Our Secret Travel Hideaway

how to travel the world

There’s a place that Craig and I often love to visit when we travel. Actually even when we don’t. We get really excited when we come across one. Actually we can smell the ink emanating from the pages that holds … Continued

The Power of Why Not

running to life

A facebook question recently asked for responses in regards to Pink taking her baby for a hike five days after birth. My response as always was, “Why not?” I had paid for a three day seminar for women on wealth … Continued

I’ve got Nothing to Prove

Hiking nothing to prove

A recent post by Ayngelina at Bacon is Magic on discovering she hates hiking and decided to give it up halfway through a canyon hike had me thinking about pushing ourselves beyond limits we don’t really want to venture through … Continued

Finding my Home

Finding my home

One of my favourite Michael Buble songs is “Home”. He slipped into the sweet melodic tunes of this ballad at his concert in Sydney on Saturday night, after captivating our attention with fun and laughter for an hour. Even though … Continued