YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel

Current crisis update future of travel

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Show Notes

In this episode, we share our updates during the Rona virus: How we’re coping, what we’re doing to stay sane, what we’re focusing on in our business, and what we think will happen in travel.

We discuss:

  • Why NC becomes our perfect place to live yet again!
  • Why we’re fed up, cranky, and heartbroken
  • On the flip side why we’re grateful for it
  • How we’re handling the roller coaster ride
  • The hugely beneficial box breathing strategy from the Navy SEALS
  • How our habits are keeping us grounded and strong
  • Why frustration is your most powerful ally
  • How you can take back control and personal power
  • The great opportunity this situation offers us to do
  • What my NEW and WEIRD fear is
  • Our Netflix addictions
  • How we think travel will change
  • Our travel plans (no not traveling right now)
  • What we’re focusing on now in our business and why
  • Why you should never stop dreaming and connecting to service, purpose and joy
  • How you can be ready to grab the travel deals
  • Why our memories are important (hint: keep making full and happy ones)

The circumstances of our life aren’t making us, they’re revealing our character

Wayne Dyer

Video: How to stay calm during chaotic times


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How are you coping during this time? Are you seeing any benefits? Are you making any changes? Do you have any questions for future episodes?

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4 thoughts on “YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel”

  1. Caz and Craig – I just listened to Podcase Episode 9 CURRENT CRISIS COPING + THOUGHTS ON FUTURE OF TRAVEL, and it was so uplifting. I subscribe to national and international travel advisory sites. It was reassuring to see another travel blogger with a similar perspective as mine for the future of travel – so much so that you have inspired me to write my next story.

    During this travel hiatus, I have also revamped my website, worked on rebranding and expanded my business scope. In saying that, I have had doubts about whether all that work was for nothing, but hearing this podcast gave me hope that I am on the right track. Regardless, I keep writing about travel in hopes people will be ready to start planning again soon! Thank you for being a voice of hope for fellow travel bloggers.

    1. Thank you so much Denise for writing to let us know. We often don’t know if what we are sharing is helpful or not so this gives us great encouragement. I think your plan has been smart and we’re feeling confident in what we did as well. You never really know and it is a risk, but you don’t get too far without taking them! The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

  2. You’re wise to not be traveling right now. Those of us who were still traveling when things hit are just now starting to worry about our 90-day visas expiring — It’s a very tough time to be a nomad!

    1. Yes. That is very scary. I hope the government where you are is being flexible to the current situation. I know many are and are extending visas automatically.

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