Wait a minute! You may think you only need a short time to explore Melbourne - we sure did.

But, as soon as we started discovering a few of its hidden gems that month turned into three.

Victoria is Australia’s second-smallest state (roughly the size of the British Isles) and there is so much to see and do.

From pristine beaches, to national parks, to wineries, to lakes and mountains and to possibly our favourite city in Australia, Melbourne, Victoria packs a punch!

On this page you will find our best Victoria travel tips including things to do in Melbourne and on the Great Ocean Road, plus places in country Victoria.


One of Australia's greatest natural attractions, and one of the most popular things to do in Victoria is a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. 

OUR TIP: Go for longer than just a day trip. We spent two weeks in the region and loved the in-depth perspective. It's so much more than the 12 Apostles. 

Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia

5 Towns to Visit ON the GOR in Australia

Don’t just visit the Twelve Apostles when you drive along the Great Ocean Road. Here are 5 towns along the Great Ocean Road to visit!

Mantra Lorne - Great Ocean Road

Mantra Lorne – A Place to Stay on the Great Ocean Road

Lorne is a pretty coastal town on the shores of Louttit Bay near the beginning of The Great Ocean Road, about two hours from Melbourne. Situated right on the Great Ocean Road it was our […]

YHA Apollo Bay - Great Ocean Road, Australia

Where to Stay on the Great Ocean Road: Apollo Bay Eco YHA

It’s got a great ring to it doesn’t it? YHA Apollo Bay. You can picture yourself walking through the halls quietly singing it to yourself, “I’m staying at the YHA Apollo Bay.” Maybe do a […]

16 Highlights of the Great Ocean Road in Australia

16 Highlights of the Great Ocean Road Drive in Australia

The Great Ocean Road is one of the best road trips in Australia. We share the top places to visit on the Great Ocean Road.

Your post on GOR highlights is great, so great that we plan our GOR road trip based on your route. Thank you!!



Bright is one of our favorite towns in Australia. It will offer a unique perspective as it is one of the few alpine towns in the country. 

In Bright you'll find a slower pace, a meandering river for swimming and exploring, rail connecting you to wine, beer and delicious food and all the beauty and adventures you'd expect to find in the mountains. 

Broome, Western Australia

5 Best Towns in Australia (Starting with the letter ‘B’)

Craig and I have been talking a lot lately about the awesome content we want to create for you now that we’ve finished our road trip around Australia. There is sooooo much we have to […]

Bright, Victoria, Australia

Relaxing Things to do in Bright, Victoria

The town of Bright in Victoria checks off most of our criteria for making a place liveable. Except it’s a little too far from a major city (3 hours drive). I can’t shake Craig off […]

Feathertop Winery Bright (2)

Who Said Wineries Aren’t for Children? Introducing Feathertop Winery in Bright, Victoria

There are a lot of things we’ve had to give up now we travel as a family. Late night parties, bar hopping and winery tours, festivals and concerts, long hikes, hammock swings with a good […]

Australia Bucket List - Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth, Victoria

Don’t Miss the Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth Victoria

This here is Ned Kelly country. There’s not a business name or street plaque in Beechworth that won’t forget to tell you. Just down the road in Glenrowan is where the famous Kelly Gang’s Last […]

ghost in Bright Food Wine Friends (2)

Seeing Ghosts in the Bathroom at Food Wine Friends Cafe, Bright

We had only been in the cafe 10 minutes before Kalyra was begging to go to the toilet. The Bright Delight bloggers were all meeting for breakfast in Food Wine Friends Café before starting on […]


Here are a few of the places in Victoria we had never heard of before and quickly fell in love with!

Be prepared to be amazed and delighted.

Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

8 Exciting Places to visit near Melbourne (Less than three hours away)

If Melbourne is on your Australian itinerary, and it should be, once you’re done with the city here are 8 amazing getaways from Melbourne to visit!

The Grampians YHA Hostel - Victoria, Australia

Where to Stay in the Grampians, Victoria – The YHA Hostel

Cosy fires, veggie gardens, chooks to collect eggs from, and wallabies jumping around outside – the Grampians Eco YHA is definitely a place you could […]

WTF?...Why Have We Not Heard of Wilsons Promontory National

Why have we not heard of Wilsons Promontory National Park?

Have you ever been to Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria? Have you even heard of it? What about Squeaky Beach, have you heard of […]

Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, Australia

Dear Victoria, I’m Sorry! You’re a great road trip destination

Dear Victoria, I’m sorry. My hands are outreached with humility and love. I want to take back the way I’ve ignored you and dismissed you […]

Marysville, Victoria, Australia

There’s Something About Marysville, Victoria

The road to Marysville in Victoria is a beautiful drive and our mood was high as we cruised away from the busy city life of […]


While Sydney is a city of glamour and beauty, Melbourne is the place of culture.

Despite its temperamental weather, it's a city we love to return to for its incredible food and coffee, its vibrant arts and culture, its fun festivals, sporting events and European vibe!

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Melbourne.

Melbourne, Australia

Best Melbourne accommodation options from budget to luxury

There are literally hundreds of places to stay in Melbourne and to save you some time, and hopefully some money, I’ve researched the best Melbourne accommodation options and […]

11 things to do in Melbourne with kids

Thinking of visiting Melbourne this year but you’re not quite sure what you’ll do with the kids while you’re there? Never fear, there’s a lot […]

High Tea at Langham Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

17 Places to Eat in Melbourne + Reader Suggestions

There’s not many guarantees in life, but this is one of them – there is no shortage of places to eat in Melbourne, and you […]

Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia

Why Federation Square is a Worthy Stop on Your Melbourne Trip

When I first walked upon Federation Square in Melbourne, I didn’t know what to think. Is that it? Why is this place so well known? […]

Parkdale Beach, Melbourne, Australia

6 Beaches in Melbourne to Visit Once You’re Done with the City

Who knew there were more beaches in Melbourne other than St Kilda and Brighton? It’s amazing what you can discover when you spend a bit […]

Hosier Lane - Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

Visit Hosier Lane, Melbourne for Graffiti Art

You’ve probably already seen photos of Hosier Lane in Melbourne? It’s easily recognizable from many tourism photo campaigns and one of the most popular things […]

Mantra Southbank - Melbourne, Australia

5 Reasons to Stay at Mantra Southbank – Family Accommodation in Melbourne

It was cider time. On a Sunday. In Federation Square. With old friends. Had it been 17 years ago, when we lived in London together […]

Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia

What to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Looking for tips on what to do in Melbourne? As part of our city guides series, we interviewed Steve Davidson who has lived in Melbourne for almost […]


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Browse through all of our Victoria content to see what amazing experiences are on offer. 

Melbourne crowne plaza

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Melbourne review

The location of our accommodation has always been important to us, even more so now that we have kids. We like to be able to walk to as many things as possible, be close to […]

Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia

What to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Looking for tips on what to do in Melbourne? As part of our city guides series, we interviewed Steve Davidson who has lived in Melbourne for almost 12 years. Steve shares with us his insider knowledge on […]

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