Future Travel Planning: What do you think?

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We have slowly begun to settle into our hometown. Actually, I don’t think Craig and I could ever settle here or anywhere for that matter. Let’s just say, I’ve managed to find a semi- comfortable place to sit for a moment. The most frequent question we are both asked is “So, how long are you here to stay?” or “Are you home for good?” My answer is always the same, “With Craig and I you never know” or ‘We are here for the time being, but you know us we could take off in a moments notice.”

And we could and would. We can’t help it, this is the life we signed up for and its the only life that works for us. There’s no point fighting that one.

Now that we are both working again, and money is returning to us, the wheels are in motion and I’m beginning to plan. One thing you must realize is that your round the world adventure travel plannings, start off with some simple dreaming in your mind. It has to start here, or it won’t continue. I plan to write steps for travel planning at a later date but let’s just say that when you start dreaming, you never allow any reasons to enter that tell you why you can’t do it.

So right now, I’m not thinking of money, or time, or children. I am only thinking of what I want to do next. What is my future world calling me to do? This is the most important part of your planning, as its the moment where you tap into the path for you to travel next in order to learn what it is you need to progress in life.

So I am paying attention to the travel urges within me and this is what I am finding.

Thailand or anywhere in South East Asia

Travel Photo: Koh Lipe, Thailand
Travel Photo: Koh Lipe, Thailand

I can’t help but always have the urge to return to this incredible country and region. I mostly crave time here because after a tumultuous few months, and a pretty disastrous and soul changing couple of years, I am in great need of some cleansing and peaceful restoration. Thailand cleanses me, returns my sense of balance, and helps me to breathe deeply. I think wherever we go next, it will be first to Thailand for at least a month. Though how I could go there for this short amount of time, I don’t know?

Or, I could really go anywhere in South East Asia. I could truly go and disappear for ever in this great part of the Universe. This afternoon we went to pick up some green tea from our local tea house, ran by a Vietnamese family. Fran began brewing tea as soon as we entered the shop, sat us down, and talked to us for a good half an hour about the teas and her life. She had us in stitches with her description of our hometown and we were filled with such warmth and love to be in her company. It reminded me why I love Asia and Asians so much. They are warm and funny, hardworking and friendly, and they constantly make you feel like life is a total joy and the only thing that is important is to express that joy.


Seville Spain
Seville Photo: J.A. Alcaid

I have written a few posts on Spain and Dublin, Ireland lately and with the production of a few new ventures that involve this continent I am feeling the urge to return. Also Craig, hasn’t been to continental Europe and I would really love to spend a few months over summer exploring Europe together. We both could see us living in a small cottage somewhere near Bordeaux, France and using that as a base to explore further.

I really want to get lost sailing around the Greek isles for a couple of weeks. I want to celebrate life and cultures at the incredible festivals in Spain, drinking copious amounts of Sangria and exploring her amazing cities. I want to be in Oktoberfest for the tapping of the first keg. I want to be a first time visitor with Craig to Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia. And of course we want to shake the dust off the memories of our time in our former home of Ireland and mine of England.

Somewhere else

Inca trail South America
Inca trail South America Photo: Marco

We have yet to visit South or Central America, and while its a place we really want to go, for some reason I am feeling no urge at this time to go there. I often wonder if I will feel the urge to go. Is it fear that prevents me or is just that there aren’t any lessons for me to experience there yet? Perhaps by 2011, I may find myself thinking of this region of the world more.

and then of course there is …..

Disneyland Photo: express monorail

Disneyland. I believe in the Law of Attraction and my beautiful little daughter is doing everything in her power to manifest a holiday to Disneyland. Her Aunty gave her a promotional video of Disneyland and we watch it over and over and over again. She has her trip all planned. She knows what rides she is going on and with who. She has become a collector of all the spare coins floating around in purses and hiding under couch cushions. “This is for Disneyland,” she says as she puts each coin into her platypus moneybox. Every two weeks we deposit it into the bank and her savings is steadily growing. We would be more than happy to accept the magic that allows us to take her to Disneyland.

We always feel the urge to be return to America. But it’s more of a return to more permanent roots, right now we’re looking for a traveling adventure.

What are your thoughts? What sounds like a good travel plan for us? What about for you? Where is your next travel urge taking you?

18 thoughts on “Future Travel Planning: What do you think?”

  1. hi…your plan is nice and thailand is a very wonderful place…how about try to go in the philippines…. particularly the visayas part…there’s a lot of nice beaches and scenic view in there as well…

  2. great post! we were in my hometown for 10 months last year and this, and we constantly got the same questions, and i felt the same itch you are feeling about not settling there forever. travel dreaming is a great start to any journey!! if you come to europe, please come visit prague!

    1. Absolutely! Prague is so beautiful and Craig would love to sample some of that great beer they have there. The itch never goes away does it?

  3. South America mates!!! Greatest continent in my humble opinion. 🙂

    I LOVE planning, it’s almost the best part! Can’t wait to see what life has in store for you guys.

    1. I know I have to get my butt there. I’ve read and heard so many great things. Your posts have made me want to go to Brazil. The planning is really exciting. It’s where dreams are turned into reality

  4. How cute!! I think its adorable how your daughter is collecting change for Disneyland.. that’s how trips happen after all!! I’m in the same boat. I’m home for the time being but I’m finding it more challenging to stay put then it ever was to travel! My work days are spent daydreaming and reading blogs (see!).

    I see myself going to Thailand for three months. I’d like to teach and volunteer while I’m there. It’s in my future!

    1. Yes, You should definitely go and teach in Thailand. Do you have your TEFL certificate? It was really easy to get work when I was there and if you go to a private school it is good money.
      Keep daydreaming that is where the magic always starts 🙂

  5. Love that you are still completely open to where to live & where to travel, even though you have a child. The idea of the cottage in France sounds lovely, something we’d like to do as well. In the end, it’s hard to decide where to travel to – there are just too many places!!

    1. I know our list never gets any shorter. Our poor daughter was christened a nomad. She loves travelling though. We just can’t help but want to live in other places. There is just too much about life to experience!

  6. I can’t speak highly enough of the diversity of Indonesia. 5000k, tens of thousands of islands, hundreds of different cultures… We’ve been here two months and it seems like no time at all. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

    This post spoke to me, to be honest. We’re discussing at the moment whether to continue with our plan of Latin America next year or do a second year in Asia: more Indonesia, back thru Malaysia, then China, Tibet, Nepal, India, poss Trans-Manchurian…

    In LatAm, though, I think the Inca Trail’s a must — and they may well shut it, so it’s a do soon or don’t do. Guatemala’s a gorgeous country, too. A lot of diversity in a relatively small space, so easy to do with a littlie…

    My personal feeling, if you’re finding itchy feet in Oz, is that maybe you need the exotic, rather than back to Europe…

    Can’t wait to find out what you decide.

    1. I love Indonesia. It was my first backpacking trip as a 21 year old adult newbie. I went with two girlfriends and boy did we have some adventures to write home about. Have you spent much time in Sumatra?
      Choosing the exotic instead is certainly something I need to think about so thanks for drawing that to my attention. I didn’t know there was talk of shutting the Inca trail down- I really must get there to do that. To be honest, I think my hesitation to go there is because of my daughter. I think I might be a little worried about traveling there with her which may be why I am going safe with Europe. Now that I am a mother I just cannot control the nervous fear that constantly comes over me. I really don’t want it to control my life. Do you have these fears with your son?

  7. This post hits home for me as well. Even though I’m about to leave for Asia, I’m already thinking of the next travel adventure!

    I have no doubt that I won’t be making enough money to live completely off my sites just yet…so I’ll need to make money somehow. I am NOT returning to corporate life. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so I’ll probably be getting my TEFL certificate and teaching while continuing to work on my sites.

    Europe has been pulling me lately. I’d love to live there again. As an American, I could probably get a job in central Europe, maybe Prague. I do like Prague. But I’d love to shoot for Germany or Spain or anywhere in Western Europe that would take me!

    I think as soon as you start feeling like it’s time to choose the next destination, your destination will reveal itself to you. And if that fails, flip a coin. No matter the outcome, after you see who wins the toss, your gut will tell you how you genuinely feel!

    1. Teaching is such a great way for you to travel. I’d definitely do the TEFL course, it’s pretty easy. I taught at a private school in Bangkok and made really great money. Let me know if you plan to do it there and I’ll point you to the same place- one of the best places I’ve taught. I agree that following your gut will lead you to the right place.

  8. Every idea sounds wonderful! My only thought is that if you really feel like you’re in the need for some “cleansing and peaceful restoration”, it might be a good idea to follow that route. You don’t want to begin a new adventure, especially to a new region of the world, without making sure that you have been restored. And if you know that Thailand offers that kind of solution, then perhaps your next journey should at least begin with a visit to that country.

    This is the very reason why I return to India every year. If I didn’t, I would be off-balance during the rest of my travels. It is the place I turn to when I need to regain a healthy mental state.

    Anyway, just a thought…and I’m excited about all of your options!

    1. This makes great sense Earl. I think a couple of weeks swinging in a hammock and having daily massages will work wonders in preparing me for new adventures.

  9. This post is very similar to my own thoughts. After I take a tour of the states I’m either going to Central America, Asia, or Europe… I haven’t really decided yet. They all have great things to offer. I’ll decide when the time gets closer, for now, just planning my first move.

  10. I would like to invite you to visit koh lipe again. It is pretty quiet here, unlike anywhere else in the world. Trip unit is more comfortable than ever before.

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