Our Week in Photos

We have decided each week on a Sunday to share with you what’s been happening in our week through photos, our tweets, and what we are reading and listening to.


auckland at night
Auckland city at dusk
Hallertau Brewery
Hallertau Brewery (outer Auckland)
Hallertau Brewery
They brew great beer
Westbrook Winery, Auckland
Westbrook Winery, Auckland
wine tasting Westbrook winery Auckland
wine tasting
Westbrook winery
Westbrook winery Auckland
Monteith beer
Monteith beer- so good you can drink a whole jug
Auckland Harbour cruise
Auckland Harbour cruise
Auckland Harbour
Auckland Harbour

What we’re reading this week

Follow your Heart on Love, Marriage and Kim Kardashian by Louisa at Everything is Edible

A great post about marriage and how it requires work – work towards a greater good and sometimes you have to forget making decisions that cause you to chase happiness over those that are for the bigger picture.  Marriage is not about the wedding and the romance, it is about the commitment and the love.

The Secret to Effortless Writing by Jeff Goins

Jeff is by far one of my favorite bloggers. This is another golden nugget from him reminding us what it takes to be great at anything - PRACTICE. If you scroll to the comments you’ll see my baby brain at work. So good I commented twice (a lot of my reading is now done during a hazy 2am Savannah feed)

The Difference between you and the most incredible people on Earth by Corbert Barr

A great post highlighting what the most incredible people on Earth have done in order to be incredible, and a reminder that you can be incredible too.

The Destination for your pity will soon be somewhere else by Phil in the blank

Phil just doesn’t have a passion for drawing camels, but also for the magical continent of Africa, and he does a great job of dispelling myths surrounding Africa- one being that it is a helpless continent.

Start up Training Scholarship by Positive World Travel

Help our friends Ant and Elise win a start up training scholarship. You will love reading this post which shares their mission and how they can make a positive difference. Let’s help them do it! The world needs more positivity!

What we are listening to

Clocks – Cold Play

 What we’re Tweeting

 Family Time and Daily Life

Savannah at 9 weeks old

Baby Savannah

cake time with Kalyra
Kalyra loves her sweets
Kalyra building sand castles
...and the beach

Craig and Savannah

Craig and Savannah

Ettalong beach
Contemplating a swim
Craig and Kalyra on the beach
making sandcastles


Smoked salmon
our picnic included our favorite - smoked salmon

Tell us about your week in review…

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12 Comments on “Our Week in Photos”

  1. Hey Caz,
    Appreciate the shout-out. Thanks. Love the photos! Kalyra and Savannah are so cute! Beautiful family.

    • You are welcome Phil. Thanks for all you do in spreading the love about Africa… and camels

  2. What a great week in photos! Love the beach…we were going to go over the weekend but we had so much running around to do that we didnt get a chance :)

    Instead we found a gorgeous place on the Sunhine Coast that we have never been to before – Wappa Falls! Its the most amazing place with a playground, walking track, and wildlife!

    Love how you share your week with where you have been.


    • Can’t believe we have not heard of Wappa Falls before. Where is it on the Sunshine Coast? Will have to see it when we come up that way next

  3. Great photographs! You have a beautiful family! I found what you’re reading to be quite funny in regards to the recent Kardashian divorce. Oh darn, I had high hopes for those two!

  4. Love this idea of a weeks round up in photos, and the super personal touch of photos of your gorgeous family :)

    Good list of reads, some of them I hadn’t heard about and will defiantly be checking out.

    Hope you are enjoying NZ!

  5. What a beautiful happy family! I’m hoping to go to NZ next year and all I hear about is the wine. I’m more of a beer drinker, glad to know that they have good beer, too.

    • The beer at Hallertau was really good. Worth a trip out there. We’lll publish a post on it later. You will love NZ

  6. Wish I could have shared that beer with you mate. It looked amazing!

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