Sunday Short: Beaches made for Tourists

With over 50,000km of coastline in Australia, it is not difficult to find a beach – and beautiful ones at that.

Two-thirds of Australians grow up with the beach on their doorstep and a central part of their lifestyle.

It’s where we go to play, to exercise, to eat, to drink, to relax and unwind.

It’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s ours to share. Rarely will you see a shoreline taken over by high rises, private stretches of beach, or stalls spread out on the sand catering to tourists.

Imagine if it was. Imagine if our beaches were created instead for tourists to enjoy and Australians were pushed us off our own beaches.

There would be outrage and the streets would be marched upon.

Thailand beaches
Surin Beach, Phuket

“The beach is made for tourists.”

Our Thai guide told us as we headed for a visit to beautiful Bangtao Bay. I thought of all the stunning beaches in Thailand, you rarely see Thai people enjoying them. They are so overrun by tourists.

My heart bled a little.

How demanding and insensitive tourists can be sometimes.

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3 Comments on “Sunday Short: Beaches made for Tourists”

  1. That is heartbreaking! I found this the case in Cuba too.

  2. This post is way off base.

    I live in Phuket and Surin is indeed one of the two nicest beaches on the island. Thai people own and run the stalls and businesses on the beach. They do cater to tourists but this is how they make their living.

    As to Thai people not using the beaches this is because they choose not to, they do not want to get darker from the sun. This is Thai culture not a racist observation. Thai people do use the beach sometimes but only closer to sunset, and they will wear long pants and long shirts to keep the sun off of them.

    The tourists are not at fault here, before the tourists came to Phuket the island was used for tin mining and growing rubber trees.

    Perhaps next time ask your guide to explain what he says rather than make assumptions.

    • Thanks Dave. Really just a post expressing my thoughts and observations not really having a go at anyone or writing a thesis. I’m a tourist myself. I like to think about things a lot when I travel, I think it is good to so you can become more aware of your impact upon others. I also love to hear others opinion, so thanks for sharing.

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