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  1. Hi guys ok over the years i have been traveling to warm countries only so i know how to pack for that but recentaly i have changed direction and want to take on colder place like germany, finland, sweden ect The problem is i dont know how to pack for them countries i know im gunner have to change my backpack for a bigger bag to fit the warm clothes in but thats is. Do you have any idears for help for me???
    I recentaly found your blog its great.
    Thanks kay x

    • Try to buy clothes that are warm yet lightweight. You would have to go to an outdoor store to buy ones like that. And buy lots of thin layers, they don’t take up as much space but if you wear several at a time you’ll be warm. And of course you only need one jacket- if it means you have to wash more than that might be better than carryign around more weight

      • Hi thanks for that its a great help. Another question is do your liquids have to be in see threw packaging? I buy stuff out there on the road (saves space) but i was just wondering in case i want to bring stuff with me.
        Do you know? Thanks x

  2. How can i earn money while im traveling?
    because i want to live traveling and dont return home in years

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