Comfortable and Stylish Travel Clothes for Women (awesome travel pants!)

I’ve not been one for fashion – not because I don’t want to look a million dollars, but because I don’t know how.

I’m clueless when it comes time to choose clothes that match, or fit, my body style. Dressing for me has never been a priority for looking good – merely a practicality for getting myself around the world.

But, the longer I’ve lived this life (I don’t want to say the older I’m getting) the more I want to break free and try something new –actually wearing clothes that maybe look good on me, but more importantly feel good – and are still practical for travel.

I did not understand just how uncomfortable, heavy and suffocating my pair of black jeans were until I put on my new pair of black pants. I can’t believe I put my body through wearing them for so long!

Skyler Travel Pants

I’m now in love with my Anatomie Skyler travel pants.

I could barely feel them when I put them on. I didn’t get muffin tops from them, I could freely move around, and they were so soft and lightweight.

I walked straight over to my black jeans and trashed them. There was no way I could ever go back to them after putting on these black pants from Anatomie. It’d be like going back to milkshakes after you’ve had a nourishing Mother Earth smoothie. They just don’t compare and I won’t put my body through that discomfort anymore.

Anatomie travel pants

When Anatomie contacted me about reviewing the travel pants, I didn’t quite understand the excitement over them – they’re just a pair of pants. And then I wore them and I realised the difference quality fabric and fitting makes.

Here’s what I love about the Anatomie Skyler travel pants

  • They’re lightweight and ultra thin. Made from super-light-weight Nylon-Lycra Micro Fiber fabric. Jeans weigh a ton, especially when wet.
  • The fabric is water resistant.
  • They are just super comfortable – breathable and stretchy
  • The travel pants come out of the washing machine feeling almost dry. They only took 1-2 hours to dry hanging up inside!
  • They also come out of the washing machine wrinkled, yet when I put them on the wrinkles fell out pretty quickly.
  • They don’t give muffin tops, or wedgies, nor make my but feel like it’s Kim Kardashian size. It feels more compact and firmer. (Note – I either messed up with my measurements (likely) or I lost a bit of weight between measuring and receiving the pants as they are a little big on me (possible – I fluctuate a lot!). Still super comfortable and I love them, but they’d be better a bit closer fitting. measure yourself correctly and you’ll be fine!)
  • They’re long legged. Are there any tall people in the house who feel my pain? Damn I hate finding a nice pair of pants that stop just above my ankle. These pants fold comfortably over my shoes – love it.
  • They don’t take up any space in my luggage – unlike the jeans which take up almost half a packing cube.
  • They’re really smooth and silky to touch.
  • They’re multi- purpose. The travel pants have replaced my tracksuit pants for lazing around in on a cold evening – yes even though these travel pants are light weight, they are deceptively warm – not like jeans that let the cold seep through. I wear them out during the day for sight seeing – perfectly comfortable and breathable. I can dress the travel pants up of an evening with a  pair of heels and a nice shirt. The pants are what I usually reach for for a day of A to B travelling – nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes when you’re already uncomfortable sitting all day in a plane, car or bus.

They are expensive, but if you can, the investment is worth it.

You get a pair of pants that will suit many different outfits, they look great, they feel even better on, and they take up less space in your suitcase.

The only thing I didn’t like was they seemed to catch the dirt quite easily, but could be easily wiped off with a baby wipe. The material makes for easy cleaning.

Mind you I did wear them out walking in the rain, not realizing it was going to be really muddy and Savannah jumped up on me with muddy shoes. So I don’t think that would be a normal catch the dirt thing!

Undara lava tubes (1)

They are comfortable to hike in, more so than my “made for hiking” Kathmandu pants! (I wouldn’t wear them for hiking though, this was a caught-unawares, unplanned short hike during transit.

I’d definitely keep them for the nice, more comfortable sight-seeing experiences.)

Skyler Skinny Pants Anatomie

Anatomie has a range of different travel pant styles to suit your body shape and likes and has a great feature to help you choose the right pants style to match your body type.

Monika Ballerina Dress

Anatomie style white dress

Who’s afraid of wearing a white dress?

After what I did to my wedding dress, I’ve avoided wearing white. There’s not a drop of red wine, or grass that doesn’t want to stain me. And then there’s the whole thing about white making you look bigger.

But, my friend Brenda, a stylist who’s been in the fashion industry for years, picked it as something I needed to wear. I was a little worried, but I have to say she knows what she’s talking about. It really hides those not so flattering parts of my body!

I really love this dress. It’s perfect for those evening dinners. I wear my yellow sunflower flats for something a bit casual, or dress it up with heels for a little more fancy. It’s perfect for tropical sunsets or even lunches on the Riviera or some shopping.

It’s perfectly paired with a glass of white wine and an outback view don’t you think?

Anatomie style white travel dress

I sometimes leave the family to speak at conferences and events. This dress will now be my new speaker’s outfit. When you’re travelling it’s important to pack minimal clothes that have multiple uses.

Just like the pants, it’s made from super comfortable fabric – jersey cotton knit and I don’t feel frumpy in it.

Isadora Cotton Tank

Again this travel cotton tank wins on comfort hands down. The material is so soft and smooth. There’s no scratchiness or shirt crawling up your back. It just sits to the shape of your body.

This top really suits more active exploration or just a laze around comfort afternoon. I LOVE the bright yellow colour and it goes so well with my sunflower flats and travel pants.

Travel clothes for women
Isadora top Anatomie
isadora tank top Anatomie

About Anatomie Style

I like Anatomie. It’s a designer brand range, so might be outside some budgets. It’s very well suited to business travellers and those who leisure seekers who love to look good – especially if they’re walking the streets of Paris or Rome.

The designers do have a background in designing for athletes so I love how a lot of their range does also suit the adventurous or sporty travellers. It’s probably on par with what you’d spend buying quality clothes from Kathmandu or North Face. But I like the style and comfort of these clothes better.

The clothes feel very European in style and I’m thinking some of these outfits will go really well when we explore New York City on our US road trip next year!

Instead of stuffing my suitcase with a bunch of clothes I don’t really like and avoid wearing because they’re uncomfortable, I’m going to do the less is more approach.

Buy clothes that look and feel better, that last longer and can mix and match well. It might cost me more initially but will save me more in the long run as I’ll have quality clothes that take up less space and hassle in my suitcase.

I’ve now got my eye on a gorgeous coat and another travel dress that’s super pretty and yellow!

Do you love to travel with a comfortable pair of travel pants?

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