Less is More: Travel Relieves the Burden of Having So Much

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I had just finished putting Kalyra’s dirty clothes in the wash basket, when I walked into her room to find more scattered around the room.

Winter jackets needed hanging up, summer clothes packing away and a whole laundry basket of clean clothes remain sitting in my room waiting to be put  into cupboards already overflowing with clothes.

Ugh. I inwardly groaned. If only I was in Thailand, I wouldn’t need all these clothes. A few light dresses, skirts, thongs and a backpack to cater to just one season.

Less hassle.

I looked at the toys, the gadgets, the books, the endless stuff that seems to slime out from every corner of my house like the giant blob.


Stuff, stuff, stuff. Useless, pointless stuff that keeps growing, mutating and gathering dust.

Less is more
Overburdened by so much stuff

Why do we accumulate so much crap?

I began to think, once again, just why a life of travel is so great.

You can reduce your dependency on useless stuff. You come to know, appreciate and understand the adage Less is More. You understand that in order to be happy we really need so little.

Less is More Happiness

I began to think of those children and people I had met and spent time with in third world countries and how happy they were. I began to think of how light their load was.

They are not burdened by the demands that comes with owning so much stuff.

Think about it.

How much time and money is taken up during your day with maintaining and keeping your stuff?

The more you have the more you have to clean.

I feel like I am constantly cleaning and putting things away. It is because I have so much stuff to clean and put away. If I only had my backpack then it would take me only 10 minutes every day.

Think of all that extra time I now have to do what I really love.

Spend time with my daughter, curl up in a hammock and read a book, meditate, exercise, get a massage, take a walk on the beach. Things that truly add meaning to my life.

And then there is cooking. Uugh. What a chore! Hours every night spent doing this, and all for food that comes out medicocre at best. When I travel though, I don’t have to shop each week to fill my cupboards with packets of flour, herbs and spices and other ingredients that spend more time looking good on the shelf than making my food taste great.

With travel, I don’t have to slave over a hot stove, I can instead sit in a restaurant talking and laughing with my family while I wait for someone to bring me a delicious meal that costs me very little.

Let’s not forget the financial burden that comes with owning so much stuff.

We go to work just so we can pay the bills to keep our stuff.

Electricity to cover the TV, kitchen appliances, internet, stereo, all the lights, the cable channels. Stuff that is probably zapping us with cancer each time we put them on.

We’ve got to buy the car, insure the car, fill the car up with expensive fuel, maintain the car, repair the car when the engine gets sick, replace the car when it dies. Some of us have to do this with two cars.

We have to insure our homes, our jewellery, our gadgets, our bikes, ourselves. Each time we buy something new, we get asked,

“Would you like to insure that?”

“I better just in case.”

All of these increasing the burden on us more and more until eventually we wake up and find ourselves deep in the mire shouting

“What the hell is all this for?”

With travel, you sell it all, you give the insurance policies back and you reclaim your freedom.

No more burdening my time and financial resources with more.

Give me less

Give me freedom

Give me moments spent doing what I love with those I love.

Do you agree that less is more? How has travel helped you to see this?