Travel Podcast: Solo female travel safety tips

Travel Podcast: Solo female travel safety tips

In today’s travel podcast we share with you our tips for keeping safe as a solo female traveller.

Women are embracing the art of female solo travel more than ever before.

They are realizing that many of the fears they have about life on the travel road are unfounded. There is so much joy to be had in travelling and so many amazing people to meet.

Female solo travel is actually quite safe and you can make it even more so by following our travel tips.

I have experienced a whole range of travel style: solo travel, travel with friends, couples travel, and now family travel.

I’ve rarely ever encountered any trouble or dangerous situations. For the first 3 years of travel, I was doing it on my own, with experiences thrown in with friends here and there.

I moved to two countries on my own, with no friends and little money, and  quickly created a life there, with nothing but good times and safe moments.

Press play below to hear:

  1. My number one tip to keeping yourself safe as a female solo traveller
  2. What I think you should never do as a female traveller
  3. An excellent device you should carry to help keep you safe
  4. The most dangerous experience I had as a female traveller.

What’s your best solo female travel safety tip?

Caz Makepeace is the co-founder of y Travel Blog and has been traveling the world since 1997, first solo, then with her husband, and now with her two daughters. Get her free email series on the 4 best ways to reduce travel costs. Follow her on Google+

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  1. Can’t wait to listen to this!

  2. Great podcast! Thanks for sharing this information, I’ll make sure to pass it along! A lot of people, especially females, are afraid to travel alone, but you are an inspiration!

  3. Catchpaloma

    Im not able to hear to the advice/tips regarding female travel solo. Is there any tips in texts??


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