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planning a trip tips and challenges (2)

How to Overcome Your Top Travel Planning Challenges

… make planning your trip as painless as possible.
Let’s look at some of the most common challenges of travel planning and how to tackle them.
Challenge #1: Home-life Logistics

Most people can’t just up sticks and travel

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Why TROVER is a great new Travel App

Why Trover is a Great Travel App for Travel Planning

… and web based.
It’s visual grid-like display of photos is similar to Pinterest, but Trover is purely about travel and a community of traveller’s sharing photos and tips dedicated to helping with both the discovery and planning

planning a trip tips and challenges (2)

Travel Planning 101 - Save Money and Time!

… or have a better idea of where you’d like to visit, let’s talk about how to get your travel planning done right!
I know, travel planning can be a pain in the butt.
It takes time, and time …

How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning

How to use Pinterest for Travel Planning and Inspiration

Are you a big travel planner?
Want to know how to use Pinterest for planning your next trip?
Instead of using Google, Facebook or a guide book, Pinterest is also a great resource for travel information, and of course inspiration …

Travel Photo: Koh Lipe, Thailand

Future Travel Planning: What do you think?

… dreaming in your mind. It has to start here, or it won’t continue. I plan to write steps for travel planning at a later date but let’s just say that when you start dreaming, you never allow any …