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As you would be aware, if you followed this blog for awhile, Craig and I have been really busy the past few months travelling on short trips both in Australia and overseas.

Margeritas in Mexico
Margeritas in Mexico

Things have been a little crazy and we have had so much going on, we thought we’d give you a little update on what you can expect coming up over the next couple of months on y travel blog.

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Inspiration and Information on Travel Destinations

Thailand, Western Australia, Sydney, and Carnival Cruising. We will have so many stories, tips, destination pieces coming up on these areas that we have recently visited and experienced. We will also be putting out several photos, podcast episodes, interactive discussions on facebook, and an attempt at videos!

Unbelievable Giveaways coming up

We are so excited about the line up of giveaways we have been organizing for you–amazing products to give you a better travel experience, and some incredible travel experiences in themselves.

Any companies reading this now and interested in giving back to our community by way of a giveaway, then contact us now.

We are starting off this week with $600 worth of Flight Centre travel vouchers

Family Travel Writer at Kidspot

I am so excited to become the new Village Voice on family travel on Kidspot, a very popular parenting site in Australia. Come over and spent time with me each week as I share my tips on family travel as well as feature domestic travel in Australia. There might be the odd road trip that we go on throughout the six month campaign as well!

You can read my first three posts

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Bushwalking with kids: from whine to fine
Top five tips for taking great photos on your family holiday

Central Coast Tourism Video Creation

The Central Coast is a beautiful area just north of Sydney. If you are looking for that off the beaten path place then this is it. World class beaches, incredible fishing, beautiful nature spots, and of course us!

Yes, we are born and bred Coasties. For that reason, and because we know a good destination place, we have partnered with Central Coast Tourism to help showcase this lovely area through videos. We’ll be out and about shooting videos of the stunning Coast scenery and sharing the fun things that can be done here.

Like the Central Coast fan page and learn more about this region and so you don’t miss our upcoming videos.

Travel Blogging Speaking Gigs

We will once again be sharing our knowledge and experience on travel blogging, or just blogging. We are always so excited to share with others what we have learned.

We will be speaking at the Nuffnang Blogopolos on podcasting! We’re super excited about this as we love podcasting on y travel blog, and I am also having so much fun having podcast chats with inspirational people on Mojito Mother.

We also have a couple more potential travel blogging speaking gigs coming up at the end of the year.

And I will be speaking about childbirth and empowerment at the Central Coast Maternity Coalition Empowering Birth Stories Event.

We’re Up For Hire

We have decided that it is time to start using all our skills that we have learned as bloggers and social media experts. You can check out what we offer on our hire us page- from Social Media and blogging consulting, to blogger outreach campaign creation, to freelance writing, and speaking.

And we are also making ourselves available for blog coaching for those who are serious about their success.

And of course if companies are interested in partnering together for interesting campaigns, then check out our sponsor us page.

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  1. wow, you guys are ridiculously busy! Congratulations on everything and look forward to seeing what you get up to this year :-)

  2. Lots of great opportunities. And it’s great that you’re able to give back to your readers with sponsored giveaways.

    • We are so excited about it Steph! We have so many great ones lined up. We are all about win win. We obviously want to make what we do here a full time thing, but we want to do that and give to our community at the same time. I wish we could give something to every one, but this is the best way we can. One of our dreams would be one day to throw a big y travel blog party for everyone somewhere in the world- now to find a sponsor who’ll take that one on!!

  3. You’re doing great work, guys– quite the inspiration. Keep it up!

  4. You guys are rockstars!

  5. Wow you guys are busy, I don’t know how you do it.

  6. Wow, enjoy your trip! You guys have fun. Your readers will be looking forward for your pictures when you go back from your vacation. Cheers!

  7. It’s understandable not writing if your own the road, you have to get your inspiration somehow otherwise you’d have to material to write about. Those give-aways are immense, $600 could go a long way towards getting the essentials for a trip.

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