This is my Thai Bliss

I have enjoyed our 10 days in Thailand so far. It’s hard not to, but I still had not really gotten what I came here for.

I knew it would be that way as we were busy exploring Bangkok and Phuket. I’m glad we stayed at Karon Beach, Phuket for that purpose.

The beach was wonderful, but not exactly what I was looking for. We were so busy exploring that I was not disappointed, only glad to catch a five minute swim here and there, a plate of Pad Thai, and a magnificent sunset.

For our last 4 days, I wanted The BLISS and I wasn’t sure if Phuket could deliver it.

We had been planning to go to Koh Yao Noi just a short long tail boat ride from Phuket, but for some reason we couldn’t get it together to make it happen. There was an unseen resistance that kept blocking our moves.

It was Saturday morning and we were due to leave the next day. We had no time to cement any plans as we were jumping in the car at 8am to explore more Phuket beaches.

The company arranging our transfer to the Koh Yao Noi ferry phoned on the way to ask what time we wanted to leave the next day.

“Ahhh 10am,” I said not even knowing if this was the best time or not. Surely by this evening we would have our plans in place.

I hoped.

Our first stop on our Phuket beaches discovery drive was Bangtao Bay. Our driver was taking us to a place on the beach he thought made good coffee. We pulled up at the end of a narrow beach road, stepped out of the car, and there in front of me was my Thai bliss.

My soul settled into home with one sweeping look.

Layan Beach Phuket Thailand

Bangtao Bay stretched from Bangtao Beach in the south to Layan Beach, which was where we now stood on the border with Laguna Beach.

The sand felt fluffy and white under my feet; a gentle breeze picked up the hair stuck to my neck; pine and palm trees framed the beach with nature instead of high rises; the water was calm and transparent; and the only sounds I heard were tiny waves lapping to shore.

The beach was almost empty.

my thai bliss

A few people strolled by, floated lazily on their backs in the Andaman Sea, or explored it on stand up paddle boards.

There were no jet skis ripping up the tranquility, just the odd long tail boat puttering by to transport people from one end of the bay to the other.

And there were no budgie smugglers, otherwise known as banana hammocks, or, those male swimsuits that should be banned. (Actually some turned up later. You can read how they violated and destroyed our innocence)

Layan Beach Phuket Thailand

A few cafes lined the beach. The biggest decision of the day would be to choose which one to hang out in and then should it be at the tables and chairs or on the lounge chairs in front of them?

my thai bliss

There is nothing more I love than sitting at a table in the sand eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few evening drinks after a long hard day of doing nothing at the beach.

There was even music–Bob Marley playing from the Reggae bar. And a hammock to swing in while you listened.

Reggae Bar Layan Beach Phuket Thailand

Laguna Beach Phuket Thailand

Suddenly I understood the delays in planning Koh Yao Noi. The Universe had no plans for us to visit searching for my Thai bliss, it had delivered it to me instead,

here at Layan Beach, Bangtoa Bay.

We weren’t even sure if we could stay here as the area was mostly high end resorts, but I felt in my soul that we would find a way.

And we did.

(The best way to find a resort that fits your budget in this area is to search on sites like Expedia; you can find some great deals so it’ll be worth the time you spend looking.)

Now I sit in a café overlooking the water, writing a few posts to catch up on 10 days of writing nothing. The words come easily with the breeze, the jasmine tea and the smell of my island living.

It’s my Thai bliss.

Layan Beach Phuket Thailand

Laguna Beach Phuket Thailand

Laguna Beach Phuket Thailand

Laguna Beach Phuket Thailand

Thai beach bliss

my thai bliss

We aren’t going to do much here for the next three days except play in the water, walk on the sand, lie in the sun, listen to chilled out music, swing in a hammock in the reggae bar, have a massage, chat with the locals selling sarongs in their small beach stores, eat delicious Thai food, drink coconut water and the odd beer and cocktail as the sun is going down.

Thai bliss.

Who’s up for it?

Where do you get yours?

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  1. My husband and I were just in Thailand and also had a hard time finding a peaceful strip of sand and beautiful blue water. Glad you were able to find a nice quite spot!

    • It is really hard now Allison. Thailand has changed so much, we were shocked by how many tourists are there now. It;s easier to find quieter places outside of Phuket, I think tourism is on steroids there

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  3. Good to know the universe had a plan for you and your Thai Bliss.

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  5. Hi guys!
    I just wanted to let you know that Im going to borrow and credit a couple of your photos from your day in Bangtao as Im writing up a funny post about how my son doesn´t like the Raggae Bar. We didnt get any photos cause he was in a foul mood and we just had to get up and leave. The next couple of days have been quite amusing though writing lists of all the reasons he didn´t like it. So is that cool?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Yeah no worries. as long as the credit is there it’s fine. Thanks for wanting to use them and asking. Don’t you love it when your kids put you in exit mode???

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