What If Money Wasn’t An Issue?

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The decisions we make in our lives, especially when it comes to travel, almost always boils down to what we can afford.

Because we base our decisions on our current financial situation, we completely shut the doors of possibility that open with big-hearted dreaming.

The other morning I found myself running through the possible scenarios of where to go once this Australian road trip has finished. One particular pathway I’m pondering makes sense financially, and I can see the benefits of it, but there’s a lingering, nagging doubt in the back of my mind.

I’m not sure it’s best for the kids and I’m not sure I really want to do it.

The fearful lack side of me says,

“Yes, but it will help you get ahead. It will be the best choice financially.” Logically yes, but the thrill and the deep peace of knowing my heart is happy is missing.

The abundant truthful voice cut through the fear to say, “Caroline, what if money wasn’t the issue? Then where would you go.”

what if money was not an issue

Therein lies the clarity.

I’ll never make the right choice or feel happy about my decision if I base it purely upon money. When I do that I follow a path of lack and restriction, not one of open abundance.

Money follows joy, not the other way around. (click to tweet)

Money doesn’t have to be an obstacle to our heart’s desire. I think we often allow it to be by taking the easy decision.

If we just dug a little deeper and reached further into what we wanted, the power of the love behind it can create anything. If we just let go and trust it will.

Super easy to say.

The reality is, we can’t ignore that money is not a factor, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t open the door of possibility. We can still put it out there without any hope or expectation, just a simple statement that gets to the core of what we really want.

You just don’t know. By opening up this door of possibility, you might receive an unexpected job offer to move to this place of your dreams. That job offer could include free accommodation. It’s crazy the miracles that can occur when you open the door a crack.

Leaving for this Australian road trip 16 months ago was not the most logical choice and, if it was made based upon money, we’d still be living a life of limitation and lack. But, the doors opened and we followed the joy. The money and the opportunities followed to allow us to continue living and serving through joy.

Now, I’m faced once again with an uncertain future and I’m slipping back into that place of fear. As a result, I’m forgetting to look deep into the magic of open-hearted possibility.

The soul searching now leans towards:

Where would I go and live if money was not the issue?  If I had a never ending supply of cash where would I be most happiest?

When you are super clear on what that is and how safe and joyful it feels, doors will open and you’ll be guided to that place in the most unexpected ways.

The money won’t even come into play.
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The screen of money as an excuse

Using money as an issue is sometimes a screen we use to protect us from stating our deepest desires. Maybe we don’t know what they are, and so lack of money is the easiest way to avoid digging deeper to find out.

When we uproot our fears, we can get to the heart of the matter.

When I erase the money issue to uncover what I really want, the truth I see is not the money issue, but the fear that I don’t know what I want and I’m not sure how to find it.

What is lying there for me in that unknowing?

The fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of wanting to live in too many places that hold my heart and not being able to. To not knowing exactly which place holds my heart the most. Not wanting to acknowledge for fear of hurting or upsetting others with my decision. The fear of failing.

Now I’m aware of the real fears, I can get to work appeasing them.

Instead of taking the time to acknowledge the voice of our heart we bury it over with the excuse of money and so choose the easiest option that we can afford. Then our decision is taken out of our hands. The less responsibility we have for it, the less we’ll feel fear or guilt.

Removing money as being the core focus of our decision gives us permission to acknowledge and ask for what we truly want.

Then we can just release it and allow magic to do our thing. We might be guided there, we might not, but at least we listened to our heart and gave it the chance to speak.

Tell me, what would you do if money was not an issue?

46 thoughts on “What If Money Wasn’t An Issue?”

  1. I don’t know if I’m just tired, but this post is kind of confusing to me. I’m guessing what it all boils down to, in a word, is risk. Do we live low risk lives of comfort, or do we live high risk lives with the possibility of getting everything we desire (with an equal possibility of complete failure.) Most people opt for the former.

    I think it’s possible to enjoy your life without getting everything you want though. The ongoing lust for more is just greed. If you constantly want more, you’ll never be happy. We should instead be grateful for what we have.

    1. I’m sorry this is confusing for you. I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying. This is not a post about wanting more, not enjoying your life if you don’te get what you want, greed or not being grateful for what you have. It was simply about following what is in your heart rather than let your fear of lack control your decisions.
      I do not believe there is anything wrong with wanting more, or getting what you want, as long as it is in line with your values and does not move into excess or greed. Those who are truly in line with their value and are guided by their heart rarely follow the greed path

  2. If money wasn’t an issue I would definitely oersue journalism and editing abroad as it would allow me to travel, interact with tons of different people and give me a new pesepective on different cultures.

  3. This made perfect sense to me, what Kaz is saying is simply that we tend to bury our real fears under the assumption that it’s all about not having enough money. The fears Kaz described are, when I think about it, precisely what I fear myself. This post has come at a perfect time for me as I’m standing on the precipice of taking that leap and following my heart and yes it’s scary, but even scarier is the thought of looking back in 10, 15, 20 years and wondering if I’d have succeeded. That’s what’s pushing me forward now to face my fears and trust in my own intuition for once coz if I don’t, I’ll forever be left wondering. Thanks Kaz!

  4. I’d finally quit the corporate job that’s driven me into daily anxiety, find a job I feel fulfilled doing, and enjoy our new life on the opposite side of the country (we just moved 2 months ago). I figure, if I can pull a cross country move off with 5 weeks notice, I can do just about anything 🙂 Great post, words of encouragement that I needed!

  5. Anna Bromberger

    I would travel the world with my dog. Seriously. He is my best friend and constant companion. I have actually taken a step in that direction and I am applying to Graduate school in Scotland. Moving away from the US has been nagging at me for a very long time and I am out of a relationship that was holding me back.
    Wish me luck and send positive thoughts to admissions agents!!
    p.s. I love what you are doing, reading your blog and email blasts has kept my travel dream alive over the last few years.

    1. So many positive vibes coming your way Anna! I know this will work out for you. And thank you for letting me know how we’ve helped you. It inspires me to keep doing it! Let us know how it all goes with Scotland!

  6. Buy a house in Australia, and one in Europe …. then do exactly what you’re doing, and then do exactly that in Europe too, and then possibly Asia 🙂 … and occasionally have a few months’ “rest” in our Aussie or European home for a while. Good our kids are old enough to fend for themselves (or join us on our travels)

  7. I would pack up and embrace every nook and cranny the world has to offer, retire set up a base point and go. Live, Laugh, Love

  8. Well we have 2 kids in high school, so even if money was no object we are limited to time restraints BUT if I had no commitments like that I’d be doing like Mandy. Travelling from one destination to another, really exploring the places I really want to see which are just too many to name.

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on what you might do when your kids are at that high school age? Although you have made travelling and schooling second nature to them.

    Your lives look “great” travelling around but I know how much behind the scenes work you would be doing for your online business/blog and no wonder you feel burnt out. You need a holiday to recover – ha ha!

    1. Absolutely! I’m ready for a break in a place for a few months now. I’m fairly exhausted. I’m not sure what we’ll do when the kids are high school age. I can’t imagine we’ll be travelling like we do. I think giving them a stable base with friends may be more important at that age. The school part doesn’t bother me as much as the social friendship stuff does.
      But I guess it depends on them as well. If they feel travel is what they want to do then we can only follow their desires right? 😉

  9. If money wasn’t a factor, I would take my kids to see the world. My son is only in first grade, but he is beginning to hate school and it breaks my heart. I feel like conforming will eventually snuff the life out of us. I am just now beginning to look into alternatives for my career (ironically, I am a teacher) and the feasibility of travel and home-schooling. There are so many options, but the leap requires immense faith and commitment to a radically different lifestyle. I hope I find the courage.

  10. This makes perfect sense Caz. It struck a deep spiritual gong in me. I wish to quit my corporate job and travel all around the world. I wish there was a job that pays me to travel!

  11. Traveling more and not worrying about my business being successful but taking effective actions and trusting the universe. I am seeing things show up that I have been manifesting. I know I can do that with everything in life. We got our airstream that we are going to remodel. Yesterday super excited. The one fear that comes up for me and I just be with it and keep taking action is no one will pay me to coach them around food allergies or gluten intolerance. I am starting to have a couple of people share with around this subject through email & social media and it inspires to share my story because it will make a difference for them. Share with them what I have done and also research information and share it with them that will help them. I see if starting. I know I am making a difference already. This email I read today made sad for the lady but I know I can give her actions that will make a difference.. I love ya’ll .. is part of why I am moving forward. Thank you . 🙂

  12. I tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to money (learned it from my father). However, your post is spot on. I learned this lesson years ago. I had two job offers at the same time. One I really liked the role but the pay was mediocre. The other was a role that I would hate, but the pay was almost double. I almost took the higher paying job and until a friend said, and I quote, “You’d take the crappy job for more money?” She was right. I took the role I thought I would enjoy. A year later, I tripled my salary and was making more than the “crappy” job. Since then, I don’t make decisions based on money. Money will come when your heart is right.

      1. The story actually continues. After four years I left that job to pursue my dreams of writing full-time – a huge financial risk. Three months down the road, I was doubting my decision as things were moving slower than planned. Then, my old company realized they underpaid me and a huge (several months worth of living expenses) paycheck landed in my bank account. It pays to follow your dreams!

  13. I love this question!
    It really got me thinking…
    I’d like to think I’d just ‘BE’ more in my current situation instead of future tripping – worrying, thinking about and trying to create more money.
    I love the idea of living in Bali for a while, yoga 1:1, a cleaner, daily massages and pampering to recover from this busy pace of life (4 teens + baby). Relaxation…

    1. Like that Bali lifestyle! I also love how you recognised you’d be in the current moment more. I think that is so profound and is the major reason I believe money is important and why we need to develop a better relationship with it.

  14. I love this post. I think its so important to figure out what we really want and then plot out how to get there. I think what messes up a lot of people, including me, is that this isn’t an instant thing. Pursuing your dreams often means working your ass off and I think that often scares us a bit. I think this has inspired me to start really plotting out what I want though.

  15. This is so true. Money issues have definitely played a role bigger than I want to admit in my life choices — mainly the fear of giving up the security of money to follow dreams that are less financially secure. But like you said, we shouldn’t let money fears determine our paths. Think of all the wonderful things we could be missing out on based on that decision. Some introspection required.

  16. You’re right. Fear is what is holding me back. I used to take off on a whim, nothing would hold me back if I wanted to go somewhere, do something. Money never really mattered, I would hitchhike if I had to.
    Now, I have enough money to drive or fly to where I want to go, and I would be seriously uncomfortable if I had to hitchhike anywhere at this point. Same goes for staying in hostels or with people I just happened to meet along the road.
    I’m spoiled now. I’m scared now.
    And, now I am also tied to having a JOB. A job where I have insurance which if I don’t keep it, obamacare will eventually catch up with me and throw me in JAIL. So, I am very limited to the time I have to travel now, since I have to keep that JOB. The most I can travel now is 3 weeks at a time.
    But, if money were no object, and I didn’t need to keep a job, I would sign up for the ‘city ship’. It’s a big cruise ship that constantly sails around to all the cool places around the world. You have a ‘condo’ onboard so you always have all your creature comforts, but you can travel around the world all the same. (It’s VERY expensive!)
    I might also like to do the same travels on something like the Picton Castle or some of the other traditional sailing ships. On those, I would actually have to work, so not too sure I would want to do that full time. Those deals are also VERY expensive tho nowhere near in the same class as the city ship!
    My stepmother always used to tell me to stop worrying. She would say “the universe is in divine order”. It worked for her. 🙂
    I don’t have the kind of ‘faith’ she did.

  17. If money wasn’t an issue for me, I’d probably try open up a cafe where people could play music. I’d probably spend a lot of my free time there just listening to music.

  18. I often see this question being asked a lot in travel blogs. I guess money has always been an issue with a lot of people who want to travel but can’t because of money. But I guess there is something about living that it should not be compromised no matter how much money you have.

  19. I can really relate to this and I think it’s especially true when you’ve broken away from a well-established career path because there are no more clear cut answers. You are always responsible for sustaining yourself, but it feels much more real when you are an entrepreneur. And when you couple that with self doubt or worry about the future, it can take to you away from your values.

    Unfortunately, I think for most of us, money will always be a factor. Not because we don’t have enough, but because it’s part of our nature either as humans or because of modern society. I say this because if you look at people with money, many of them are still concerned about money. I’ve been in many financial positions in life and the $$$ amount has very little impact on how you feel once you’ve passed the threshold of being worried about basic needs.

    The only real way out is what you speak of…to cultivate and live from an abundance mindset. Never lose that and never take the safe road just because its safe.

    I recently did an experiment with myself and for the last year, stopped thinking or worrying about money and the future. I allowed myself to travel the world for a year, free of financial goals. It has been incredible, but the truly amazing thing was that all of my needs were met. I thought I would spend thousands from my savings, but through a combination of good will, frugality, smart investing, and good luck….I am in a better financial situation today.

    I’d encourage anyone to really examine their beliefs about money and when they find themselves worrying about financial decisions to come from a mindset of abundance and shift the thinking from what do I need to what can I give.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Love this Scott! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I agree so much and followed the similar path for the past 16 months. It just blows my mind how much we have been supported and taken care of and how much better we are financially. I loved reading this right now as lately I’ve been feeling a little of that lack fear creep in and this was a great reminder of the truth! Let go and live!

  20. If money was not an issue so many doors would be opened up. I want to travel the world and after reading another travelers blog I think it would be amazing to “get my world degree” as in travel to every single country in the world, but as a 20 year old college student I don’t see how I could do so. I would gladly save graduating college till later, but I would have student loans to start paying back as I traveled.

  21. If money were no object I would retire from office work for myself and also to give someone else an opportunity who needs the job more than me but it would mostly be for myself since I am getting tired of having to work in an office 5 days a week.

    I would travel to many different destinations and help those in need by teaching ESL for short term stints and also finding ways of helping others who are less fortunate because they have no water, they are women and children, they have no food or education, etc. In other words I would help them better their lives in many ways. I would also travel to learn more about other destinations and cultures and to interact with all kinds of people.

    I would have a small home here in Montreal, my home town, and also a cottage in The Laurentians (up north of Montreal) so that I can ski, snowshoe or hike as much as I want. I would still live in Montreal because that is the only place I would like to live.

    I would also continue to work on ways of bettering myself internally and externally so that I could truly enjoy these treasures inside and out.

  22. i bet money can’t buy experiences, i have been to places (while on a vacation) where one can go only with the locals ! one feels blessed during these times.
    in fact when it comes to travel one should be ready to explore. You may get completely surprised with what is in store for you.
    While on vacation you can earn money by working as teacher, yoga or dance instructor, swimming coach, music teacher, working at a local store, or for that matter you can carry stuff via manyship.com & earn money. I have done different jobs to earn money while travelling across nations. as the famous quotes say travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer! adiós for now…

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