Things to Do in Belgrade

Are you looking for tips on things to do in Belgrade?

As part of our city guides series, we interviewed Zorica from who was born and raised in Belgrade.

Zorica shares with us her insider tips on the best things to do in Belgrade including where to eat, sleep, drink, shop and explore.

Why Visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is mostly famous for its nightlife and attracting younger travelers especially from Europe,
but it has a lot more to offer than just that.

It is one of the oldest European cities with a rich cultural heritage, long history and numerous entertainment events throughout whole year to satisfy different types of travelers.

It is a very beautiful place with buzzing and progressive nature and hospitable people. It is also
one of the emerging destinations in Europe and now is the right time to pay a visit.

Things to Do in Belgrade

A lot of tourists visit Belgrade for a city break. If you only come for a weekend be sure to explore:

  • Belgrade Fortress with Kalemegdan park, Skadarlija (the main bohemian quarter of the city) and take a walk through old Zemun.
Kalemegdan Park - things to do in Belgrade
Kalemegdan park
  • Downtown with the Republic Square and the Prince Mihailo Street is a must, as it is the most valuable landmark of the city.
  • Temple of St. Sava is one of the largest Orthodox temples in the world and you should definitely see it.
  • If you visit during summer a great getaway for relaxation is the oasis of Belgrade called Ada Ciganlija. Locals like to call it “Belgrade’s sea”.
Military Museum - Things to do in Belgrade
Military Museum

Best Neighborhoods to Explore?

If you decide to stay a bit more than just a weekend in Belgrade, go to Avala. It is a mountain that’s great for walking and relaxation and its location is 16 km away of Belgrade.

Avala Tower is situated here, the tallest tower in Serbia and the Balkan region.

View from Kalemegdan park
View from Kalemegdan park

Where to eat in Belgrade?

For local specialties go to Skadarlija where numerous Serbian traditional restaurants are located.

Another good restaurant for Serbian cuisine is Kolarac in Prince Mihailo street.

If you love sushi go to Moon Sushi Bar. Great sweetshops are Choko Cafe and Snezhana.

If you want to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, jams, fish etc. be sure to check Kalenic market.

You Can’t Visit Belgrade Without Eating ______?

Mešano meso (Mixed grill) which includes ćevapčići (a grilled dish of minced meat),
pljeskavice (burgers), kobasice (sausages) etc. all on one plate.

Wedding cabbage is another great national dish.

Where to drink in Belgrade

Go to the bar of the Federal Association Of Globe Trotters, they serve great cocktails and the interior of the bar is pretty cool.

Rakija (brandy) is an important part of Serbian culture and a great place to try it is Rakia bar.

For coffee head to Obilicev venac, a very popular cafe zone.

Another place worth visiting is The Three Carots Irish pub.

Where to stay in Belgrade

Youth Hostel Association of Serbia has the biggest hostel network in the country and on their website you can find a list of numerous hostels.

For budget hotels I recommend Hotel Royal, which is located near Belgrade Fortress and Knez Mihailova Street – two of the most famous landmarks of the city.

When it comes to high-end establishments I can list a few: Hotel Townhouse 27, Hotel Moscow, Square Nine Hotel and Hyatt Regency Belgrade.

Markets and Shopping

People today prefer to do all their shopping in one place and most of Belgraders go to shopping
malls like Delta City and Ušće shopping center.

Festivals and Events

Belgrade has a lot of festivals and events to satisfy everyone’s taste!

Guitar Art Festival, FEST – the most important international film fest in Serbia, Belgrade Marathon, Belgrade Fashion Week, ATP Tennis tournament, Museum Night, Belgrade Beer Fest, Boat Carnival etc.

Belgrade Beer Festival - Things to do in Belgrade

Getting Around

The best way to discover Belgrade is by walking. Unfortunately the city is not very bicycle friendly.

Public transport is provided through a network of bus, trolleybus and tram routes and the tickets can be bought in public transport vehicles or kiosks throughout the city.

Finding WiFi

Yes free WiFi is available in cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

Best Time of Year to Visit?

Early Autumn or Spring.

Pobednik, statue of the Victor - Things to do in Belgrade
Pobednik, statue of the Victor

Favorite Side Trip

Novi Sad – Serbia’s second largest city.

If you leave Belgrade in early morning you can see some of the most famous attractions of the city, drink a coffee or have lunch and come back to Belgrade in the evening. A great way to spend a day outside of Belgrade if you have some spare time left.

Getting There and Away

JAT Airways is Serbia’s national flag carrier which offers the most flights worldwide.

There are a few low-cost carriers like Wizz Air, Germanwings, Flyniki and others that offer cheap European flights.

If you are visiting Serbia from other Balkan countries get a bus or train. Bus tickets are a little bit more expensive but bus network is also more efficient.

Best “insiders” tip?

Go to Gardoš in Zemun and take a walk through the cobblestoned streets and also go to Gardoš Tower, which offers a panoramic view of Belgrade.

View of Belgrade from Gardos - Things to do in Belgrade -
View of Belgrade from Gardos

I love Belgrade because…

I was born here, it’s my city. I love its good and bad sides. It is mysterious and I’m glad that it is becoming more progressive. It is rapidly changing so everyday you can discover something new which makes it interesting for locals and tourists.

My name is Zorica and I am the founder of Eurotribe where you can find different travel stories and tips. Besides travel and photography I adore coffee and great books. You can drop me a line on twitter @zorica_l or send an email on [email protected] Facebook page is

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  1. I ADORE Belgrade! Loved seeing an article on one of my favorite cities in Europe.

    I have to add a hotel to the list – Beograd Art Hotel. Stayed there in april 2012 and I will stay there again next time I’m in the city. Superclean, modern, great rooms, SUPERB breakfast staff (beyond what I’ve ever experienced before) and THE best location.

    Zorica mentions St Sava – what an impressive church! We jumped in at a café next door – Café&Factory (this is a chain right?). They had the best coffee we tasted in Belgrade, cappucinos were just as good as in Italy. True.

    There’s just so many things I love about Belgrade, I could gush for hours (and I’ve only been there for four days!). I’m planning to go back very soon. :)

  2. I just come back from Belgrade and I’m sorry I didn’t come across this article before my journey. We were trying to find a national cousine restaurant out of Skadarska street but with no result, even in the Tourist Center they sent us to a different place.
    Anyway, I really liked Belgrade and I convinced myself again that Serbians are our kindest neighbours :)))

  3. Looks great. I think maybe not make it a destination by itself, but instead do a trip and visit all ex-Yugoslavia countries. That’s my plan for the summer, hopefully I will be able to do it all!
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    Iulia – Caribbean Travel recently posted..Spending Time in Paradise; Your Bahamas Itinerary

  4. Yup, definitely go to Avala, also Kalemegda, Skadarlija and Zemun (Gardos) are a must see. However, I do not prefer staying in hotels, why not book an apartment. I found great listing of apartments Belgrade on, and they have great location, they are all furnished and cheap.

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