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It’s time for your annual holiday. You want a little bit of relaxation, a touch of adventure, and one of the best holiday deals your money can buy.

Let’s face it, you also want someone to plan it all for you.

Travel planning can be overwhelming and if this is your only time of the year to get away, you don’t want to spend too much time organising your dream trip.

Imagine telling your friends about the incredible luxury safari you had in South Africa at 39% off the normal price. Or the 49% discount you jagged on your cruise around the Mediterranean (flights included).

Enter TripADeal

TripADeal is Australia’s leading online travel deals website based in Byron Bay, offering unique travel experiences at massively reduced prices. There’s a clear sign of a win there. Anything from Byron has a special kind of mojo attached to it! Let’s hear it for the Aussies creating awesome travel deal websites. Woop Woop.

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I’m impressed by the deals on offer at I’m currently checking out their trips to Western USA for my parents. They’re keen to go and I think I’ve found them a nice deal.

A 12 day USA Natural Wonders tour, including flights for $3,099. This is 48 % off the normal price. You find out all of this information directly from the travel deals site.

USA tour with tripadeal

(My dream is to be able to surprise them with this tour as a gift from me for everything they have done for me as amazing parents. Manifesting Powers get to work!)

I recently looked at similar tours for them and the package prices ranged from $2230 (7 days) to $6, 275 (16 days). None of these tours included flights (and I wouldn’t recommend a 7 day trip to the US.)

I’ve also searched online for reviews, including an extensive search on TripAdvisor, and so far I’ve found glowing reviews talking about the incredible time had on a TripaDeal tour, the amazing deal they got, and the service from the company itself.

Who are TripADeal and what do they offer?

tripadeal holiday deals

TripADeal is a specialised online travel agent, offering massive discounts on holiday deals.

You can still talk to an agent directly on the phone for those still nervous about online travel bookings. Their travel consultants can help with visa information, flight connections and local tips.

The travel deals they offer have a limited purchase period and a countdown timer clearly shows you how long you have to snag the deal.

I love how many of their travel packages include flights. Searching for and booking flights can be one of the most stressful and time consuming parts of our travel planning experience.

We’ve just had to book about 5 return flights for various work events and to fly our parents in and out. It has involved lots of cursing on our end as we flick through their ten thousand pages of up-sells. No, I don’t want car hire, hotel stays, in-flight meals, and insurance with that!

To have this taken care of by someone else is awesome. Plus, if a tour does not have a flight included, they offer a concierge service that can do it for you.

They also offer a wide variety of tours for a wide range of prices. For the more independent traveller, there are travel deals you can get just on accommodation and local tours like this villa in Bali:

Bali villa tripadeal

Or this local tour in Thailand:

James Bond tour tripadeal

Travel packages can bring comfort and security

We recently did a webinar on solo female travel in India. One of the tips that came up a couple of times in our discussion was the benefit of taking a guided tour to a place like India when you feel nervous and unsure.

There’s no need to burst too far out of your comfort zone, there are ways you can travel almost anywhere. Tours are a great way to bring that feeling of security and comfort.

Here is a tour I found for India:

Tripadeal_India_tour Text Text

And then China, one of our favourite destinations that can be a little daunting for some inexperienced travellers, or those who just want an easy experience:

China package Tripadeal

TripADeal has clear terms of conditions

Some of these group deal sites can freak you out as you’re not sure if it will deliver, if there are sneaky terms in very small fine print, or if you can even get the dates you want.

I recently bought a cheap pampering package through Scoopon and stressed the entire time until I phoned the salon as I needed specific dates and wasn’t sure I was going to get them.

I’ve also recently heard of Groupon travel making it difficult to find their terms, which has been causing a headache for many people’s travel plans.

Not TripADeal. Their terms and conditions are easy to find under this tab and very clearly laid out.


You know exactly what you’re going to get and what the conditions are on it, including any extra fees or surcharges.

I highly recommend you pay attention to the T&Cs before you purchase anything. Be a smart consumer! With anything we recommend, do your own research to make sure it fits your goals and needs.

If you’re a long-term, budget traveller then TripADeal may not be for you.

But if you love the security, ease and comfort of travel packages, or more short-term travel, then the holiday deals are there for you.

You can get the booking dates you want!

Getting the date right when booking travel is important. If you get it wrong, you normally won’t get your money back. With TripADeal, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a deal because you don’t have travel dates figured out yet.

If you aren’t sure of when you want to travel, you can always come back and book your dates later before you travel.

Obviously, the sooner you book, the more dates you will have to choose from. The deals will have expiry dates (although generally have long validity), so make sure you do know when you have to travel by with each deal.

But, if you do know your travel dates, you can book as soon as you purchase the deal, which is a great feature not typical of group buying sites.

They are stacking the odds in your favour to help you get the best deal that suits your travel desires. If you can’t get the dates you want, they have a money-back guarantee.

When to use TripADeal

TripaDeal is a service to use when you have a clear picture of the type of holiday experience you want, possible destinations, your time frame and budget. Knowing this will make it easier for you to act quickly and with confidence to secure your best deal.

So if you know your budget for your holiday is $5,000 you can search for something that matches that, and immediately click book, and have it organised.

Their criteria is to find experiences that are high-quality and represent great money value.

Many of the packages have added inclusions so again, make sure you read the fine print to see any extras you may get. This is always vital for your research so you can compare the value of a package like this versus doing it yourself! It all depends on your travel style and your objectives.

They’re ready to help you find the best deal for your next upcoming holiday so you can just relax and enjoy it. You can sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss their latest deal releases.

You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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