In My Travel Bag: My Favourite Makeup Beauty Shortcut

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I’m a Garnier Ambassador

We were lounging around in the transit lounge of Melbourne Airport in 2011.

It was 3 am and we’d just come in on a flight from Kuala Lumpur and were waiting to get back on the first flight out to Sydney.

I was with some blogging friends, Sarah from A Beach Cottage, and Nikki from Styling You. We’d just returned home from a blog awards ceremony in Malaysia.

Nikki’s a beauty queen and was giving us lots of styling tips. With our droopy eyes and disheveled hair, none of us felt too fresh and beautiful (we’d just flown Air Asia!)

flying Air Asia X
Hanging in Melbourne airport

Both girls started raving about BB cream and pulled a little tube of it out from their travel purse to help perk up their face.

“BB what?”

They shared with me their beauty secret. With just a squirt and a few strokes, their skin was smooth and polished. They could even do it in the car on the way to school drop off with no mirror.

It sounded like my kind of thing. I went to the store the next day and bought myself a tube. It has since replaced all my foundations and, apart from mascara, is the only makeup item I travel with and use.

Unless I’m going to an important event, then I tend to take a bit more, but I still only use BB cream as my foundation.

Travel beauty secrets

I’m slightly nuts about it.

When we left on our road trip, I took ten tubes of it with me. I know that’s ridiculous, but they kept showing up on my doorstep. And as I’m teaching in my 30 Day Money Cleanse when you become really passionate and fixated on something it tends to keep showing up.

I didn’t need those ten tubes and pretty soon I realised they needed to be boxed up and sent home. I couldn’t bear throwing them out! Even though they are small, when you live out of a camper trailer and car, 10 tubes can take up a lot of space.

The great thing about travel is that I drastically reduce my reliance on makeup. In fact, I rarely wear it. I’m too busy out playing in nature and letting the sun kiss my skin instead.

Plus, I care less about how people perceive me. Case in point – UGG boots were a common feature in my outfit of the day!

But, there are still those moments  when I travel when my BB cream is needed, especially if we decide to go out for a nice dinner, or if I travel on short-term holidays, rather than an epic 18 month trip like we just did.

I sometimes just need a little confidence boost and make myself shine a little, without having to spend hours in the bathroom doing it.

I never used to wear makeup at all when I travelled and I thought I would always be that way. And then I hit 35 and understood it was close to 40 and suddenly I developed this fear of wrinkles and what it meant.

So makeup became an everyday thing. I hated it because it added too much time to my morning routine and it felt thick, grimy and uncomfortable.

But, vanity wins.

Nikki’s BB cream advice was the best beauty advice I’ve had and I wrote about it several years ago on Mojito Mother. The BB cream replaced those thick sticky foundations that make you bead up with sweaty discomfort.

Now, it’s all I use, whether it’s just for a quick cover up when I feel a little flat and just want a bit of smoothness to my face, or if I am going out and need something a little more glam. I just use my BB cream and then put bronzer over the top.

It looks really natural and it feels like I’m not wearing any makeup. I don’t feel like I’m hiding who I am, just trying to add a bit of sparkle.

So this was a professional photo we had done on our road trip. It’s just me wearing BB cream.

Caz Makepeace bio square (600 x 600)

This is a post I’m writing as a Garnier ambassador. When they approached me I was more than happy to say yes as I use and love their products. When we partner with brands on our site we do so with those we already like, know and trust.

My ambassadorship with Garnier is for the Kidspot Village Voices 2015 competition. As part of that, I attended the Kidspot launch breakfast to speak about blogging and I will be attending the final ceremony in Sydney.

I also filmed a video of a day in my life blogging and a commercial (with their film crew, so it won’t be my raw, unpolished version) which you’ll see soon. And, I’ll be sharing with you a few products that I feel are great for women when they are travelling.

Well men, you can too if you want. #uptoyou.

Nikki recommended Garnier as her favourite BB cream so that was what I got. I’ve tried other brand BB creams since and I haven’t liked any of them near as much. I find the Garnier cream applies on your skin thinner and smoother and blends with my skin tone really well.

I also decided on the road trip that I was going to try for all natural makeup. Sadly, I did not find a product that worked to my liking. Except for natural mascara. I found that worked really well and I continue to use that.

But the natural foundation and makeup didn’t really do anything. I still looked like my normal self!! lol. I know that sounds funny, I should look like that. But, it was a tired and bedraggled looking self. And as much as I want to go all natural, I’m not going to lie to you and pretend I also don’t care about giving my skin a little makeup boost.

I do.

I’m nearly 40 now, I’m embracing who I am as much as the wrinkles. Makeup and beauty products are okay. Just choose the right products you’re happy with.

BB cream is it for me. It’s small and lightweight, so I can throw it in my vanity bag, or even my day, or night purse. I can easily put it on for just a general cover up day, or use it for something a bit better.

It also acts as a moisturiser and as a sunscreen and is really affordable – $14.95 per tube and it lasts me a couple of months. Making life easy!

So that’s my beauty shortcut and makeup secret. BB cream – pack in your travel bag.

Do you love BB cream too?

Stay tuned, I’ll soon be sharing with you makeup remover and a night cream that fits perfectly into your travel bag too!

17 thoughts on “In My Travel Bag: My Favourite Makeup Beauty Shortcut”

  1. I think I need some of that! I’ve been carrying 2 tubes of tinted moisturiser around with me for the last 2.5 years, I hardly ever use them but sometimes it’s nice to have SOMETHING!

  2. Haha, even though I am a 19 years old guy so I don’t really put on makeup, occasionally I still put on lotions if that count. I recently started my own blog after I went to Paris by myself, it was my first time traveling abroad. May I ask which comment posting plug-in this is? This looks simple yet elegant, also any feedbacks and advice for my blog is welcomed as I just started it few weeks ago, thanks!

  3. We’ll be going on holiday in 10 weeks (yes I’m counting) and I’m going to try this BB cream before we go to make sure it doesn’t irritate my skin. I generally travel with a Clinique tinted moisturiser but it is more expensive and I’ve always like Garnier’s products. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I love this BB cream. I love how, I started to use it.

    I was backpacking in Manly, I arrived to the most shittiest backpacker in my life. I had a breakdown. I texted this guy, I had a talk with the day before in Manly (when I was on a day trip, I decided that wanted to stay on the Island). He answered me; If you want, you can come and stay with me and my mom. I was crying and so lonely, so I said yes. I arrived two to completely strangers that gave me so much love and care that I was in desperate need for after this horrible backpacker experience.

    I stayed two days with them, when I left the mom gave me this BB cream, she said this is perfect for traveling. She had right. I used it everywhere. When flying, When Partying, When walking, Whenever. It was my best item in my makeup bag with three months of traveling in Australia, New Zealand, Sri-Lanka and Thailand.

    The best thing with Manly was this mom and her sharing the BB cream with me.

    1. What a beautiful story Pauline. Thanks for sharing. Products always mean so much more to us when it;s connected to stories like this!

  5. BB cream is great. I especially love it for days down at the beach and that sort of thing.

    I do still travel with actual liquid foundation and probably a bit too much makeup though because I’m a tad bit vain and its nice to look half alive in photos. I’m unphotogenic as it so I need all the help I can get 😛

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