Fishermans Wharf Woy Woy – a day trip from Sydney

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It is known to have the best calamari in the world.

I know this because I have conducted the experiment to find out. The only other person who has come close to cooking the most divine, melt in your mouth battered calamari rings has been my sister, the Chef.

Fisherman’s Wharf Woy Woy is a popular place for locals and day trippers from Sydney to enjoy a seafood feast on the water.

Fishermans wharf Woy Woy
Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant Woy Woy

Not only does it have the BEST calamari in the world, but from 1994 -1997 it has been said that the best cook ever.

Craig may vehemently disagree, but what would he know? I know it to be true because that cook was me.

Fishermans Wharf lunch    Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant Woy Woy (3)

Yes, just another thing you don’t know about me.

Fisherman’s Wharf did lend a great hand in my ability to travel the world. I worked as the aforementioned chef cook when I was a University student and earned a decent amount of cash to save for my travels.

I also worked there with a group of my friends and adored my bosses. It was one of the best jobs I ever had, even though I stunk of fish and the pub over the road smelt us long before we walked through the doors at knock off time.

Fishos is an icon.

During the summer months the restaurant on the deck over the water gets completely booked out over two sittings, for lunch and dinner. The lines would snake out the front into the kid’s playground as people happily waited for their take away orders, and you don’t even want to come near the Fresh seafood market section on Christmas Eve and Good Friday.

Fishermans Wharf Woy Woy
Beautiful views

It’s changed quite a bit since I worked there.

It’s styled up with the influence of Sam Clayton, the owner’s son. He has turned it into a tapas style restaurant, still with ample seafood choices, but a little more spunk and flair in the menu. The deck has been renovated, there’s often live music and the BYO has been replaced with a huge choice of craft beers, wine and my summer travel favourite, sangria.

We love this new addition to the restaurant as we are not big fans of Australian mainstream beer. This gives us an opportunity to drink the good stuff at reasonable prices.

Fishermans wharf Woy Woy
Love this beer in a bag

We visit Fishos a lot now for lunch or dinner and are never disappointed. The calamari is still smoking hot and is now in fierce competition with the BBQ Atlantic salmon salad for my order. We rarely fail to have an entree of anchovy toast either – you’ve not lived until you have eaten this.

BBQ Atlantic Salmon salad
oysters Fishermans Wharf
Fresh local oysters

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular day trip for those from Sydney. It’s a short walk from Woy Woy train station or if you have the means, a beautiful boat trip from Sydney. You can moor up at the wharf next door.

And when you have finished you can take a lovely walk along the waterfront to work off your indulgences.

Check out the menu on the website here.

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