Introducing the Anti-Chafe Boardshorts by NoNetz

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The anti-chafe NoNetz Boardshorts

I grew up five minutes from the beach and currently live across the road from one of the best family beaches in Australia – Burleigh Heads – so I’ve spent many a waking hour wearing boardshorts.

You might be surprised to know, however, that I’m not a surfer and have never owned a surfboard. Shocking I know, I still get questioned a lot from foreigners who say “I thought all Aussies surfed?”

Well, no, actually. And I’m guessing not all Canadians play ice hockey either??

But I do love the beach and I’d say 99% of us Aussies love going to the beach, whether we surf or not, and tasting that salt water. I just never took up riding a board as I grew up playing Rugby League in the winter and running athletics in the summer, so my time and focus went there.

Plus I’m scared of sharks – the idea of dangling my legs over a board with the unknown lurking below is not my idea of relaxation and fun. You with me?

Besides, you don’t have to be a surfer to look like a surfer right?! And during summer, I practically live in my boardies as I find them cooler and lighter than my other shorts, and dressy enough to wear anywhere. In fact, I’m wearing boardies right now as I write this.

Like most Aussies, you’ll see me wearing them in the pool, at the beach, biking, walking, skating and even working out.

people sitting on the edge of a pool

man holding a child in the ocean

man standing beside a pool

A man riding a skateboard down a sidewalk

When the folks at NoNetz Swimwear contacted me about trying out their unique anti-chafe boardshorts, they peaked my interest immediately.

I thought back to my professional sporting days when a lot of our off-season training was at the beach, and I had this very problem, I used to chafe BAD and it was not fun!

The combination of saltwater and sand and nylon shorts rubbing on my inner thighs led to painful chaffing. I remember that burning sensation all too well, and having to apply vaseline as a lubricant which was really just a band-aid solution.

The anti-chafe NoNetz Boardshorts

If you’ve ever had chafe before, you know how much it hurts and how you end up running and walking in a strange fashion with your legs spread apart. It severely impacts your comfort level and performance.

So I got my hands on a pair of The Zone boardshorts a few weeks ago, shipped directly from the guys at NoNets who hand make them in Brooklyn, New York (yay for local businesses) and have been wearing them at the beach and casually around town.

I take Kalyra surfing lessons every Saturday and the kids like to jump in the ocean after school or swim in the pool at our apartment complex.

I also like going for beach runs in my boardies so when I’ve finished my workout, I can dive straight into the ocean.

people swimming in the ocean

people playing in the ocean

man running on the sand

Why are they called NoNetz?

And how do they prevent you from getting chafe?

Whilst these boardies don’t have the look of Australia’s iconic brands like Billabong or Quiksilver, they still look like boardshorts and what sets them apart is their unique inner liner that to me feels like you’re wearing a pair of bike pants underneath your boardies.

close up of board shorts

You could say that these boardshorts are two in one, as the inner liner is sewn into the shell.

The NoNetz creators decided to ditch the traditional rash-inducing net brief (hence the name) and instead created this inner liner that is 100% polyester and:

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-chafe
  • and water repellent that helps prevent rashes and chafing.


What else is worth knowing?

  • The exterior fabric is 100% brushed microfiber polyester shell that is also water resistant and dries super-fast. I like quick-dry boardies!
  • Chlorine proof – the fabric contains no lycra or spandex (which breaks down in chlorine). Helpful for me as I’m in the pool a lot.
  • Two deep hip pockets
  • UPF 50+

NoNetz was developed for a purpose: to give us guys comfort. And I’m definitely a comfort guy, I won’t buy any t-shirt or pants without touching the material and knowing that I’ll enjoy the feeling against my skin. I hate scratchy or stiff clothes.

What I like about these boardshorts

  • The inner liner acts like a pair of underwear and keeps everything secure and in place, lol, without too much compression. I’ve worn those other types of shorts before, the ones with the netting, and they drove me crazy!
  • They are quick dry.
  • The colour pattern is simple and not too loud and bright.
  • I can wear these in the water, or casually down the street to a cafe or pub.

Do they do what they say they’ll do? Well, all I can say is that I’ve been wearing them in and out of the water and running with them whilst wet and have had no chafeing isssues.

A close up of a person wearing a costume

What would I change?

  • I would add a half-inch to an inch to the length of the shorts. I have a medium size pair (I usually wear 34 inch shorts) and I like my boardshorts to come down to around my kneecaps. They’re just a touch short for my liking.
  • The elastic drawstring can get a bit twisted and bunched up. I don’t know if this can be changed due to the inner lining being sewn into the shorts, but I prefer the non-elastic drawstring and open fly design on my other boardies that simply tie up at the front.
  • Maybe a pocket with a zipper so valuables can’t fall out. I’m always carrying keys, my phone and ATM cards.
  • Maybe a few different colour combinations.

Update: I’ve just heard from the guys at NoNetz and their new line of The Zone shorts will have:

  • a Velcro back pocket large enough to accommodate a samsung cell phone
  • the elastic as well as the drawstring is tacked in place to prevent any twisting around

The Details

Styles – there are currently three styles a boardshorts for boys and men and a no rash swim shirt.

Cost / Colors – my The Zone shorts cost $60 and come in three different color combinations.

Shipping – there’s a $5 flat rate for shipping domestically within the US. International shipping varies and takes between 9 and 12 business days to be received.

Website – 

So if your son or husband tends to chafe easily consider a pair of these No Netz boardshorts and wave goodbye to irritation.

I know I like to to feel comfortable as well as stylish, and I’m sure they do too!

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