How to be a top travel blogger

how to be a top travel blogger

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve asked:

  • how we became one of the world’s most successful travel bloggers
  • how to start a travel blog
  • how we make money travel blogging
  • how you can get paid to travel the world
  • how we can help you become a top travel blogger

It’s all got to do with hustle, hard work, investing in yourself, and learning how to overcome the hurdles.

We don’t offer personal advice or private, free mentoring. We don’t have the time and are inundated with requests. We travel a lot, homeschool when we do, have a huge business, and love to spend time with our children.

We’ve also spent years investing in ourselves to master travel blogging and become successful travel bloggers who earn a full-time income travel blogging. We know an incredible amount travel blogging including:

  • starting a travel blog
  • writing epic content that gets shared by hundreds of thousands of people
  • building social communities that reach into the millions
  • creating and implementing successful campaigns with multi-national brands and companies (think AMEX, TripAdvisor, Canon, Ford)
  • being featured in traditional media (Lonely Planet, Today Show, CNN online )
  • pitching our own successful travel campaigns to tourist boards around the world (18-month road trip around Oz, upcoming US road trip)

AND  above all being a unique, authentic, relevant story – one who has lived a travel life since 97 and continues to travel on their own travel story, not just to where the latest paid gig is. We make it work for us, which nobody else has managed to do so well.

We share many of our travel blogging tips in our blog posts and to those subscribed to our digital lifestyle email community. You also get access to the following free training – it could save you time and money and help you earn thousands!

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Posts on how to be a travel blogger to help you:

We’ve written a lot of content on our site to help you become a top travel blogger. Here are a few of them. You can always use the search bar on our site to help you find something specific, or check out our Digital Lifestyle hub page.

How to move from travel blog to business

How to be a travel blogger

For more in-depth insights on how to build a business with your travel blog, you can purchase our two-hour webinar training on how to move from blog to business. Thousands have already received the training and said it was life-changing.

A business has a profit. This training will guide you through the process of

  • creating the right vision and mission
  • building a community
  • creating a money plan that works
  • using leverage for growth
  • using your data to refine
  • managing your mind

This training Iwas truly the most valuable session I have ever attended, and has provided me with so much clarity and inspiration to get started on the right path.
I am now bubbling with ideas and a focus to move forward, not only just about creating a blog that can be a business, but about what I have to offer the world and how to shape my future to get it out there. – Danielle

How to create a solid money relationship that brings money to you

Successful businesses don’t pull in full-time incomes unless they have a solid relationship with money.

If you’re wondering why the bills keep piling up, the income has stalled, and the car keeps unexpectantly blowing a head gasket, then it’s time for you to work on improving your money relationship.

Clear the blocks, cleanse the limiting beliefs, and create a more abundant future.

You can join our 30 Days to Money Mindfulness here

These are the tools, strategies and the daily practice that took me from almost bankrupt and $30,000 in debt to now earning six figures and living my dream and am helping hundreds of other people transform their lives from struggle, fear and lack, to abundance, trust and love.

 The 30 days to Money Mindfulness was one of the best things I have ever done for me. Every step was guiding me towards clarity about money and life goals; with a gentle push, a pleasant nudge and soft poke I felt myself clearing a fog and have finished feeling revived and refreshed to the path of genuine self-fulfilment.  – Victoria

Private mentoring

No, you may not private message me on Facebook for insider tips, encouragement, mentoring and our contacts.

I’m sorry to be so harsh, but I get inundated with requests. I know you’re super keen to succeed and I LOVE that. That’s why we have provided a ton of free content on our site and some premium products to help you!

As I mentioned, the key to travel blog success is hustle and investing in yourself. We have a six-figure travel blog business and a lifestyle that is epic.

We got here by doing the work, hustling, and by investing in courses, coaching and mentoring from successful people.

We can help you make your travel blog business a success and become a full-time travel blogger. We value our wisdom and our time (and I hope you value yours too!). We are not going to exchange that with you for free.

At this time, mentoring opportunities are unavailable. Join our email list to receive notification when the opportunity arises again.

If you are serious, we can mentor you at a package that is right for you. We can work more in-depth with you through the six stages of moving your blog to business in a way that is specific to your blog and requirements.

All sessions include:

  • Personalised coaching sessions, tailored to your specific needs and desires
  • Our easy-going, relaxed attitude to make you feel 100% comfortable
  • Recording of Skype conversation
  • Notes from conversation and personalised action plan
  • Unlimited passion and energy

Your next steps:

  1. Choose the package that’s right for your level of commitment.
  2.  Purchase the package
  3. We’ll send you an email with follow-up instructions and book a time to jump on Skype and start travel blog mentoring!

[stripe text=”One-off sessions”]

$175usd per hour

[stripe text=”Accelerator package”]

  • 6 hours coaching
  • Additional email support between sessions


[stripe text=”Living the dream package”]

  • 10 hours coaching
  • Additional email support between sessions
  • Personal appraisal of your blog, containing a minimum of 10 recommendations to improve your blog. (value $395)
  • Access to my private Facebook mentoring group


We are very excited about the possibility of helping you get your travel blog to the next level. Don’t have a travel blog? No worries, we can mentor you with any type of blog you want to turn into a business.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Spaces are limited so ACT now!

 You were so helpful and insightful and I really learnt a lot about content and strategy particularly with regard to moving my blog Lifestyle Fifty forward. Of particular note I feel, was the way you handled the session with energy, but sensitivity and my impromptu questions were answered so well, based on your very solid knowledge of online publishing and content creation. – Jo Castro