How to Choose Your Travel Destinations

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Want to knoa how to choose your travel destinations in 2014?

Although we are currently on an endless road trip around Australia, we still have to prioritize which places to visit.

Oz is a big country and it’s just not possible to see and do everything, so we have to think carefully about choosing our destinations.

What about you?

Do you have all your destinations for 2014 planned out, or do you need some suggestions on that? While we can’t decide for you, we can offer you some tips on how to decide and ask you some questions to help you get some clarity.

The short answer is there’s no single perfect answer, and it really depends on key factors like personal travel style, length of time you have available, and of course your finances.

Get all that figured out, and your options for where you can go on your travels are endless.

Where do you start?

With so much advertising shoved in our faces these days between print, TV and digital media all vying for our attention, deciding which travel destinations to visit can be overwhelming.

This can lead to procrastination and procrastination leads to you being the world’s best armchair traveler. I like this quote, not just in regards to travel, but life:

[ybox_large]“Many things will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart…pursue those.” – Anonymous[/ybox_large]

When choosing your travel destinations, the following questions will help to narrow down your list and clear the confusion.

Why do you want to travel?

Seriously. WHY do you want to travel?

First knowing why you want to do anything is important. If your WHY is strong enough you’ll commit to it and make it happen.

For me, travel is more than checking things off my list. Sure it’s nice to get that photo of yourself in front of the Grand Canyon and post it on Facebook bragging to your friends, but is there something deeper you want to fulfill?

I don’t travel for the sake of traveling, especially now with two young kids because it’s certainly not always relaxing, often the complete opposite.

But travel has a deeper meaning for me and my WHY is big enough. In fact, the “y” part of yTravel Blog is all about our why for wanting to travel, and mostly that is because we believe in accumulating memories, not just possessions.

Value your hard earned dollars, and if you put more meaning to it you have a better chance of it being a memorable and rewarding experience.

Who are you traveling with?

Your destination choices can be affected dramatically by your traveling companions.

Our choices are slightly different now we have children. What about you? Will you be traveling solo, as a couple, or as a family?

If you travel as a family, sit down with your whole family and discuss your ideas and interests. Memorable trips are those where each member of the family gets to experience something they love. Finding the balance between adult and kid stuff is important.

If you travel as a couple, talk about your individual desires and expectations. Be clear on what you both want and make the decision that will suit both of you. But don’t leave it to one half of the relationship to always make the decision. Maybe you could simply take turns in choosing a destination each year?

Sharing a family moment on St Kilda Beach in Melbourne

What kind of trip did you have in mind?

A big part of your decision will come down to personal travel style, what do you like to experience, and what is your everyday life like?

Is your working and family life so hectic that you need a trip to relax, recharge and spend quality time with your family? Or, are you the type who can’t sit still for long, are wired for action and want to see and do as much as possible?

Personally, I like a balance between having some down time and exploring new things.

We’ll talk about the length of time you have and your finances in a minute, but first, let’s consider these questions:

Do you prefer:

  • Adventure or relaxation
  • Cities or countryside
  • Beaches or mountains
  • Resorts or road trips
  • Festivals and cultural experiences
  • Shopping or food experiences
  • Luxury, mid-range, or budget

Are you the person who likes to sit by the pool or at the beach all day with a book? Or would this bore you to death? By answering these questions you can narrow down your list.

phuket beaches
Could you sit on a Thai beach all day?

How much time do you have?

If you only have 1-2 weeks of vacation time per year, you probably don’t want to waste too much of that time traveling to your destination. But if you have 2-4 weeks you can look at traveling a little further.

Below are some key points to keep in mind in regards to how much time you have:

Short (1-4 weeks):

  • Have less time moving from A to B.
  • Choose only 1 country or region.
  • You’re more likely to spend more in order to save time.
  • Tendency to stuff a lot of activities in, but be warned this can exhaust you.
  • Know your purpose so you can choose activities to cater to this.
  • May pack more and shopping could be more of a focus.
  • More likely to visit those countries that are more expensive.
  • More likely to have a rigid schedule with things booked in advance.

Long-term (4-8 weeks)

  • Can allow more time for travel between destinations.
  • Depending on length, can visit multiple regions/countries.
  • Will sacrifice time in order to save money.
  • Will need to be extra vigilant with budget and finding deals.
  • Focus on packing light and embracing minimalism.
  • More room for flexibility in your schedule.
  • Volunteering work may be an option.

What is your budget?

You can pretty much find a match for your budget choices whatever travel destinations you choose.

However, it could change your ultimate decision as it might not be budget enough, particularly if you are traveling long-term when it’s best to stick to the cheaper regions!

Carefully consider the strength of the currency you are traveling on and what areas you can make your dollar travel further? What other currencies is it stronger against?

For Australians, it might be considering a trip to South East Asia, the Pacific Islands or Africa. Or, if you love road trips and camping, it could mean staying in Australia instead of going abroad.

Think strategically about your options.

Do you want to learn something?

Is 2014 the year you finally learn to speak Spanish? Why not base yourself in Central or South America and force yourself to speak Spanish. Maybe you could live with a family for 6 weeks, or enroll at a school. This post on how to choose a Spanish school in Guatemala has great tips on the subject.

Do you love Thai food? Do you want to learn how to cook authentic Thai? We loved our Thai cooking class with Pat in Phuket and it was a great family activity that we could include Kalyra in. If you’re the foodie type, maybe destinations like Italy, France, Japan and India are an option?

What else could you learn or experience? What are you passionate about?

  • Skiing in New Zealand
  • Scuba diving in South East Asia
  • Massage in Thailand or China
  • Trekking in the Himalayas
  • Learning to surf in Australia
  • Wildlife conservation in Africa

There are experiences and courses that can sometimes be best undertaken in a particular country. What do you want to learn and which country specializes in that?

This post is sponsored by Hilton HHonors Phuket, Thailand is the perfect place for those wanting an indulgent getaway. You can get a direct flight from Australia and the prices compared to Down Under are cheap. We recently stayed at the Hilton Arcadia Phuket for 6 nights and had a fantastic family holiday enjoying all that was on offer on Thailand’s largest island. We visited Phuket 10 years earlier on our honeymoon and were not impressed. That was because we stayed in Patong Beach, the area notorious for wild party nights and a chaotic mess of street markets, pubs, and go go bars. This time our stay at Karon Beach was perfect. It is a much quieter destination more suited to families and those wanting to relax and appreciate, rather than paint the town scarlet! We took time to explore Phuket Island, dig deeper into Thai culture, eat lots of delicious food and relax on the beach and by the pool. 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Pat’s home cooking school first opened in 1996 in Phuket Town and has since been featured in many print media publications and TV programs. Our experience began in the local market gathering the supplies for the food we were soon to prepare. We had a lesson in the various uses of vegetables and herbs in Thai cooking as we walked through, picking up each new one to smell and feel their textures. This introduction was the perfect way to get a feel for the basics of a delicious Thai meal and what sets it apart from the cuisine of its Asian neighbours. I certainly had a better understanding of where I was going wrong with my own attempts of cooking Thai food at home. Pat’ open aired kitchen is attached to the side of her home and she never has more than 8 people per class, maintaining that small, homely feel. After a welcome glass of iced lemongrass tea, we donned the aprons and set to work chopping, peeling, mortar and pestle bashing to create some of my favourite Thai meals: Tom Yung Goong, Spring rolls, Green curry, Som Tum and banana in coconut milk. What I loved the most was sharing the experience with Kalyra. She eagerly followed us through the markets learning about the different ingredients and enthusiastically helped me prepare the food. My Masterchef even rolled a near perfect spring roll. I was even impressed with my ability to finally produce a delicious Thai meal thanks to Pat’s expert guidance. Visit Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha Not far from Phuket Town is the stunning Wat Chalong. I was suffering from Bangkok belly on our visit and could barely focus on the aesthetic designs of the temple complex. We’ve visited a lot of wats in South East Asia, and this one certainly had its own unique flare. Craig was more than impressed and found it to be a perfect temple for those new to Thailand. The Grand Pagoda dominates the temple grounds--it's cool and breezy location makes it just as popular as the splinter of Buddha's bone that rests inside. The pagoda walls depict Buddha's life story and immense golden statues of the various Buddha poses sit in the main hall. Choose the one you wish to worship to most. Pay attention to the fire crackers going off inside the brick oven out the front of the ordination hall. Thai people set them off to celebrate if they receive any good luck. The Big Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and is 45 m high and can be seen far and wide across Phuket. Not only is it a place of tranquillity to receive your blessings, but has 360 degree views of Phuket. The Buddha's body is layered with Burmese marble which shines in the sun, making it a symbol of hope and a guarding force of protection. Relax by the pool or on the beach Thailand is full of difficult decisions, like should I drink a beer or a cocktail, or swim at the pool with ocean views or cross the road to swim in the warm ocean, with views? You choose what suits you best. We did both throughout the week, but your objective here is to relax after a very busy day. The Hilton Arcadia has 4 pools to choose from. If you have kids you might want to visit the Garden pool and enjoy the small waterslide first, before moving to the Ocean Pool to relax with a cocktail for sunset. Or head over the road, rent a chair and umbrella for 200 baht and order a beer or cocktail from the makeshift bar on the beach. Sit back a camera in hand as the sun retires. Think of the amazing day you just had exploring a little Thai culture. Enjoy a special dinner at Thai Thai I have one rule in Thailand. No Western food allowed. I would even put it in my black book of crimes you should never commit. My second rule is you should never stop eating, no matter how full you are. Who cares you cooked up a smorgasbord for lunch, you have had a whole afternoon to digest it. It’s time to top up! We had our indulgent Thai dinner at the Thai Thai Restaurant at the Hilton. What I love the most about dining out in Thailand--and this restaurant excelled at this--is the outstanding service. Our head waiter, Pop, was always on hand to ensure we were happy and content. He shared many stories with us of Thailand and his own life, always with an affectionate giggle. We enjoyed crab cakes and Thai prawn salad for entrees, followed by slow cooked tilapia in coconut milk and Phuket yellow noodles. I had to finish dinner with my favourite Thai desert—mango and sticky rice; Craig opted for the coconut ice cream and tried unsuccessfully to convince me his was better. Lucky Kalyra was asleep in the chair or she would have backed him. Now you can go back to your room and collapse. The pillows will mould around your head so you feel like you are sleeping on clouds. Day 2- Phang Ngha Bay and Kata Beach Your day will start early so first stop will be the poolside breakfast buffet. Eat up as today is a BIG day! Go on the James Bond tour Phang Ngha Bay I never wanted to go on his tour before because it was so James Bond and I have never watched a movie. Our friend Roger recommended it as one of his things to do in Phuket. James Bond Island was made famous by his movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” It does not mean much to me, but the island itself is very picturesque and photo worthy. Many of our followers on facebook recommended the Sea Canoes as the best way to enjoy the limestone tunnels and caves. This was not really an option with our little ones so we did a full day tour taking in four of the islands in the Bay area. The seas were a little rough and the water murky, but if you arrived on a day when the Andaman Sea was blazing with its crystal clear emerald waters and the dramatic limestone mountains, I’d imagine it would be stunning. The floating Muslim village at Koh Paynee was a fascinating stop. The silted homes joined together in the mud swamps in front of a large limestone rock island was started 200 years ago by 3 Indonesian families now hosts nearly 1700 people and over 300 families. We really loved our small kayak tour through the mangroves and tunnels of one island and swimming at Nakkar Island. It’s a full day tour and popular, but an enjoyable day out. Catch the sunset at the legendary After Beach Bar Kata Beach Do not delay in heading straight to the After Beach Bar on the hill behind Kata Noi. This place is legendary for sunset drinks and a relaxed vibe. We arrived here after a day at the cruising the beaches of the West Coast of Phuket. As soon as we arrived and saw the amazing views and felt the cool breeze we were happy. It didn’t even faze us that we had chosen the one day in our two weeks in Thailand that was cloudy!! Luckily there was a small break in the clouds so we were able to see a beautiful pink orb poking through. Sit back with a cocktail and enjoy. (Just don’t order a mojito- they were awful. And they tried to charge me for three of them!) Pick up a bargain at the local Karon temple night markets If you are not too exhausted, head to the Karon temple markets held every Tuesday and Saturday night. The shopping here is cheap! It is mostly clothes with the odd tourist artefacts like lanterns and Buddha statues thrown in. You can even pick up a cheap bowl of curry noodles for 30 baht and Thai banana pancake for 40 baht. (around $1 for each) Day 3 Worship your body at the Hilton Before it’s time to check out you might want to give yourself a little treat. Indulge in a massage You cannot come to Thailand without worshipping your body with a Thai massage. (Crime number 10 to never commit in Thailand)! We’d already had our cheap 200 baht massage in Bangkok before arriving to Phuket and have many more planned for our next week of travel. For this indulgent 48 hours though, I’d say ramp up the feel good factor with a special spa treatment. They may be expensive in comparisons to the ones you can get on the beach or in a room with 10 other people, but in comparison to Australian prices they’re really quite cheap. The Hilton Arcadia had complimentary Kids Club for Kalyra (who was begging us to go. She came home with her hair beautifully braided and a beaded necklace and a broad grin saying it was the best one ever!) Savannah was too young so we hired a babysitter for 2 hours so we could treat ourselves. A body scrub and a Thai-herbal-heat massage later we felt like new and improved version of ourselves. We possibly couldn’t get any more relaxed. Finish with a feast at the Sunday Brunch Buffet Why not gorge one more time? (Remember Rule 2!) The Hilton Arcadia Phuket holds a special weekly Sunday Brunch. Feast out on a seafood and BBQ buffet washed down with a glass of wine! We indulged while waiting for our pick up to take us from the life of luxury back to budget Thai travel. Our stay at the Hilton was just what we needed. It’s hard to travel like this all the time, but it is wonderful to treat yourself every now and then. Reward programs like the Hilton HHonors can be a great way reduce you’re accommodation expenses so you can have a bit more of that luxury you deserve. (See below for the a cool giveaway) Our stay at the Hilton Arcadia was hosted in part by Thailand Tourism and Hilton Arcadia Phuket. 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Cooking with Pat in Phuket

What seasons do you like?

Many people travel for the seasons. Are you a summer or winter person?

For us, it’s usually summer destinations. It just appeals to us as there is more you can do outdoors, most people appear happier when embraced by the sun, and you can travel lighter – trust me, when you have kids you will appreciate this.

So unless you are looking for winter activities, you are more likely following the sun too. This will often mean prices can be higher, except for those regions where it is always hot.

Consider the impact seasons have on what you do. You can waste a lot of money if you don’t get the timing right.

Can you travel in the off-season?

If you are fortunate enough to be flexible in when you can take your vacation time, good for you! Avoiding peak periods and traveling off-season is one of our best travel tips and you can save big bucks on flights, accommodation and activities.

Even if you have kids in school, consider traveling just outside of major school holiday periods to take advantage of the savings.

Fly where the deals are!

Instead of thinking too much about the location of your next travel destination, let the cheap flights make up your mind for you!

Think about using airfare sales to help determine the location of your family’s next vacation and month of departure, rather than the other way around.

Sites like Kayak Explore and Airfarewatchdog can help. For Kayak Explore simply plug in your departure city and choose the season or month and a list of available deals will appear.

Check out more of our tips for saving money on flights and accommodation

Revisit Old vs. New Destinations?

I got asked this question the other day. Do we normally revisit the same destinations or try someplace new? If yes, why?

Well, if there is a particular experience or feeling we want to have, and we know where we can get that, we are more than happy to revisit places. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with revisiting places. The main thing is that you’re traveling and being true to yourself.

We often revisit the same destinations in South East Asia because that region ticks a lot of boxes for us: food, weather, beaches, culture, friendly people, distance from Australia, the price!

If you do revisit the same destinations, maybe consider doing it with a twist. Stay in a different neighborhood, eat at different restaurants, swim at a different beach, climb a different mountain, seek out new experiences.

Are you returning to the Grand Canyon? Try the north rim instead of the south. Go to Melbourne instead of Sydney, Chiang Mai instead of Bangkok.

Of course we have a never ending list of new places we want to visit, and hopefully, we’ll get to most of them, but it’s about prioritizing and being realistic. If there’s a dream destination you really want to visit, maybe 2014 is the year to check it off the list

Hate travel planning and moving around?

Why not consider a cruise or all-inclusive resort?

With activities to appeal to every generation, food choices to suit all ages, and itineraries that can be action packed or you just sit around on your backside all day, cruises and all-inclusive resort stays can eliminate decision headaches.

You check in, drop your bags in your room, and then your biggest decision for the next week is what are you going to eat? Who couldn’t use a trip like that every once in a while?

As a busy family who usually moves around a lot and plans it all ourselves, we sure appreciate some trips where we do nothing but eat, drink and swim.

Carnival Spirit
Enjoying the cruise life on Carnival Spirit

What about a Working Holiday?

If you’re considering longer-term travel, maybe a working holiday is what you’re looking for?

It can give you the opportunity to experience a new culture, gain new skills, and it’s a great way to fund your travels for an extended stay.

By participating in a working holiday, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the people and their day to day lives, you’ll get a real feel for the heartbeat of the country, and you’ll get out of your comfort zone by trying different and unusual jobs.

Travel in your own backyard

Is money and time an issue for you? Don’t underestimate the benefits of staying local and exploring your own backyard.

This strategy is one of the most overlooked and cheapest ways of having more travel in your life. Benefits of local travel include:

  • Less Planning
  • Less Packing
  • Les Time Away
  • No jet lag or burnout
  • Usually cheaper

I recently published a post on how to travel in your own backyard which has suggestions and tips on how to make the most of this strategy. It’s an easy strategy to implement. Start by taking day trips, then short breaks. After a while, you’ll be looking for bigger and longer adventures.

Which travel destinations are on your list?

48 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Travel Destinations”

  1. I am on my dream trip around the world. Saved mileage points to get a RTW ticket. I am in Chile now and will be in Argentina next month. Then 2 months in Europe, 2 months in SEA, another month in Manila, Seoul and Hawaii. Then six weeks rest/visit home and off to Australia for a couple months. Love to travel. Looking forward to doing some camping in Australia. Would love to find a place to hug a koala.

    1. Awesome trip Starr. And great strategy by saving your mileage points, well done! You can have a koala experience at several places e.g. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia Zoo in Queensland, Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

  2. Great post! I am in the process of planning a trip for May. Originally, I had my heart set on Paris, but my other half was really craving something more laid back and tropical. We will be going to Puerto Vallarta & staying at a beautiful hotel. Lots of downtime, but I will satisfy my sense of adventure with ziplining, rapelling, surfing and snorkeling! I love your blog, it is so inspiring!

  3. I’ve only been working casual hours for the past few years and can’t afford a huge far-away holiday, but I did approach a holiday last year to the Whitsundays in a similar way to what you suggested. For me, the big thing was respecting the travelling styles of my companions – luckily we were all similar in that we valued having adventures over poolside lounging, but we agreed it was ok to break away for an hour or two occasionally and do our own thing.

    I also love the idea of local travel. After living overseas in London and spending years exploring every nook and cranny of that city (and still probably missing out on most of it!) I returned to Brisbane trying to do the same. Every summer month I swim at a beach I’ve never been to before (this month, Amity Point on Stradbroke Island) and make a point of visiting suburbs and locations unknown to me.

  4. Some great tips…we did the Around Australia with the 2 young kids also 10 years ago and are very much in need of an overseas destination. Our options/considerations for the past few years have been – skiing and driving NZ (I have been), Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, Hawaii and (wait another year) Canada or South America. My adventurous, exotic destinations are Macchu Piccu, Himalayas, Mt Bromo Indonesia, Angkor What, Kilimanjaro, PNG. It’s so hard to make a “group” decision, considering all.

  5. Great to hear that Melbourne is hot at the moment, I’ll be there towards the back of next month. Always enjoy my trips to Australia.

    I travel every month with work so make the most of any free time I have in any places I visit. It is also good for air miles so when I do take a holiday I can use these to extend my reach.

    My work travel plans remain global for this year. On a personal level my wife loves Greece so I think we’ll be heading there this year.

  6. We (myself, the husband, and kids aged 2 and 6) are off to the UK and France for 3.5 weeks in September/October. This trip is mainly to see my Dad and Grandma but we have some nice little side trips with a child focus mixed in – Peppa Pig World, Legoland and Disneyland Paris. What I call a very commercialised trip this one but I wanted the kids to have these amazing adventures with their favourite characters in amongst visiting family.

    One thing I like to focus on with our 2-4 week vacations is “finishing on a high” in this case Disneyland – I think it makes the trip more memorable and gets you through those last few days when fatigue can set in.

    We are also having a Perth “stay cation” this summer/autumn visiting some of Perth’s top attractions that locals often forget about.

  7. Oh wow, that’s so cool! Even I want to revisit a couple of old destinations as well as some new ones. This year I am even more focused about travel – more particular about where I want to go – saving funds, planning and making it happen.

  8. Oh we would LOVE to go to Australia!!! I was just watching a video on Melbourne and it looked amazing. We happen to love coffee and the video was on the coffee culture there and followed a walking tour.

    Great post and tips!!

  9. My wife and I are looking to travel slow this year. We will have off October through December to travel and we are planning to pick one place, get an apartment and live there. We’ve done this before in Antigua, Guatemala, so that is an option. We might also go to Indonesia, India or the Philippines. The fun part is we don’t know. We have six months to plan!

  10. Where Caro Eats

    Good advice! I’m actually in Spain and I’m thinking Morroco, Mexico and France this year. I don’t know. I love to decide last minute!

  11. Great article. For us, we never have difficulty picking our destinations. We usually have too many! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your travels in 2014.

  12. 2013 was the dream RTW trip. 2014 will be close to home – NZ, maybe Australia or the Pacific Islands. Still hanging out for deals to Hong Kong, Spain, Japan!

  13. We have been in Hawaii for the past 7 months and plan to take off for Australia and SE Asia in May before returning to Canada in August. What are your thoughts on renting a camper van in Australia (with two teens) Also, is it unreasonable to expect reliable wifi in Australia (campgrounds?), Bali, Thailand??? We need wifi for our work. Do you know anything about repositioning cruises from Europe to North America?? Great blog, we are avid followers 🙂

  14. Hello there, well 2014 has started so well for me with three trips back to back… and am not feeling that keen on school term re-starting… I’m aiming for a big mixture of trips this year… I have one dream destination, hope to get there with my older teens, it’s a real heart one, an explore. Always keen on some luxurious lazing… and good fun active trips with the wee kids. I’m a firm believer in travelling around my own city, so have a wee Sydney list going on too. Your post here would get anyone thinking and is full of practical tips, plus some sheer inspiration.

  15. Thanks for the trip ideas proposed in your article. I guess it is very helpful to the readers who are planning a trip in 2014! I am quite interested in the Thai cooking class in Phuket.

  16. I recently went on a weekend away to Knysna, South Africa with some friends. We had best time of all and I’m thinking about revisiting Knysna sometime later this year and try different activities that we did not have time for the last time. This May we’re again planning to go on a week long trip to Durban, South Africa. I know what I want to do in Durban and we’re still trying to put our ideas together and come up with a best plan that will satisfy all of us in this trip and that’s a difficult task yet, especially if you have to watch your budget. Thanks to your blog guys, your travel advice is priceless!

  17. Great post, thanks for sharing! I always think that planning you holiday or travels are part of the fun, especially if you’re going with someone else. The excitement and build up to the departure date is all part of the experience!

  18. Thanks for sharing those wonderful tips. During this holiday season me and my partner are planning to go on a Costa Rica travel. Thanks to a dear friend we came to know about who offer travel itinerary for all their holiday packages. I am so glad i can customize my budget holiday 🙂

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