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homeschool private online school Laurel Springs

Finding the Best Homeschooling for our Travel Lifestyle (once again!)

… has evolvedWhy homeschooling needed to changeA full time job I no longer wantedLoss of Future PotentialDiscipline and StructureResearching Schooling optionsTraditional School vs HomeschoolSo bad for travelWhat about socialization?And the guns?Homeschooling: Online schoolsPublic Online SchoolPrivate Online SchoolsLaurel Springs Online

Colonial Williamsburg Greater Williamsburg Virginia

The Standardized Tests Show our Homeschooling works

… completed their required standardized tests and the results were excellent.

It’s a requirement given that we are registered for homeschooling in North Carolina.

The results don’t even determine anything. As Principal of Makepeace Academy, the final decision whether …

An Indigineous Cultural ARt tour to Sacred Canyon is one of the best things to do in the Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park. Click to read more about this beautiful region to visit in South Australia.

The Ultimate Guide to Roadschooling in the USA (+ Homeschool Resources)

… sharing our the hows, whats and whys of homeschooling / roadschooling

Table Of ContentsDistance education, homeschooling or roadschoolingWhy I chose to homeschool on the road, or in other words, roadschooling?Registering for homeschoolingWhat about registering for homeschooling in the USA?How …

Tips for (distance education) homeschooling on the road

… challenging about homeschooling on the roadHomeschooling and distance education may be different for youWhy did we choose distance education over homeschooling on the roadDid my teaching experience help me with homeschooling on the road?Read more about homeschooling on the …

Homeschooling and Distance Education - the GOOD & the BAD

… from any one in the world looking to homeschool – it’s quite universal. And we just finished this podcast on homeschooling)

Homeschooling vs. Distance Education

When you travel with your kids, you have two homeschooling options (well at least in …

Home and Away - the case for homeschooling

There are many reasons why parents decide to home school.

Perhaps they live in the outback far from the nearest school, maybe there are philosophical or religious reasons, or perhaps parents want to travel, like Caz and Craig are doing …

4 Powerful Ways to Travel More & Create Better Memories

Want to know how we've made a lifetime of travel for 22 years?

This is what gives us incredible memories to share around the campfire. Join our community for insider tips and updates!

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