Picturesque, rugged, pristine, spacious, mesmerizing, jaw droppingly beautiful... the list of adjectives goes on to describe the spectacular beauty of Australia's largest state.

We haven't even started yet with the incredible adventures (+ wine and food)  you can have -- with very little people around.

Western Australia is more than 2.5 million square kilometres –  about the size of Western Europe and takes up one-third of Australia's size.

We spent 6 months road tripping through WA, our favorite state, and home to our favorite place in Australia, Broome and the Kimberley region.

Browse on through to our best WA travel tips including places to visit in Western Australia and all the many things you can do, see and taste!


Best places to stay in Perth Western Australia

Best Places to Stay in Perth on a WA Road Trip

The Western Australian capital is blessed with the natural magic of the Swan River and Perth beaches, and unlimited experiences for couples, families and the kids. Your Perth itinerary should always include a range of […]

Sunset from Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia

50 Amazing Things to Do in Western Australia

There are so many incredible things to do in Western Australia. Go west my friends, go WEST. If you only visit the east coast of Australia you’re missing out on some of the best landscapes, beaches, […]

Waterfall Beach, Albany, Western Australia

21 Best Beaches in WA to Set Foot On

Ahh, Western Australia, how we miss your incredible beaches and sunsets over the ocean. We said it often during our six months road tripping throughout WA that we believe you have the best beaches in […]

Your blog is essential reading, especially for first time travelers to Australia. I've been returning to it several times during the preparation for my big trip, so thank you very much! 



Oh WA you are something special.

In this state you'll find the world's most remote city, the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen, world-class surf, premium wines, a pristine and ruggedly beautiful Outback and indigenous culture.

So many international visitors skip it in preference to the East Coast, but in the words of Julia Roberts, "Big mistake. BIG mistake."

Here are your bucket list moments.

Broome, Western Australia

28 Top Things to do in Broome Western Australia to Excite and Delight

We stayed in Broome for five weeks on our 18 month road trip around Australia and have consistently named it as our favourite destinations in Australia on TV, radio, print and online publications, and of […]

Little Beach, Albany, Western Australia

A wonderful getaway to Albany in Western Australia

Albany in Western Australia grew on us. Quite quickly. When we first arrived we weren’t too sure it was going to the place for us. We ended up staying longer than we planned. Albany was […]

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Go Swim at Elephant Rocks & Green Pool Denmark, Western Australia

Just when we thought Western Australia‘s coastline couldn’t get any more stunning, Elephant Rocks, Denmark turned it on for us. And right next door is the equally stunning Greens Pool. Both are part of William […]

Coral Bay, Western Australia

Falling in love with Coral Bay, Western Australia

At first glance Coral Bay didn’t excite me, which surprised me (and disappointed me) as we had high expectations for this small coastal town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. So many other travelers […]

Sandy Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia

3 Natural Wonders of Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is a town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia, a 15-hour drive north of Perth. Shortly after arriving in Exmouth we bumped into someone who grew up in our hometown in NSW and […]

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Why Rottnest Island Should Be On Your Australian Bucket List

Rottnest Island or “Rotto” as the locals like to call it is located 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth in Western Australia. We had Rottnest Island on our Australian bucket list, and we think […]

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park - Western Australia

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – HELLO Karijini National Park

When you’ve been traveling for as long as we have you think you’ve seen it all: Mountains, valleys, beaches, escarpments, small towns and cities all now just come in varying shades. The jaded, or perhaps […]


Oh Margaret River, you had me at wine. No chocolate. No world-class surf. No underground caves.

And so on!

Margaret River is special. Enough said. Here are a few highlights.

Margaret River, Western Australia

Best things to do in Margaret River with kids

Drinking wine is a favoured past time of mine, and when travelling with kids an absolute necessity, lol. It was after visiting Margaret River that […]

Wharncliffe Mill Bush Retreat – the best Margaret River caravan park

Wharncliffe Mill Bush Retreat in Margaret River is perfect for families. Here’s why think it’s the best caravan park in Margaret River

Hamlin Bay, Margaret River Region, Western Australia

9 Beaches in Margaret River You Must Set Foot On

Margaret River is not all wine tasting and gourmet food you know. These beaches Margaret River are some of the best beaches in Australia, even the world. Oh and the wine is good too!

Margaret River Weekend Getaway - Western Australia

Margaret River Weekend Getaway at The Big House

We pulled up in the driveway. Savannah took one look at the verandah, breathed sharply in at what she feared might be a mirage in […]


You are going to want to stay gawking at the non-filtered colors of the magnificent white sandy beaches and brilliant blue of the Indian Ocean.

I get it. But draw yourself away to go inland a bit. You'll find unbelievable rock formations, old growth forests, and spectacular dusty red landscapes.

WA is colorful beyond belief.

Pemberton, Western Australia

Best things to do in Pemberton, Western Australia

I love it when you stumble upon completely out of the ordinary things. Travel is just as much about the unexpected surprises as it is […]

Valley of the Giants, Western Australia

Exploring the Valley of the Giants + tree Top walk

A walk amongst nature is always near the top of my activities list, whether I’m at home or on the road exploring new places. The fresh […]

The Pinnacles of Western Australia

The Unusual Beauty of the Pinnacles in Western Australia

Western Australia is full of incredible landscapes and the ancient limestone formations known as The Pinnacles are another example of how extraordinarily beautiful this state […]

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Stunning Things to do in Kalbarri, Western Australia

I don’t think I enjoyed Kalbarri, WA as much as I should have. We didn’t know too many things to do in Kalbarri and we […]

Lake Argyle - Western Australia

The Magic of Lake Argyle will stay with you forever

“Are there crocodiles in here?” Savannah inquisitively asked after a few strokes of treading water. I was holding on to her, our legs wrapped around […]


So much of the fun and adventure in Western Australia comes from its natural beauty.

You will find a few tours and attractions that are worth doing!

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

How a Snake Improved Our Bike Ride Around Rottnest Island

I was cycling up to the top of another hill. On a normal day, it wouldn’t feel so steep and I’d probably ride up it […]

Hamelin Bay, Margaret River

Wow. Swim With Manta Rays at Coral Bay, WA

“Okay everyone, put your gear on, she’s heading this way. Get in the water as quickly and quietly as you can and follow me, I’ll […]

Horizontal Falls Tour, Western Australia

A Thrilling Adventure to the Phenomenal Horizontal Falls, WA

When we reunited with our friends the Blockshoppers in Broome, they raved about the Horizontal Falls tour they did only days before in the Kimberley […]

Red Earthing at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia

Don’t Miss the Magnificent Sunsets at Gantheaume Point, Broome, WA

So you might already know that I’m a fan of earthing. That is walking around in bare feet on the grass or dirt, preferably wet. […]

Port George C pearl farm Kuri Bay

Welcome to Kuri Bay Paspaley Pearl Farm

Every afternoon, after a long hot day on the boats chipping barnacle encrusted shells, I would walk past the sign welcoming me to Kuri Bay […]


Here are a few more ideas for you, including Western Australia's capital city, Perth.

Busselton, WA

7 Things to Do in Busselton, WA (the gateway to Margaret River)

Looking for ideas on things to do in Busselton, WA? Busselton, Western Australia is the gateway to the Margaret River region, a luscious area where […]

Hamlin Bay, Margaret River Region, Western Australia

Things to do in Bunbury: Your next getaway from Perth

We visited Bunbury on Australia’s west coast because our lovely friend Jo Castro had told us about her coastal home. It’s only two hours south […]

Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth, Western Australia

15 Exciting Things to Do in Perth, Western Australia

We’ve been telling you how much we loved our six month trip through Western Australia and that you need to head west and not just […]

Esperence, Western Australia

Is Esperance, WA Worth a Visit? My answer might surprise you!

I hate to say this, and I never thought I would be saying this, and I’ll probably cop some flack for this post, but I […]

Monkey Mia, Western Australia

I Wouldn’t Hurry Back to Monkey Mia, Western Australia

It was blowing a gale when we arrived at our campsite in Denham, 30 minutes down the road from Monkey Mia. I mean so bad […]


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  1. Cable Beach
  2. Coral Bay
  3. Elephant Rocks




  1. Ningaloo
  2. Karijini


  1. Horizontal Falls
  2. Swim with Manta Rays
  3. Rottnest Island


  1. Gibb River Road
  2. Coral Coast
  3. South West


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Browse through all of our WA content to see what amazing experiences are on offer. 

Margaret River

Margaret River – You Had Me At Food, Wine, and Beer

Margaret River is many things, and there is something there for everyone… Being a lover of wine, beer, and food I was extremely excited that a visit to the world famous Margaret River Region in […]

Port George C pearl farm Kuri Bay

Welcome to Kuri Bay Paspaley Pearl Farm

Every afternoon, after a long hot day on the boats chipping barnacle encrusted shells, I would walk past the sign welcoming me to Kuri Bay Pearl Farm, the home of Paspaley Pearls. As I would read […]

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