Travel Contest – WIN a $12,000 Trip to Australia

Trip to Australia
Do you want to experience Sydney Harbour?

Today we are announcing a fantastic Travel Contest that gives you the chance to WIN your ultimate Trip to Australia valued at $12,000.

If you are a permanent resident of the USA or Canada, here is your chance to win your Ultimate Australia Experience.

Your $12,000 Dream Trip to Australia

Is Australia high up on your travel bucket list, but the cost to make the journey downunder has always been a challenge?

Well, how does a $12,000 travel voucher to use towards your Australian adventure sound?

There is only one prize of $12,000 up for grabs, but you can bring as many companions as you want up to the value of the prize!

Making your dream trip to Australia can now become a reality…

How to Enter

The My Aussie Experience Travel Contest is FREE and Simple to enter.

As long as your are:

  • 21 years of age
  • and a permanent resident of the USA or Canada.

Then all you need to do is start thinking about how you would like to experience Australia?

For full contest and entry details –> Click Here.

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17 Comments on “Travel Contest – WIN a $12,000 Trip to Australia”

  1. wow – what a great prize. Unfortunately I can not enter as not a resident of stated countries :(

  2. WOW, amazing contest!

  3. I hope you enter? Good luck!

  4. Great contest! And that photo of you two is great too :-)

  5. I have been DYING to go to Australia; it’s where my grandmother grew up. I’ve been especially interested in visiting since hearing (I think from you guys) about how many more Australians come HERE than Americans go THERE.

    In other words, I’m insanely excited to see this contest.

    • G’day Miss Britt,

      Well you definitely have to enter and make it downunder to follow in the steps of your grandmother and turn the tide of travelers heading the other way :)

      And, you could visit us!

  6. This is a fantastic prize!! I’m lucky to live in Australia, everyone should experience it :)

  7. Dang, wish I was from the US! I was excited then!

  8. Thanks for sharing this great opportunity. Australia has been on my list for a while. Would love to bum around exploring and visit fellow bloggers.

  9. Shame the travel contest is only for US and Canadian citizens. It’s been a while since I was in Australia. Didn’t even have $12,000 – when I hitched around Oz for six months.

  10. Sad… I’ve wanted to travel to Australia so much!! And I don’t reside in the Us nor in Canada. Very sad. :( :( :(

  11. Ouuu! I just entered! Feel free to vote for me ;)

    Thanks for promoting this contest! :)

  12. I’m DEFINITELY going to enter. If I win, I want to meet the Makepeaces once and for all!

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