantas believe in what we do enough to see us as a valuable part to the whole Crusade, but that we get to experience the beauty of New Zealand and share it with you.

Craig’s home for 12 days as he travels round New Zealand

Craig can’t wait to visit New Zealand and highlight the travel experiences and opportunities on our blog.

So now the build up to the Great Crusade begins for us and to the kick start of our own Ultimate Adventure.

We’ll just have to incorporate the Rugby World Cup of 2015 in now so I can check that one off as well.

Let’s just hope the Australian Qantas Wallabies Rugby team can fire up in time to bring home the Cup!

Dream big everyone – you deserve it.

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