Flexiroam X – clever hack for high international data roaming charges

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International data roaming charges. The telecommunication companies make a fortune from them.

I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories from someone we know returning from an overseas holiday to a massive phone bill – some as large as the price of a fixer-upper house in Waco, Texas (we love that show by the way).

It’s scandalous.

Introducing Flexiroam - a clever hack for high international data roaming charges

There are many ways to avoid paying these exorbitant prices of international data roaming charges. One is not to use international roaming but instead purchase a local sim card. The other is to use free wi-fi at your destination.

But, many people still choose to use roaming data rather than these options.

They may be on a quick trip, a business trip, or a short holiday with family and want convenience, security and instant internet connection at their fingertips.

It is much easier for people to turn their phone on and connect instantly rather than hunt for a foreign SIM or free wi-fi spots – which can often be unreliable.

Or, some people may not even be aware international roaming is on – like me.

I arrived in Denver yesterday and received a text message reminding me that International roaming was turned on. I was spitting chips because I never have it turned on and never gave Telstra permission to do that! It’s best to have a backup plan so you don’t get caught out by their sneaky tactics!

Roaming on your phone comes with a hefty price tag, which many blissful travellers are unaware of until they get home and regret going away in the first place.

There might be a way for those travellers seeking a seamless and affordable way to stay connected and hack through their high international roaming charges at the same time.

Who doesn’t love a good hack?

Enter Flexiroam X – hacking away at high international data roaming charges

a hack for international data roaming charges

There’s a new kid on the technology space, created to redefine the way Australian travellers consume data overseas.

We’ve partnered with Flexiroam X to help you learn more about how to hack into those high international data roaming fees charged by Australian telecommunications providers.

When I first heard of Flexiroam X, I wondered why travellers just don’t get a local SIM card or use the free wi-fi. Then I saw the research from Deutsche Telekom – which spurred the idea of Flexiroam X – that 60% of travellers choose to turn off international data roaming and use local SIM cards.

That means 40% of travellers are either doing nothing, or racking up huge data roaming bills while overseas. That’s a lot of people!

Flexiroam X already has over 800,000 existing subscribers across Asia Pacific and is the fastest growing budget roaming provider in the Asia Pacific region. They’re based in Malaysia and have become a strong global brand in less than five years.

They are now launching their international data roaming hacking service in Australia.

How does Flexiroam X reduce your international data roaming charges?

Flexiroam X hack for high international data roaming charges

Flexiroam X employs a patented and thin microchip embedded film (sticker), which is applied to your existing SIM card.

Once you launch the app, you can change your APN settings through the click of a button, which allows you to toggle between your existing telco provider and the Flexiroam X network when travelling.

Where can you use Flexiroam X?

Flexiroam X is available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Flexiroam X launch promotion exclusive

Users can access a full Flexiroam X membership with a starter pack for only USD $9.99 plus USD $5 shipping. This is a savings of USD $29.99 and enables you to access your unlocked Flexiroam X data for 12 months from signup.

If you share Flexiroam X with your friends, you can earn up to 100 GB of free data. That’s a lot of data. Get sharing!!

Just so you are aware, leading Australian carrier charges are more than $200 AU for 1 GB of data. This is insane. People have no idea how easily this can get used up, which is why their complacency ends up in mammoth international data roaming phone bills. I have chest pains just thinking about it and which is why I panicked when I found out Telstra had turned my international roaming on.

FYI: We purchased a local SIM card in the States on this trip to Denver. It cost us $69USD for 3GB with AT&T, which was the minimum amount of gig you could get. If you don’t want the hassle and have no need for huge amounts of data, then Flexiroam X offers pretty good comparison rates.

In summary: If you don’t want the hassle of finding a foreign SIM card or free wi-fi, Flexiroam X is a good option for avoiding those high international data roaming charges if you want to stay connected when on holiday overseas.

How to get started with Flexiroam X

  • Download the app from Android and Apple to start your membership.
  • Visit the website here
  • You can watch this short video for further insights into how Flexiroam X works and how to get started.


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