How to effortlessly remove money blocks AND get the moolah flowing to you

Struggling to receive more money?

Do you sometimes get on a roll and it’s flowing to you nicely and then suddenly you prang your car, break your phone, or cop a speeding fine?

It seems as if you can’t catch a break and definitely not a long-term change for the positive.

Why does this always happen?

You, my dear are suffering from money blocks. Just like an iceberg, you can’t see how far and wide they go down under the surface, but they sure are wreaking some above.

Caroline makepeace fun

Money blocks live deep down

Your money blocks have been growing roots and hanging around sometimes for many years, even as far back as when you were born.

It’s stuff you’ve taken on unconsciously most of the time from the conditionings of your parents, friends, teachers and society.

How bad is that?

Things you haven’t been given the chance to logically process or form a belief around yourself. They just attach themselves to your subconscious and drastically impact your reality.

Your subconscious doesn’t have the ability to analyse and evaluate, it just takes on what it hears and sees as truth. That’s why we have to be every careful about what influences you surround yourself with, like negative news or gossip.

I started my Money Project at the beginning of the year because I knew I had some serious hidden money blocks controlling me. I’ve done a fine job of weeding them out but there’s still plenty of persistent ones hanging around.

I will win eventually.

I’ve discovered some cool and relaxing ways to effortlessly remove the money blocks. There’s no analyzing, no feeling bad about yourself, or endless affirmations, just the handing over of the issues to someone else to fix.

It’s all about energy

So we’re all just one big mass of flowing energy. Our interactions in the world are just an exchange of energy, including money. Money blocks are beliefs that get in the way of the free-flowing energy.

So all we gotta do is unblock the chi.

I’m the type of person who, if I’m not happy with something in my life,  will do and try anything to change it.

I learned that when I first got into travel blogging after my life was a mess and I promised I’d do whatever it took, to have a brighter future.

As soon as I made that commitment and I strode forward my life changed for the better. Even though it meant that I often had to do things I didn’t want to do. I made the promise, so there was no backing out of doing the things that made me uncomfortable.

So, even though a lot of these ways to remove money blocks sounded woo-woo and far fetched, I was going to try it and see. At least I’d know for sure, and at least I was making a committed effort to change. And change I have done.

Here are four simple ways I’ve been unblocking the chi this past year.

1. Chakra balancing

So we have seven chakra points in our bodies, and these are basically just the areas that our energy flows into.

Each energy point (chakra) controls various aspects of our lives and if you have blockages (which you will) in them, then the area it controls, like finances and relationships will be a bit of a mess.

The first and second chakra (otherwise known as base and sacral charkas) control the flow of money. Red is the colour for the base chakra, which is why red is seen as lucky fortune colour. (Tip: when dealing with money issues surround yourself with a lot of red to get that positive money chi flowing into you.)

A friend introduced me to chakra balancing several years ago. I had my first one done when I was pregnant with Savannah and I noticed a significant improvement in my financial situation after I did. I now have them quite regularly.

Thanks to the course I’ve been doing with Belinda Davidson this year, I have learned how to balance them myself, which I spend at least 20-30 minutes a day doing. I’ve seen dramatic improvements across all areas of my life as a result.

All you need to do is Google search chakra balancing in your local area and you’re sure to find a healer who can assist you. Basically, you lie on a couch, close your eyes and rest while they place their hands over your chakra points, send healing energy to balance them and get them spinning again. Just chill out and enjoy the chi!

2. Reiki

I tried reiki for the first time recently in Darwin.

I knew there were some iceberg monsters lying under the surface that needed excavating. I’d heard how great reiki was and decided to try it.

I called on my B-School Facebook friends for recommendations and they lead me to Tammy Hatherill.

I just loved her. She had such a gentle and loving spirit and definitely helped remove some blocks. How do I know? Easy- by the different way I felt on the inside and resulting good things that happen on the outside.

According to Tammy, reiki is:

“A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. “

My reiki session with Tammy also involved balancing the chakras and using lots of healing crystals. I felt amazing both during it and after. Not only did I ask for help in clearing some money blocks, but also my digestive issues that were still hanging around a little.

I haven’t had any issues since. Fingers crossed I have finally healed. (With no help from formal doctors)

3. Hypnosis

I’ve had a hypnosis session before when I was working on my health issues. It definitely works to dig out some of those limiting beliefs and blocks.

A very easy thing to do is to play some hypnosis tracks of an evening. Why is this so good?

You don’t even have to be awake. I turn them on just as I’m going to sleep and they work on clearing out those limiting beliefs and blocks while I sleep and replace them with more empowering ones.

I have a few apps on my phone that I use. I get them from Amy Applebaum (Click for Android or iTunes). And the two I’ve used have been Attracting Money and Your Inner Millionaire.

They’re only a couple of dollars each and worth spending the money on.

4. White light healing

You’re probably noticing a recurring theme here with the energy healing. All of these are about accessing a higher power to clear the blocks. Some people are more in tune with the ability to do this. I believe every one can learn, but it does take a lot of belief and practice.

When I first started my Money Project, I had a session over Skype with Melissa Zammit of Pure Energy Therapies. I never realised healing sessions could be done over Skype! I told you these ways of releasing money blocks were easy.

We just chatted over the phone and I told Melissa a few of my money issues. She talked them through with me, gave me some simple tips and suggestions of books to read.

After our chat, I simply closed my eyes while she guided me through a healing session and worked on clearing the blocks within me. I definitely felt some cleaning happening and a huge release of a money block that I knew was big in my life.

Huge shifts were made and it was the start of a happier chapter.

Not sure what white light healing is? White light is just the purest form of energy. Otherwise known as source of unconditional love.

Set the intention and hand it over

Another simple way to have someone else clear your blockages (or any other kind of ailments) is to write down your woes and what you need help with each week on Belinda Davidson’s white light healing list.

Just fill in the form, and each Monday night at 9pm she sends you some healing white light energy to clear your blocks. You don’t even have to do anything. You can just carry on with your day and it will still help.

I put a wish on every week and again I notice the healing happening.

What’s next for me to try by way of releasing money blocks?

This Sunday I am going to enjoy my birthday present – a Kimberley rock stone massage. A collection of warm flat stones from the river beds of the Kimberley are used in a flowing relaxing body massage. The stones are then placed on different chakra points of the body.

The Kimberley region has some powerful, ancient energy so I can’t wait to get that moving through my chakras. Again, all I have to do is lie down and relax.

The next thing I’m keen on trying is kinesiology. I have heard great things about this practice as a form of releasing money blocks. I’ve just had a friend do it and has had incredible results.

I have had some experience with it through the energy healing I had for my health issues. The results were incredible. You can see my testimonial and my beautiful therapist, Fiona Worral here.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a way to uncover any blockages or issues laying dormant in your energy system and body. It’s AMAZING how your body will speak to you and tell you what is wrong.

Final thoughts

I find most of the above practices usually cost around $100. It’s money so well spent as it will return you much more in feeling healthier, happier and more abundant. I always see an increase in money in some form every time I do one of these and I feel so much lighter and happier on the inside.

I get massive results and I know of so many people that do as well. BTW you can do the above therapies with any issue in your life, it just doesn’t have to be about money. I’m just focusing on this aspect  as this is my Money Project post!

Trying to release your money blocks yourself is hard. You often don’t even know what the blocks are and to change your beliefs around them can take years.

Why not do it effortlessly with the help of some energy healing, and enjoy yourself at the same time?

I know this might be so far out woo woo for you, but I ask you to dip your toe in and try something new. Even just for the fun of it and to see what you really think.

You might hate it or love it or think it’s nonsense or become a believer, but you’ll never know unless you try.

I’d love to hear from you now. Have you tried any of these before? What’s your experience been? Which one would you most like to try? Or, do you have a suggestion for me to try?

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34 thoughts on “How to effortlessly remove money blocks AND get the moolah flowing to you”

  1. Caz I totally love all this “woo woo” stuff too. I haven’t done a specific reiki session, but it’s something I’d definitely try. A few months ago I started watching these energy healing videos that Adrianne Dumas has on Facebook, including her prosperity money healing video, and I can always feel a difference when I watch her videos. I really think it raises my energy levels up, which definitely helps with money. Lisa Beachy also has a lot of meditation videos on Youtube (including a manifesting abundance and chakra meditation) that has helped me a lot.

    A lot of what I’ve been learning about money and abundance over the last little bit has to do with attitude. Of course action with money is needed. You can sit at home and wish for money to come in with no effort on my part, but eventually you have to take action. That being said I don’t think I have to slave away at a job you hate. Funny enough when I was working at the job that made me the most money it was a job I hated, and I still found that I was always running out of money, and living paycheque to paycheque. So I’d much rather have the lesser paying job I have now that I actually enjoy, because I know it’s better for me, and sometimes there are things that money just can’t buy.

    I have learned that it is important to change your perspective on money if you are looking for more money, and this was a hard thing for me to do. I’ve kind of grown up say self deprecating things like “I’m broke as a joke,” but it’s important, if you want more money or financial security, to look at the positive side. So now I’ve been rewiring those “I’m broke” messages to affirmations like “I make good financial decisions” and “money is coming to me.” Of course doing the woo woo stuff isn’t an excuse to be irresponsible with money, but having a positive attitude about money (and learning how to manage it) is important and it makes a difference.

    I also believe it’s important to be grateful and appreciate what money (among other things, and not just the material stuff) that you have. And it’s important to notice the stuff that isn’t specifically money related. Like for example I love travel and I enter travel contests, and I’ve been lucky enough to win a few contests. Most of the time the prizes might only cover a night or two at a hotel, but it’s always something and I’m always grateful for.

    1. Love this Alouise and I think you’ve really highlighted the main points in manifesting more money.

      You do need to feel better about it, you’ve got to clear those blocks and you have to take action. I’ve tried just doing the meditation and affirmations and it doesn’t work!! If only, but then there’d be no journey or connection.

      I think once you clear all these blocks and feel better about money then it’s easier for you to manage it and you naturally become smarter with it. But the mindset stuff has to come first.

      And the gratitude is absolute key!

  2. I’m definitely not a “woo woo” person at all, but a couple years ago I had an experience with Reiki. I had been cycling for days with a group when my knee started acting up and getting really painful. It had never done that before.
    One of the gals on the trip was a Reiki instructor and asked if I would let her try to alleviate the pain. Sure – I’d have tried anything at that point.
    She merely laid her hand on my knee and within 60 seconds I could start feeling a warm sensation. By 10 minutes, she said she was done.
    It was absolutely amazing to me. The pain was gone. I could easily move it again, and it never bothered me again after that.
    I was sold on the power of Reiki.

    1. Such an awesome story Doug! Thank you for sharing. It truly is amazing the things how we can heal ourselves away from traditional medicine. It’s amazing how I have cleared many of my health issues this way.

      I hope things like Reiki and the things I’ve mentioned above move out of that woo woo label and become more mainstream, because it has the power to help so many people who are suffering.

  3. some of this I have heard of and I did an energy session. It cleared out something around me and being embarrassed about my body and I havent been since then. lol I just know even thought of it. I am going to check out the other things you spoke about to. I am ready the lucky bitches book and its good. I will let you know. I can tell when I am even making a company wrong and negative energy.. its cool and I really am open to different things.. it all helps you peel the layers off.. 🙂

    1. I was just looking at buying Lucky Bitches book yesterday! I think the energy healing would be really great for your allergies Connie! It’s helped me in amazing ways.

    1. Hi all I give chakra balance massages using the Aura-soma bottles I’m in cairns though. But if you do find someone in yr area that does that type of balance with the Aura-soma oils definately try.

  4. Hi Caz,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us about releasing money blocks. I didn’t know about these particular techniques for unblocking limiting money beliefs.

    I first learned about ‘money blue prints’ from the book ‘Millionaire Mind’ back in 2008. I’ve since read several other books about achieving success, be it financial or other success goals, as well as watching The Secret. I’ve tried applying many of the techniques for some period of time or other. But I still have not improved my financial standing one iota since then. Clearly I have some deeply seated money blocks that I need to release!

    I’ll try some of your suggestions here. In fact, I’ll be at my friend’s place in Gosford for 10 days, coming up soon, so I’ll try to contact your energy healer while there.

    Thanks again for a great, inspirational post!

    cheers, Lash

    1. Oh yes you should definitely contact Tiffany. I think she may even have an office somewhere near Gosford now that she works out of as well.

      I couldn’t get what I learned from The Secret to work either but I figured out some things missing from it that were REALLY important. The money blocks being one of them.

  5. Karyn @ Not Done Travelling

    Caz, the Universe is totally giving some pretty strong messages right now!

    So far as a travel blogger I’ve kept my spirituality generally off my blog, but I’m actually a pagan and quite a few years ago I used to work casually as a healer. When I got my “Muggle job” (lol) slowly bit by bit that aspect of my life got pushed down. Now I’m at the point where all my issues that I worked so hard to overcome pre-2009 are coming back. Even up until a month or so ago I meditated every day but my recent stress and anxiety has blocked me from even doing that and I just haven’t been able to connect with anything. I’ve blamed my unhappiness this week on Mercury being in retrograde, but I think that’s just a celestial sign of a deeper problem.

    This post is just the latest message that I need to return to my spiritual roots. For several years I neglected most of my crystals but I think I need to call them back from their R&R and get them all working again. I’m also Reiki Level 1 so I think I need to ask the Universe to reactivate this energy in me and start healing myself every night.

    Also, I’m so glad you spoke up about these healing modalities. I knew you were into crystals but I didn’t know you had delved into energy healing too. I knew there was a reason I liked you, Caz. 🙂 Thank you once again.

    1. So fantastic to hear Karyn and absolutely I think the Universe is sending you some clear messages! Healing work like this is so so important and I think a great shift is happening where more people are searching for answers and alternative ways of doing things. Get those crystals out and start practicing reiki again! I’m so glad I could help bring you the message.

  6. Hi Caz, thank you so much for highlighting all these wonderful modalities, and for me the reiki you had with me.

    I have enjoyed reading all these responses and for those people who have also experienced the wonder and magic of reiki.

    It’s a beautiful and simple modality and yet so powerful.

    Keep enjoying your journey beautiful souls.

    Tammy xxx

  7. Fellow SOMM student here and I really loved this post, so resourceful and clearly laid out. I absolutely could do with releasing money blocks and healing C1 and C2! xo

  8. I have had chakra balance done and absolutely loved it. I will do it again in the near future. I would like to have something like the white light healing done. I think it will be important to talk and find some of those deep down subconscious belief I have and get them cleared.

  9. You might want to also give Access Bars Healing a try. It’s another type of energy healing. You just lie down on a massage table and the practitioner places their finger tips on various points of you head to release negative energy blocks. It had made a massive difference in my life!

  10. Hi Caz,
    Great advice and suggestions across the board. I thought I would share an additional modality that I use which is highly effective whether in person, or by distance healing. Quantum biofeedback gently and effectively balances the chakras, realigns the aura, releases aura snags tied to emotion and negative behaviours, balances emotions, and much more. In the session i also offer recommendations on what one can do to elevate one’s frequency levels, as our frequency attracts more of what we emit … whether that is good or bad. We are energy, money is energy, our thoughts are energy… none of it is heavy to shift, we just need the right tools and nothing moves energy better than energetic modalities. Also, there is something to be said for the power of intent. Set intention every morning!

    How awesome that more and more folks are opening to the possibilities of energetic healing! Thank you for being a light to illuminate the way for others through documentation of your own ‘travels’ 🙂

  11. If any of those things really worked than why is it necessary to move on to another ? Is it possible that maybe it’s just our fate that we have the financial issues we have or it’s an accumulation of bad decisions or ones that didn’t promote financial security. Could it just be our lot in life?? I mean if a program promises to remove financial blocks then once removed why aren’t you wealthy? Why would you need other programs? Shouldn’t we be spending our money on stocks or some kind of real wealth opportunity?

    1. Because we never arrive Marie. We have very deep layers within us and many blocks. We clear one and we move up a level. There’s always more to be working on PLUS you’re an evolving being always having new experiences. These new experiences continue to shape our psyche in good ways AND bad. It all depends on your belief systems. Personally, I’m not going to sit around and accept that I have a “LOT” in life. I think I have far more power within to create the life I want. You create your reality so you have to go with what you believe and what you want. If that’s it for you then stick with it.
      Of course you should be investing your money, that’s a great way to grow your wealth, but if you have money blocks or bad opinions around money, it won’t be successful for you. You’ll invest in a way that makes you lose it.

      1. I love love love your article! I work with energy and am always looking for new tips and techniques to add value. Thanks so much for sharing this and I’ll share the post to my groups <3

    2. When one has an internal experience that is known and felt via an energy “healer” that clearing is of course internal. The reality will then manifest externally in your environment.

      A belief are words that have been ingrained in your sub conscience by society, culture, school, parents… Etc…
      To over come that “money belief” sometimes help is needed.

      You, me, all man are creators of their reality…..


  12. i love your suggestions….. I have done all of the above but I did with the intention of clearing what needed to be cleared at this time for my highest good!

    I have also used Solfeggio tuning forks. The first session was the most inner transformation I have ever felt! We all are vibrating just like sound and light…. Even though we feel solid, there is a lot of space in out cells.

    Thank you for Sharing….

  13. Help plz…
    I am having a lot of financial troubles. Though I am receiving money but immediately getting spent. I am getting deep into dept trap.
    Plz help plzplz help me clear money blocks

  14. Wonderful advice! I have tried some of the techniques mentioned above but didn’t realize all of it can help with money blocks. It’s so frustrating to know you have money blocks, but not knowing how to fix it is worse! I am definitely going to try some of the resources you posted. Thanks for sharing????

  15. I had never seen such enriching content for my soul, I no longer knew what to do to eliminate the money locks, I will try and believe that I will succeed, my sakra must be unbalanced I will seek to rebalance my energies of sakra 1 and 2. I’ve always been afraid of hypnosis, but your article made me realize that I was wrong.

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