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Do you need help choosing your travel destinations?

We're here as your expert guides with 22 years of nomadic travel experiences full of insights, stories and tips.

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We aren't country counters, choosing instead to immerse ourselves into a region and often revisiting multiple times to those places that captured our heart and soul.

It's about the memories, not checking off lists.

However for the counting part: We have lived in 5 countries, traveled to over 50.

We've traveled in-depth through the following regions: Australia, USA, Southeast Asia, UK, and Africa.

Other travel experts have provided tips and content for us on the destinations you see on this blog.

We aim to share with you information based upon personal experiences NOT desk research or collaborations!

This is real, authentic travel to help you do the same.


When choosing your travel destinations, it depends on factors like:

  • your personal travel style
  • your interests
  • the length of time you have available
  • and your finances.

Figure those things out first, then your options for where you can go start to take shape.

If you need help choosing your destination, check out the following posts filled with useful tips.

Otherwise scroll down to choose the destination you are interested in for many of our tips and highlights.

How to choose your travel destinations

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21 tips on how to find cheap flights to anywhere

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Finding Cheap Rental Cars

Finding Cheap Rental Cars

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18 tips on how to find cheap accommodation

18 Killer Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation

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We've already realised that your posts will soon become our Bible once we reach Aus and we just wanted to send you a message to say that in our very daydream-like planning, your blog has been a complete godsend and has helped us to stay on the right path. We cannot wait to get to your beautiful country and start our adventures.

y Travel Reader


Click the image to visit the articles we have on that region of the world. 


We get asked all the time what our favorite countries are. It feels like choosing your favorite child - you can't.

You love each country for different reasons and the memories you create there, which are often unique to you.

What we love and why may be different to you!

I mean would riding around the back of a pick up truck for 9 hours up a treacherous muddy mountain road with 20 people from the village plus bicycles, sacks of rice and potatoes and handcuffed prisoners be your idea of a good time?

It was one of our greatest adventures and most told stories ever!! (that was Uganda btw  - hear about it in our podcast episode.)

We're guessing you've looked around our site enough now to resonate with our vibe and style of travel. It's evolved as we have through the years - solo, couples and now family travel.

So in an effort to help guide you more, here are a few of our favorites around the world. Remember we have not been everywhere!!

Hover over each card to reveal the answers. I've tried to put them in order and some may have more than one answer!

Use the search bar to find specific stories and tips on each!


  1. Africa
  2. Australia
  3. USA
  4. Thailand
  5. Ireland



  1. Ireland
  2. USA


  1. Raleigh, NC
  2. Dublin, IR
  3. London, UK
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Australia (fave Gold Coast)



  1. Australia
  2. France
  3. South Africa


  1. Africa
  2. Indonesia


  1. Australia
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Europe


  1. Pampalona
  2. Oktoberfest
  3. Mardi Gras
  4. Hogmanay



Travel has been the focus of our life since 1997 - intentionally.

We don't plan on stopping that. We now have a base in Raleigh, NC - after being granted a Green Card for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging.

We will continue to explore more of the US but also intend on traveling further abroad - Europe, South East Asia and Central and South America.

We can't wait to share more of our favorites as we experience them.

Be sure to join our free VIP email community - form below.

And connect with us on social for live udpates!


A Family Road Trip through Dorset and Devon, England

By Andrew Tolentino | August 23, 2020

If you are ever in London and you have some time on your hands, look into renting a car and go see the countryside and the coastline of South West England. Though there are trains […]

London Highlights and Favorites from a 2 years working holiday

By Caroline Makepeace | August 23, 2020

I love London. We have visited London many times on our travels. I, Caroline, lived there for two and a half years from 1997-99 on a UK Working Holiday Visa. I lived in the East […]

Local Tips on Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

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Craig and I lived in Dublin for a year in 2003. I was recently exchanging emails with a friend sharing my tips of things to do in Dublin when I thought this really deserves a […]

The Wacissa River Florida

Fun Airboat + Kayak Adventures on the Wacissa River, Florida

By Caroline Makepeace | August 22, 2020

Our airboat zig zagged over eelgrasses and aquatic plants and past startled alligators on the Wacissa River, Florida. Savannah clutched my arm with a mixture of terror and exhilaration on her face. I grinned and […]

10 Fun Things To Do in Colorado (outdoors in summer and winter)

By Nick W. | August 18, 2020

The Centennial State is one of the best year-round travel and outdoor leisure destinations in the USA. No matter when you visit, there will always be plenty of fun things to do in Colorado. From […]

The Slave Canal, Florida

14 Fantastic Things To Do In Monticello, Florida (including adventure & history)

By Caroline Makepeace | August 17, 2020

Every now and then you find a place like Monticello, Florida that pulls you in and welcomes you like a long-lost friend. A place where the focus is on community connection and the appreciation of […]

Best things to do in Cedar Key, Florida

Amazing Things To Do In Cedar Key (it’s a throwback to Old Florida)

By Caroline Makepeace | August 11, 2020

You’ll be happy to know you don’t have to completely ditch the Florida beaches on your visit to Natural North Florida. One thing we love about this region in Florida is the diversity and outdoor […]

Best things to do in Beaufort, South Carolina

Essential Things to Do in Beaufort SC (on a relaxing short break)

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If you’re a fan of the movie Forrest Gump, then you’ve already traveled to Beaufort, South Carolina. You just thought you were in Alabama with Bubba’s and Lieutenant Dan’s shrimp boats, running over the bridge […]

Podcast: Wrightsville Brings out Aussie Lingo and Nostalgia

By Caroline Makepeace | July 25, 2020

We had a lot of fun recording this podcast episode and sharing why we resonate so strongly with the beach community vibe of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.

Things to do in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

2 Day Itinerary: Things to Do in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

By Caroline Makepeace | July 16, 2020

Looking for things to do in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina? Look no further. We enjoyed a lovely three-night stay in March, and below we share our tips on what to do, places to eat and […]

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