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How To Give Your Brand Instant Access

To A Highly Engaged Online Audience of International Travellers…

 …by leveraging the credibility & respected voice of a key social media influencer within the independent travel community.

One of the top independent Travel Blogs in the world, y Travel Blog, is currently seeking selective partnership with a very limited number of brands.

We are opening our community to potential corporate partners, for a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

Sponsorship of y Travel Blog would suit a brand within the travel industry, but not limited to, who are seeking to align with the values of Inspiration, Adventure, Engagement, Growth and Trust.

If your brand’s marketing and communication strategy involves bringing a message based to enrich your customers’ lives through world discovery, then you have found a potential well-placed and credible partner to help you achieve that.

With a proven track record of working professionally with corporate and government partners, this is the first time y Travel Blog has opened their valuable community, with a view of forging longer term sponsorship.

For any major brand looking to leverage the credibility, voice and social media influence of y Travel Blog, this unique sponsorship opportunity is available right now!


yTravel Blog endeavours to assist in promoting and increasing the exposure of our sponsor’s brand within the global travel community.

Through our travel blog and social media accounts, we promote:

  • Key Destinations
  • Family Travel
  • Independent Travel / Group Travel
  • Accommodation options / reviews
  • Flight options / reviews
  • Road trips
  • Tours
  • Wildlife experiences
  • Food and Wine regions
  • Festivals and Sporting events world wide
  • Deals, Promotions and Competitions
  • Logistics of travel


  • In partnering with yTravel Blog and our popular brand, you can enhance your exposure to targeted niche travelling markets and our growing readership base.
  • With a highly interactive Facebook fan page, engaged Twitter audience, and Podcast channel, yTravel Blog has a high social media influence and presence.
  • yTravel Blog have 15 years of first-hand experience in: Solo travel, Couples travel, family travel, group travel, travel planning.                                                                                                                       

Who Are We?

We are Craig and Caz Makepeace, and are considered one of the top travel bloggers in the world.


Caroline is a qualified primary school teacher and has taught in London, Bangkok, Dublin, Sydney and Raleigh, North Carolina. Her passion for life and adventure and her love of writing really inspires others to step outside their boundaries of comforts to live an extraordinary life.

Craig epitomises the Australian image; a healthy, active sporty family man always looking to expand his horizons with travel and new experiences. Renowned for his professional rugby league career with the  North Sydney Bears, Craig is also a travel photography enthusiast with a carpentry trade under his belt.

Kalyra is our happy, positive and intelligent 4 year old daughter who loves to travel. She is very curious about life, has the ability to charm and befriend anyone who crosses her path, and is currently saving to go to Disneyland, amongst other things.

Savannah: is our 6 month old little girl, and of course she was born to travel.

Mojito Mother (Mummy Blog)

We recently launched our second blog called Mojito Mother. It’s specifically targeted towards all women including mothers, single women, and professional women.

The mummy blogging market is vast and as it is commonly said that women are the decision makers in the household, a very effective channel in which to promote your brand or message.

After being live for just two months, Caz and her Mojito Mother Blog made the Top 50 Mummy Bloggers Competition in Australia sponsored by Ford and Kidspot.

Not only will Mojito Mother be about issues pertaining to women, but also family travel will be incorporated through blog posts and photos, plus cross-promotion with yTravel Blog.

Our Unique Points of Difference

  • Credibility – We’ve travelled extensively through 35+ countries including these regions:  USA, Western Europe, UK / Ireland , South East Asia / China, East Africa, and Australia/NZ. We have lived in 4 countries under working holiday programs (USA, England, Ireland, Thailand).
  • Social Media Experts – Known as having the most interactive facebook page amongst independent travel bloggers, we can get our message out to a highly targeted audience through our engaged communities on Facebook and Twitter.
  • A Growing Loyal Readership Base - That is passionate about travel and actively seeking destination advice, travel tips and reviews.
  • Influential Readers – Other travel bloggers read our blog posts and share our content on their own facebook and twitter accounts.  We’ve got influential readers, not just passive ones.
  • “Targeted” Long Term Internet Traffic – Our blog posts and podcasts have an indefinite shelf life, indexed by Google, Facebook, iTunes and other search engines.
  • Social Interaction and Online Communities – People can engage directly with us and each other through comments on our blogs, facebook and twitter accounts.
  • Boots on the Ground – As travel bloggers we’re out in the field travelling with and socialising with the target market (other travellers) providing word of mouth promotion and networking.
  • Exposure on other Websites – We also write guest blog posts for other bloggers and online travel websites, which increases our reach and audience.
  • The first person account – We can provide a real life adventure story and the logistics of travel that people can follow 365/24/7 via our blog and social media.
  • People follow people – They love to look at personal photos, read stories, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and get tips and advice from other travellers who’ve been there and done that.
  • Exposure Amongst the Travel Community – People like and trust us, they listen to us, and are influenced by what we say and where we travel to.
  • Quintessential Australian Brand – A likeable Australian family travelling and promoting tourism in a personal and friendly way visiting key destinations to highly targeted niche markets.
  • Seeing is believing – By using personal photos and videos we can “show” the experience, instead of just “telling” it. Newspapers and magazines cannot do this.

Benefits for Sponsors

We can enhance and expose the sponsors brand amongst the worldwide travel community.

Exposure can be achieved in many ways both online and offline, as well as traditional and creative new media campaigns.

As well as getting access to our engaged niche audience and community, you will also get:

  • Personal Endorsement from a Quintessential Australian travelling family
  • Our platform and skills in promotion through Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Videos.
  • Our presence to attend sponsor’s industry events, trade shows, launches, and speak if required.
  • Our services for any creative marketing campaigns. There are unlimited options you can do with an individual travel blogger that you can’t do with a company.
  • We can provide “targeted” long term Internet traffic that has an indefinite shelf life indexed by Google and other search engines.
  • We offer a lower marketing expenditure and boots on the ground promotion.
  • and much, much more…

For a full list of marketing ideas to suit your goals and needs contact us today!

How to Instantly Grow Your Brand’s Exposure and Create Engaging stories about Your Products

The KEY to instantly growing your brands online exposure and following is:

Building collaborative relationships with key social media influencers within your niche, who are affecting your customer’s behaviour and therefore their buying decisions.

Social media has transformed the way people find and share information, how we connect and collaborate with one another.

7 Compelling Reasons To Engage Bloggers To Grow Your Brand’s Online Exposure:

  1. Bloggers regularly update their sites with fresh content.
  2. Bloggers interact with and engage their followers exceptionally well.
  3. Bloggers have niche, targeted audiences.
  4. Bloggers are extremely active in social networks.
  5. Bloggers tell authentic, relatable stories based on real life experiences.
  6. Bloggers willingly and happily share content.
  7. Bloggers are part of a highly engaged, online community.

Who are y Travel Blog Followers and Readers?

y Travel Blog collects data about its followers and readers through various reliable sources, including: Google Analytics, surveys, facebook and other data collection methods.

Here is a general picture from all sources.

  • Country of Origin (Top 5):  USA, Canada, UK, Australia New Zealand.
  • Gender:  Roughly equal genders.
  • Age:  All ages, with a large group under 40, followed by 40-65 age group.
  • Income:  Generally, income ranges between $35,000 – $100,000+
  • Education:  Survey indicates mainly University graduates.

 What Level of Engagement has y Travel Blog had with its Audience?

Current Blog Site Statistics: (Google Analytics)

  • Alexa Rank:  33,180
  • Page views per month:  53,650
  • Visitors per month:  33,079
  • Traffic Demographics:   Nth America 47%,  Europe 20%,  Australia/NZ  11%,  SE Asia  8%


  • Blog:  10,920 comments.
  • Podcasts:   About 200 listeners tune into each y Travel Blog podcast.

Social Media Statistics


Since we started our Facebook page (April 2010) we’ve had:

  • Facebook Fans:  4, 319
  • Post Views:         4,834,677+ (number of times people have viewed a news feed story from our page).
  • Post Feedback:  41,000+   (number of likes and comments made on our news feed stories)
  • Demographics:  Female 58%, Male 38%


Followers: 8,782

Tweets: 18,900+

How We Promote Travel

Our Travel Blog:

Daily and weekly blog posts providing factual information on:

  • Destinations
  • Things to see and do
  • Where to stay
  • Where to eat
  • Getting around
  • Tours
  • Travel tips and planning
  • Strategies on how to travel
  • Photo of the day

Facebook Page and Twitter:

Status updates several times daily:

  • What we are doing and experiencing, creating buzz and interaction.
  • Photo of the Day.
  • Questions to encourage engagement
  • Blog posts uploaded to facebook and twitter and shared on sponsor’s accounts.
  • Our content on Facebook and Twitter is shared, tagged and re-tweeted by other travel bloggers creating wider audience reach.
  • Podcasts and videos uploaded and shared.
  • Contests and giveaways conducted on a regular basis.


 The yTravel Café Podcast Channel has recently launched. Our travel podcast shows will typically run on average up to 20 minutes.

  • Destination pieces, including real life experiences.
  • Interviews with other travellers and industry folk.

YouTube Videos

  • Destination pieces
  • Video reviews on accommodation.
  • Friendly video greetings and tips from us as we travel the world. We can upload these directly into facebook to encourage interaction.

Experience / Press Trips

We have previously partnered with the following brands and tourism boards…

To read more about our successful partnerships and for references click here.

Our Partnership Agreement     

We have achieved great success in a short period of time with our travel blog and social media accounts by focusing on building our personal brand and following.

It’s now time to take our brand and reach to a whole new level.

We have the skills, the credibility, and the passion and are looking to form a win-win business relationship.

Contact Us

To find out how your brand can leverage yTravel Blog’s established and grwoing online reach and influence, please contact us today for a friendly and condidential discussion…

Email: cazcraig [at] ytravelblog [dot] com

Phone:  Craig: +61 4222 44 303      Caz: +61 423 269 926

Skype: camakos

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