Don’t tell me why you can’t, tell me why you CAN

Craig and I had a discussion as we trudged our way up the steep track out of Wineglass Bay.

The steps were getting a little steeper and the breath a little more laboured. Nanny and Poppy were visiting so were babysitting our kids while we woke up at 4.30am to do the walk to Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach.

people standing on a balcony over a lake
Wineglass Bay from the lookout

Craig turned to me,  “This would have been tough with the kids.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad, we could have done it. The walk is pretty easy really, it’s just this part.” Despite the difficulty of this last section, I loved it, and would love to bring the girls another time.

“Yeah, but with Savannah on your back , it’s harder. Plus this is the most unfit I’ve ever been in my life since we’ve been eating our way around Tassie and Melbourne and drinking thousands of cups of coffee”.

“Yeah, but you just take frequent stops. Get your breath and move on again. It’s worth bringing the kids.”

Craig was not convinced, “Yeah, but then you’ve got to carry all their food and water.”

“So just pack better and bring less.”

Craig opened his mouth to give me the next reason why we couldn’t do it, but I jumped in first.

[ybox_large]“Stop telling me all the reasons why you can’t do it and tell me why you can”[/ybox_large]

If a million dollars waiting for you up the top, you’d run up with Savannah on your back.”

There are a million reasons why you can’t do something, if you search for them. Obstacles and challenges will stand in your way, it’s just the nature of striving forth, but why focus on the cant’s, you just become stagnant.

Focus on the reward at the end and why you can do it – your strengths not your weaknesses.

Why could we walk up the steep Wineglass Bay track with our kids?

Because we’re stronger than our lazy bones would like us to believe.

Because we can implement a few strategies to deal with the extra weight and the children’s needs.

Because the experience of seeing the sunrise over Wineglass Bay and then being the only people around to walk on its white sandy beach is a priceless moment to share with your children. Travel and adventure are the best gifts we can give our children. It will teach them far more than a classroom lesson ever could.

On the track to Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
On the track to Wineglass Bay
s Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Alone on famous Wineglass Bay

If I focused on the cant’s then I never would have traveled, as I would have said, I can’t because I have no money. Instead, I said, I really want to do this because I know it will greatly impact my life, so I’ll find a way. 16 years later, I’m still traveling.

I’d never have this valuable travel blog, if I focused on my limitations – I don’t know how to write, or market, or code, or design. Instead, I said, I want to do this because I believe I have something to share, so I’ll find a way to make it work.

I’d never have been a mother if I focused on my weaknesses – I don’t know how to even hold a baby, let alone raise one. I forget to water my plants and they die. I don’t think I’ll survive childbirth. But I became a mother twice, because I believed that the power of love would trump all the failings, the torturous labour pains, and not having a clue about parenting.

What are you not doing because you’re too busy saying you can’t. Tell me how you can instead.

(And then acknowledge the can’ts so you can make a plan to overcome them when they arrive).

See, Craig and I are a good team. When he has a down moment I pick him up, and vice versa!

Happy Monday!

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