Reader Testimonials

Below is a tiny snippet of comments and emails we have received from our readers.

What a wonderful piece you put together on Gettysburg! Thank you so much. I love the fact that you were honest that we might not have been on your bucket list, but what you discovered made you not only happy you went, but made you want to return. I am sharing this email with our social team so that we can share it with others as inspiration for planning a family trip. Thank you!

Stacey Fox

I need you to thank you for starting me off on an amazing adventure.  I went from a serendipitous mention of travel to China to your blog late one night and was in China literally one month later. From 34 essential things to know about travel in China to your recommendations on and I was able to easily put together a trip of a lifetime.  I felt empowered and we now are looking forward to the next adventure!

Leslie Williams

Our trip is shaping up more and more, made quite a few changes since the last email exchange we had – I just wanted to shout out that your blogs have been super helpful in planning! Thank you again. All the best to you & your lovely family.

Suzanne Hopmans

I love reading your emails and I’ve been following your blog since 2014 when I was working in marketing for a travel company. Even after I switched jobs and industries, I kept my subscription because almost every email you send really connects with me even though I don’t travel much.


Hi Caz and Craig!
First of all, thanks for all the emails and tips, I don’t know if you remember but I’m currently in the army and I try to read them between my work here. I decided to postpone my trip a bit to mid January, as I need to stay in Israel for a while to arrange everything after being discharged and also focus in New Zealand and Victoria and also I was inspired by one of your articles to add a 10 days stop in Tokyo and Kyoto on my way back. Just wanted to say thanks for everything, you help me gain courage and relieve my fears.


Thank you for an amazing recap of your adventures in the Blooming area. I have used your blog before and during my trip here. There is so much to experience!! I grabbed my coupon book and have had a wonderful, discounted week! 😉 Should you ever want to explore South Alabama, please contact me. Happy Travels!

Dee Smith

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