It all starts with the dreaming

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Glen-Helen-Gorge-Northern-Territory (45)
Glen Helen Gorge – West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory

The red cliffs glowed with the setting sun. I breathed in the Outback air and took another sip of my chilled Sauvignon Blanc. The girls were content colouring in, and Craig, and I could talk.

We were dreaming – a rare kind of dream that involved bedrooms, school, compartmentalised moments, and girls’ getaways.

Okay, so a few boys’ moments lost at the sports bar were discussed as well. We giggled and glowed with the thought of the new world we were creating.

We’d never spoken about life like this before. It was always about cheetah chases across the savanna in Africa, hammock swings in Thailand, and boot scooting in Nashville.


I stared at an eagle soaring high above the rugged desert cliffs in search of dinner and in that pause arrived a memory from 2002.

“Craig, do you remember back when we used to walk around Umina Beach Caravan Park all those years ago?”

“Yes. We’d walk around and around staring at the caravans dreaming of a life travelling carefree around the country.”

“My God and look at what our life has been for the past 18 months. It’s exactly as we dreamed. Wow. I never thought back then our silly dreaming would create this life now.”

We used to do the same with our backpacks. We’d throw them on and walk along the beach or around the living room, feeling the joy of living a life of travel.

Sure enough, we were lead to the airport three days after we married with our backpacks on to travel around the world for five years.

“It’s so cool Craig. We never knew back then that our dreaming actually triggered the process of creation. It took years until we were ready, but we are living that life travelling Australia in a camper trailer. I think the new life we’re dreaming about right now will be awesome as we’re active in creating it.”

Kalyra again reminded me about the power of dreaming tonight over dinner. She was talking about her birthday party this year with her new friends from school. She was excited recounting their schoolyard conversations planning their parties.

“Well, your birthday is still some time away so we don’t have to worry too much about it yet.”

“Yeah, but my friends said that you’ve got to start with the dreaming.”

Oh my gosh. “Yes. Your friends are so right. You girls carry on with that dreaming too; it’s the best way to start creating.”

Even the unrealistic dreams can come true

Longreach Outback Queensland
Beauty amidst the drought

I was thinking about this only a few weeks ago as we passed through Longreach, in the Queensland Outback.

We visited Camden Park Cattle Station for a beautiful sunset tour. Sadly there were no cattle thanks to the three year drought in this region.

The next week, we were in Yeppoon only weeks after Cyclone Marcia hit. Again, we were seeing the effects that Mother Nature has upon people.

My heart always feels so heavy when I hear of natural disasters as I know it’s just a matter of luck. There is nothing anyone can do, yet it can destroy lives and futures so quickly.

My heart pulled again towards one of my quiet long-term dreams. One I don’t think I’ve ever shared because it feels kind of silly in its impossibility.

But, what seems impossible can appear in various forms. I’ve always dreamed of building my foundation or charity that helps those affected by natural disasters. Spending time in Longreach and Yeppoon returned me to why I felt so connected to that dream.

I began to brush it away as not ready for that yet, when it hit me –

You’re actually part living that dream, just on a smaller scale and not exactly as you envisioned it. With your blog. You’re visiting Yeppoon right now to help spread the word that Yeppoon is open for business and perfect for tourists to visit. You’re also doing the same to share the beautiful Queensland Outback to help bring travellers to the region and give it something else to rely on than a farming industry heavily hit by climate.

Perhaps the foundation is not for you. Perhaps the calling is asking you to use your position to expose and share.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

See how the dreaming and the heart calling can lead you to the reality in the most unexpected ways. It spurred a new purpose in me for our blog and the ways we can make it a place that helps. I’m not quite sure how that will look but I feel it becoming a bigger part of what we do.

I’ll start with awareness and sharing

We all know of the horrible earthquake that hit Nepal.

Our friends had just finished the Base Camp trek and were at the airport when it happened. Pure luck in their favour. I think natural disasters affect me because I know how easy that could be me or you. There are no warnings or anything you can do to prepare. One minute you’re checking off your bucket list dreams hiking to base camp, the next your tumbling down that mountain in an avalanche.

Nepal earthquake

I feel for the people of Nepal, who live in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Not only have thousands of lives been lost, thousands more injured and displaced and their villages and cities in ruins, but their tourism industry has just been buried under a pile of falling ice. It will be a long road to recovery.

I also think natural disasters bring out the best in people and reminds us all that humanity is in reality good and strong.

If you can help support the recovery efforts at all, please find a reputable organisation to donate to.

We chose to donate to World Vision as we know of the great work they do around the world and have many trusted blogging friends who stand by and support their authentic mission.


My beautiful friend, Nikki has also done charity work before trekking to remote villages in Nepal to deliver needed light and medical supplies with Light Education Development. They are also helping to raise money for supplies to help the recovery efforts.

Any amount of support, even if it’s just a share or a healing prayer helps.

Tap into the powerful creative process with dreaming today

Don’t disregard the daydreams.

Make them come to life. Walk around your nearest campground. Go stay in a hotel for the night, immerse yourself in that new life you desire and let the dreaming begin the creation for you.

Stay open to the small and unexpected ways those dreams arrive to you – it might not necessarily be in the way you envisioned it.

It’s often not until you’re in the middle of the reality of them, that you recognise how they snuck up on you from a place of creation that has been years in the making.

How has your silly dreaming turned into reality?

18 thoughts on “It all starts with the dreaming”

  1. It’s so true that your early dreams help to create them. I have had dreams of living abroad since I was a kid and now I’m living and teaching in Thailand! I never really thought it would actually happen but my constant dreaming helped me along!

    I really think dreaming the silly dreams is important because it keeps the dream on your mind. I think that helps you unconsciously shape your life to make it more possible. I never would have pursued teaching abroad if I hadn’t constantly been thinking about travel.

    I also love that you’ve found another purpose for this blog! You guys are always growing and helping 🙂 My school is actually hosting a fundraiser for the Nepal earthquake through the Mountain Child charity–the student council organized it! It’s fantastic to see so many people coming together to help out!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I’m loving following your journey Casey! It’s flowing so well. It’s just incredible where your dreams can take you. It must be a daily habit!

  2. Excellent timing for this post. I spent the morning meeting with people who are just not for me. There’s nothing “wrong” with them, they’re just not who I want to be around. Not me, at all. For now I have to bite my tongue and nod along but I’m struggling with frustration inside now. I’m trying to take it as a good reminder to keep aiming for the dreams & working towards them.

    1. Oh yes. I think I’m going to write a post soon on dealing with people like this as they can be one of the biggest reasons people give up on their dreams. I think you are making the perfect choice. Some times you just have to remove yourself from the vicinity of those who don’t make you feel good.

  3. This is an incredibly well written article. Thank you for sharing this point of view. It is inspirational to think about following your dreams and then realizing one day that you’re living them.

  4. Beautiful post here. Sometimes it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel when it comes to your dreams, and I tend to be one of those people who creates a big dream then gets disheartened when it doesn’t immediately come true. I should probably start thinking on a different scale – either a smaller dream or know that it’ll take a little longer to get to the big ones.

    1. Yes. I can be like that too. But, I’m learning to just have fun with the dreaming and not have any expectations or try to control it. So I just kind of dream and then focus on my day to day activities, whatever they need to be to move me towards my current projects or tasks. Then you’re realeasing it and giving more space for the magic to work for you!

  5. Anna Bromberger

    My silly day dreams are coming true. It is amazing to me how when one sheds negativity how all the positive comes flowing through. I feel more and more pull to begin working to help women break into male dominated industry, specifically whiskey. (it may seem silly to everyone else too) I am starting on that path by going to graduate school in Scotland. At my current position there are now women working in the warehouses in every store after I became warehouse supervisor.

    thank you so much for being a continuing inspiration to follow my silly dreams.

    1. Go for it Anna! Don’t worry about those naysayers and dream stealers, if you feel this is your calling, then embrace it. Love hearing this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This post had me hooked from the very first line. For half of this post I was right there with you, dreaming, of far off travels and immediate goals. Then you were talking about unrealistic dreams of helping areas from natural disasters and you reminded me how I’ve always wanted to help people, especially those in their time of need. It’s that long term unrealistic dream of helping people in a natural disaster that has lead me to undertaking a primary education degree. Thank you reminding me of my dreams.

  7. Very inspirational post about keeping the dream alive. Also, like the fact about giving back natural disasters can happen at anytime and lose everything that one has ever dreamed of. My heart goes out to those in Nepal hope they can bounce back in the upcoming years.

  8. Your blog is my new must read weakly 🙂

    I think your idea of incorporating charity dreams into the blog is great! This was in fact one of the reasons I started my blog – to try to raise awareness and to encourage for things I believe to be important. Things like charity, giving-helping-sharing, humanness in general. And even though I didn’t manage yet to embrace the challenge of posting charity related topics and to pull it all together, I believe an experienced and successful blogger like you will do wonders! Please go for it 🙂

  9. Monica Guzmen

    Well, everything starts with a dream. We dream to be successful in a particular field, we dream to have a family and yes, we dream to travel places with our loved ones or alone. Even the unrealistic dreams are also fulfilled, sometimes though. While we all feel grieved and saddened with the news coming from California (drought) and obviously Nepal, little we can do to help the people there must be done. Every bit of work has its own shine.

  10. I so agree. My first trip outside of my country was one year back (when I was 38 years old)…immediately after that I started dreaming about my second trip. Believe it or not..that happened within 7 months of my first trip.

    Now I am dreaming about my third trip…this time someplace in Africa. 🙂

  11. ‘Is it safe to travel in Nepal after major earthquake in April 25th and May 12th 2015 ? The short answer is yes, it is very safe in fact. Nepal feels safer than most other countries around the globe, possibly due to the religious nature of the people and their natural kindness. Over the past 10 years Nepal has enjoyed a growing fascination to visit from travelers from all over the world. The People are very hospitable. The Nepalese accept that tourism is a mainstay of the economy, and are very welcoming. This applies to all sections and political groups: even during the Maoist hostilities of the early 21st century there were very few cases of any hostility towards visitors and the Maoist-led government declared 2011 to be ‘Visit Nepal Year’. Skyline Treks & Expedition offer best and memorable trekking holidays in the lifetime for all our most valuable clients.
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    Nepal is comfortable and fully safe destination for all nationalities in the World.

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