Macleay Serviced Apartments, Potts Points Sydney

Often when we are travelling, especially long term, hotels and hostels tend to lose their attractor factor as we crave something a little more homely.

This is where apartment style accommodation becomes a really great option for any type of traveller. Now that we have a family, we are more inclined to look at these options when choosing a place to stay in a destination.

We like the extra room and the convenience of being able to cook our own meals (eating out for a family of four can hurt) maybe have separate rooms (Mummy and Daddy space) and even a little TV for evening relaxation.

Macleay serviced apartments

Basically, apartment stays give you that home away from home feeling that you often need to connect to after travelling for some time.

We have been enjoying exploring Sydney of late, and decided we needed to experience an apartment stay in a different section of the city. We felt it was the perfect opportunity to highlight to our readers accommodation options in Sydney as well as having a great weekend in the city to celebrate my birthday.

There was no one more excited about my birthday than Kalyra, who became very upset with Craig’s mum in the morning because she did not buy me a real present (I thought the cash in the card was real enough) and then shed a couple of tears on the Sunday as we explored nearby Woolloomooloo, because Mummy’s birthday was over and she didn’t want it to be (really, I think it was because we had not had any cake yet, and she was patiently waiting to blow out the candles).

I love it when Kalyra first walks into the place where we are going to be staying as she reaffirms for me that traveling with her is the right choice.

Macleay Serviced apartments Potts Point

“Oh Mummy, look at my bed! It’s so cool” she raced on over to it and began checking the view of the tree covered Potts Point streets below.

“Can you turn the blankets down so I can pretend I am sleeping?”

“And look Savannah has a cot. Can she please sleep next to me Mummy?”

She then began to explore every room and cupboard,

“Oh wow look at this- this is so cool” as she pointed to the iron in the cupboard. “Oh we even have knives and forks,” and “Look what you have in here Mummy,” she slowly unveiled the greatest surprise of all “a hairdryer.”

“Do you like your hotel Kalyra?”

“I love it!”

Potts Point is only about a thirty minute walk into the city and just around the corner from the notorious Kings Cross nightlife debauchry.

Potts Point

Don’t be fearful that Potts Point will be a reflection of that. It is actually a high end trendy, leafy suburb of Sydney, offering the traveller more of a Sydney local feel than the glamour and glitz of the touristy sections.

It was the first time we had ever been there and I really loved the area. My younger sister lived in Potts Point for a couple of years and claims it is her favourite part of Sydney.

Macleay Serviced Apartments

The Macleay Serviced Apartments are a great place for any traveller to stay. They are only a short 25 minute walk to Darling Harbour or through the Botanical Gardens to Circular Quay.

For its location and Harbour, city sky line views, the Macleay apartments are reasonably priced starting at $150 per night for a studio apartment. We found them comfortable and clean and loved the location. It’s a great place to stay to enjoy a different side of Sydney.

Do you enjoy staying in suburban city areas for a different travel experience?

Our stay at the Macleay Serviced Apartments was complimentary, opinions are of our own.

5 thoughts on “Macleay Serviced Apartments, Potts Points Sydney”

  1. Memories! Funny enough there was a cock-up with my apartment in Sydney back in 2008 and I ended up staying in this exact building for a few weeks! I love Potts Point and my favorite part? The quick (but steep walk up and down a flight of stairs) to Harry de Wheels! Made the trek worth it!

    Glad you guys had a great time in this area!

    1. That is so cool Rebecca that you stayed here!! We had to carry the pram up and down the stairs which wasn’t so much fun!! but great exercise. Harry de wheels is so popular. We were jealous we couldn’t try it out as we are vegos!!

  2. Yes, Caz being in Sydney and staying in a serviced apartment is a perfect combination. Serviced apartments provide a Good opportunity to have a real feel of the city.

    While i am reading through, my young daughter’s eyes got glued to Kalyra snap on the cozy bed. Nice pics indeed !

    Thanks for the informative post Caz.

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  3. I love the look of your apartments in potts point Sydney – the room looks really comfortable, and the location is perfect! What a great Birthday gift.


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