Our New Travel Blog Site Re-Design

We are super excited to welcome our new travel blog site re-design to the world.

y Travel Blog has had a much needed makeover in many ways, including: logo, colour scheme, branding, navigation and layout, speed, and especially a new “Responsive Theme” which means whatever device you are looking at our site through, be it laptop, tablet or mobile phone our site adapts to your screen to provide an optimal viewing experience as far as navigation, readability and load time goes, YAY!

HUGE thanks to Jenny Leonard from Never North who created a kick arse design for us and worked so hard to help us get it up over two days of intense bugginess.

All the bugs and funky weirdness are just about gone.

Below is a little tour of the new site design.

New Branding and Logo y travel blog design

You’ll see our branding has been freshened and updated to reflect more of who we are now. It’s light, professional, yet modern and fun. Our professional photos were taken at a local beach by Dannimezza who captured the joy of our family. You’ll see the photos appear around our site and full frontal in the header.

You’ll also see Australian images featuring throughout the site. This is to show, not that this is just a blog about Australia (it’s about world travel) but we bring the spirit of our country and culture to our work.

New Tagline

We spoke about our new tagline “Travel More. Create better memories” in our Where are we headed post? Our previous one, “I’ts all about the memories” was a little too hard to define.

For us, the creation of the memories are always the underlying cause of what we do. We want to create great ones and we believe travel is the best way to do this. Our aim is to help you travel more so you can create better memories It is the only thing that stays with you on your life journey.

New 9 Part Video Series

We have released a 9 part video series sharing our top tips on how to travel more and create better memories.

Each video points to a series of resources to help with planning and further research. We had a lot of fun shooting the videos, and are well aware of how much more we need to grow in this department. We love a challenge! Even though we are novices we have a lot of travel wisdom to share.

how to travel more

Start Here Section

If you are new or keen to get travel planning and inspired, the Start Here page is your new best friend (you’ll find it in the top navbar). We have included a list of our most popular and helpful posts in each category. Go on and get lost in travel.

Travel planning

City Guides

Looking for tips on a specific city? Our City Guides highlight the best things to see and do in each city. We’ve made our city guides section super easy for you to locate what you’re looking for. A drop down menu will appear when you click on a region.

We are continually adding city guides to this section, so keep checking back!


Better Navigation

You’ll be able to find what you need easily with our new navigation. In the top Nav Bar we have links pointing to our most important pages of the site:

  • About Us
  • Blog Index
  • Start Here
  • City Guides
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Work with Us

These are tabs that don’t change. We are hoping to really fill the podcast and video section this year.

In the sidebar you’ll find our Categories in drop down menu. Hover over each one and it will give you more selection. Choose from travel tips, destinations, experiences, family travel, and all our inspirations.

At the top of our home page we feature what we believe to be our Top Posts, based on how popular they have been and how helpful we think they are for you.

As you scroll down the homepage you will find our latest posts, podcast, video and instagram photos.

how to travel more site

We hope you really enjoy our new design and find it a more enjoyable and functional experience? As mentioned we are still working through a few teething problems and some content is still missing, all will be completed very soon!

Happy Travels.

Craig, Caz, Kalyra and Savannah

Caz Makepeace is the co-founder of y Travel Blog and has been traveling the world since 1997, first solo, then with her husband, and now with her two daughters. Get her free email series on the 4 best ways to reduce travel costs. Follow her on Google+

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