Komune Resort and Backpackers in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

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There are backpackers hostels around the world that grab you because of the memories you create there. They may be a bit run down and a bit shabby, but the people and the experiences make your stay a memorable one.

But then there are places that just have itThe cool factor.

The perfect synergy of components that create a magical ambiance, making you want to get lost on the chill out bean bags and hammocks that line the pool with ocean views.

This is where I find myself right now, as I live my dream life travel blogging in paradise. Komune Resort and Beach Club in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast in Australia is a dream hostel for travellers to stay.

Komune Backpackers IMG_0167

Komune sits on the corner across from one of the world’s best surfing breaks and the beach where on April 6, 2001 Craig asked me to marry him.

So yes, you can say Coolangatta has been special in our hearts for many years. The swimming pool is surrounded by palm trees and over-sized canvas white and blue beanbag lounge chairs. At one end of the pool sits a warm spa to bubble the afternoon away with a good book and a cold beer.

A platform runs through the middle of the pool and just a short jump across sits a small round pontoon, used for lazying in the sun, drinking beer, or at the moment to host a couple of fern trees.

The platform last night was used to help entertain 200 guests with bikini clad models parading up and down in the rain. Yes, boys, I get it.

Komune Resort and Beach Club

A hammock, my favorite place to swing, listen to music, and absorb the magic of life, sits between two palm trees overlooking the pool and next to the cabana.

What backpackers have you been to around the world that has a cabana?

Two sawn off trunks of trees lift you up to the white billowing curtains that open to steer you towards the wooden platform, Asian triangle pillows and cushions.

Komune Backpackers hostel

But wait, the outdoor entertaining area still runs over the wooden floor up to another level, where, in an enclave, sit rows of more over-sized bean bags in front of a huge screen – an outdoor movie theatre with views of the ocean to one side. Too cool!

Coolangatta backpackers
Movie anyone?

My God! I haven’t even gotten to the rooms yet. I’ve only been here for a couple of hours. The first thing I wanted to do when I arrived was to head down to the beach, but then I walked in here and did not want to leave.

I found myself torn between the relaxing pool area and the comfy couch of my apartment living room and the private verandah with ocean views.

The rooms maintain the resorts funky blue tile and bean bag design. Dorms come in rooms of 4, 6, and 8 and are fresh and clean. There is also a games and TV room downstairs near the kitchen and eating area.

IMG_0190 IMG_0186 IMG_0185

Komune was named with the vision in mind to make this a communal gathering for all sorts of travelers.

Two levels of the 10 story building are reserved for dorm rooms, with plans to increase this. Above these are spacious and tastefully decorated apartments until finally you reach the penthouse – the place for parties and pampering.

Reasonable priced massages and packages are on offer for the penthouse, apartments and backpackers. Komune really is like a resort stay but at cheap backpacking prices.

I could hang out here for weeks and if Kalyra was with us we would have…

Komune Resort and Beach Club
The penthouse party place
Coolangatta backpackers
Chill out common room

IMG_0178 Komune has a very chilled out surfer vibe to it.

The owners are both avid surfers, one being a professional surfer for many years. Surfing photographs and beach culture artworks can be found all over the walls, and the inside of elevators.

Burning incense greets you at the reception and funky Buddha bar music plays in the background, instantly lulling you into that laid back backpacking mood.

We know that a cool backpackers is never the reason to visit a travel destination.

Never fear,ย  Komune is within walking distance to everything you would want in an Aussie beach experience; 4 world class surfing breaks – Kirra, Greenmount, Snapper rocks and Dbar – are all within a 5 minutes walk.

These are beaches where pro surfers surf and where the Quicksilver Pro kicks off the world circuit at. So if you are a surfer, then there’s no other place you really want to be.

There are restaurants and nightclubs, shopping, cafes, and nearby activities such as diving and it is near the Gold Coast airport.

Besides, Coolangatta is one of my favourite beach towns on the whole East Coast of Australia, and is a much quieter beach destination to the more well known Surfers Paradise.

Coolangatta Beach
Coolangatta Beach

Our traveling group were intoxicated with the place and had some pre-dinner drinks with one of the owners, Tony, as he told us all about the vision for Komune.

He and his partner, Luke Egan, are obviously people who have travelled around the world and know what makes a great backpackers experience.

And then in the evening, after we returned from dinner, we sat in the movie theatre under the stars, watching ‘ The Honeymoon’ on mute, and playing games which had us laughing uproariously and creating a night to remember.

As someone who has stayed at hundreds of backpackers hostels around the world, we can definitely say that Komune rates highly on our list of hostels that give you a stay you will be talking about for years to come.

We are already planning when we can go back.

Oh, and if you are like me you are probably thinking you won’t have the travel budget to stay at a place like Komune Resort and Beach Club. Wrong.

We nearly died when we found out their dorm rooms run at the same price, if not cheaper, than most backpacker dorm rooms around the country. How excited are you now?

[ybox_title]The Facts[/ybox_title]

Website:ย Komune Resort and Beach Cl

Where: 146 Marine Parade, Coolonagatta Beach- 5 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 minutes to the Greyhound Station

Price: $25 for a dorm room, healthy breakfast included

Wi-fi: Free wi-fi in the downstairs lobby, eating and entertaining area.

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Tripadvisor:ย Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

27 thoughts on “Komune Resort and Backpackers in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia”

  1. That place looks great! You can find so many bad hostels & hotels worldwide and then you find these really amazing ones!

    This one looks like a place which can easily have a better atomosphere then a luxury hotel! Nice post! Now I have to try to contact them and offer them a free presentation on Traveldudes.org… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I thought the same thing- way better atmosphere than a luxury hotel and backpacker prices. It was so amazing. Tony is part owner and he is very approachable

    1. Great Dave. You will love it. Would love to be there myself at that time. I think that is around the time the Quicksilver surf pro is on.

  2. Jeez! That place looks stunning ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I’ve got grand ambitions to backpack around Australia when I get back from my round the world trips, and I’ll have to keep this place on my list. It looks nicer than a lot of the hotels I’ve stayed in.

    1. I know. Imagine the fun you could have on that after a few. It’s not up all the time, unfortunately. They had the bikini parade the night before so hadn’t had time to take it down yet.

  3. When I do a search on wotif.com they immediately recommended me this resort, and after reading your blog I had made a decision to stay at this beautiful resort for 5 days in April 2011 (next month!!) Will let you know what you have missed while staying at this resort when I am back from my gold coast easter holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is so awesome Jerome. I don’t doubt for a second that you won’t love it here. I am excited for you and wish it was me staying there for 5 days ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. They do in the main lobby, eating and pool area. It wasn’t too bad in regards to speed either. If you want it in your rooms you have to pay.

  4. We are a family of three looking for cheapest option as we visiting parks and have to hire car in march 2015 is it appropiate place and what is a dorm room.PARENTS with 10year old

    1. When we visited, it was fine for families. That was a few years ago and things can change so do a little research on Trip Advisor. A dorm room is a basic one with bunk beds that you share with other people. You could get hire a four bedroom dorm to yourself, which might reduce your costs and give your space.

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