Qantas Holidays Are Giving Away Free Flights

Qantas Holidays free flights
I’ll even fly the plane for free

I’ll do just about anything for a free flight. In fact, since 2008 I have been on many flights and I have only paid for one.

That is like reaching travel euphoric heights – the ultimate. Flights are expensive, but they are essential because they get us to those destinations we dream about and will give us lifelong memories with those we love.

Mostly, our free flights have been a result of choosing to work for the right companies. Craig worked for Delta for two years, and I received free flights with my J1 visa program to teach in the States.

If you can be smart about it, and plan carefully, you can find multiple ways to get free or cheap flights.

Using a credit card that rewards you with frequent flyer points is one way. Craig once had enough Qantas frequent flyer points to fly return from Atlanta to Johannesburg. At the moment he has enough to fly return to Hawaii. I am quietly trying to steal them.

Free travel is hard to beat. Take your opportunities when they come your way to get those free flights.

Qantas Holidays are offering you the chance to grab some free flights.

If you have those holiday plans in place all you need to do is book and pay in full for any Qantas Holidays package in June, for departure no later than 31 October 2012.

Once you’ve done that you will get the chance to win back the full cost of your airfares, including the dreaded taxes.

Qantas Holidays will draw a number between 1 and 31 at 2pm on 5 July 2012 and will refund the full cost of the flights (excluding admin and credit card fees) to everyone who has booked a holiday departing on the winning day.

This offer applies to any Qantas Airways flight to anywhere in the world, in any class. Winning back the cost of business class tickets would be pretty cool.

To make your booking, visit your local travel agent, call 1300 656 722 or visit

There could be quite a few happy holiday flyers on draw day. Think of all that extra cash you’ll have for spending money.

I hope you’re going someplace where the shopping is good.

This post was brought to you by Qantas Holidays

Who likes a free flight? What’s the best way you’ve gotten one before?

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3 Comments on “Qantas Holidays Are Giving Away Free Flights”

  1. Some of my friends used to work for Delta. I was always jealous of their free flying abilities, it seems like it’s a great perk. All of my free flights come from frequent flyer miles. Flying weekly on United and Delta has helped me build some up.
    John recently posted..Exploring The Ruins of The Old Los Angeles Zoo
    John recently posted..Exploring The Ruins of The Old Los Angeles Zoo

  2. Very cool competition, made even better by the fact that the flight plans are already in place!
    As for free flights – I used to live and work in Oz – collected enough frequent fliers to fly Australia/Canada in business on a number of occasions – mostly due to AmEx points and a few flights per year! Those were the days!!! :)
    Anita Mac recently posted..Cycling Across Canada: Quebec – La Belle Province
    Anita Mac recently posted..Cycling Across Canada: Quebec – La Belle Province

  3. How exciting!

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