How to Live a Life of Travel Around the World

How to live a life of travel around the world Just do it
Just do it!

Many times I’m asked how I’ve managed to live the life of travel around the world that I have for so many years. People seem to  think I have an endless supply of cash, or must be made of superhuman qualities to be able to manage an adventure life of travel. Today, I thought I would break my silence and share my secrets of over 10 years of travel around the world so you too can do the same.

When I first sat down to put some ideas together  I reached a blank. I thought I would come up immediately with a list of secrets I must have had to get me travelling around the world, but no list came. I reflected deeply on all the countries I visited, all the experiences I had, and the people I formed friendships with. I said to myself “Okay Caz, how did you do it? How did you have these incredible travel life adventures to 35 countries and live in 5? What was it about you that gave you the ability to do all that? Just what is your secret to life long travel?”

My response was “I just did it!” ‘I just did it”. There is no other answer. Sure there were many other qualities and character traits that gave me the ability to have the experiences, but none of them really mattered unless I stepped onto that plane. People would comment on how lucky and brave I was and wished they could do the same. But I never could quite understand where they were coming from, because I knew they could do the same. For me it was easy, luck played no part, I just did it. I just followed my dream and never looked back.
I knew what I wanted and I took ACTION!

Did I possess many strong success traits before I did it? Probably not, or none that I was aware of. I was young and immature and didn’t know anything about anything. All I knew was that I wanted to have a life of travel around the world, and so I just did it. I just hopped on that plane and went.

Did I have a lot of money? No I turned up in London with no home, no job and a couple of hundred bucks. That didn’t matter, I knew what I wanted and so I just did it!

Did I have much experience? No! It was the first time I had lived away from the safety and security of my parents. My first experience living on my own was in the city of London, knowing no one, with no money, no home and no job. Experience didn’t matter; I just did it.

I didn’t have support either. I was on my own but I found a lot of support and made great friendships after I just did it!

Did I develop strong character traits along the way that helped me to continue my journeys and grow as a person? Absolutely! I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not lived my life of travel. It shaped me as an amazingly, strong and confident person. Would I be this person now if I never took the action toward my dream in the first place? No! Thank God, I just did it!

You see there are no real secrets for you to learn before you get the courage and confidence to set foot on that plane and have a travel life. The only thing you have to know how to do is put one foot in the other and walk the breezeway onto the plane. The rest is easy and falls into place for you so effortlessly once you make the decision to just do it and live your dream.

What is it that is holding you back? Lack of money or experience?- irrelevant. Lack of friends or support?- irrelevant. Wrong timing? No strengths, skills or talents? All irrelevant. You can find a million reasons why you can’t do it, but that’s not going to get you what you want and shape you to be who you want to be. You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. All that matters is what you want.

Nike knows how to life a life of travel around the world and said it the best- ‘Just do it!’ Those 3 simple words speak so much about the call to your action. Just take the first step. All the rest will come later. You’re missing out on a wild, fun ride because of your inability to take action. Just do it and success will find you! Stick with us and we’ll inspire you to take the action, and then help empower you with knowledge to make it your best travel adventure life yet!

Just do it…..

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20 Comments on “How to Live a Life of Travel Around the World”

  1. Safari Racheal

    I Like your courage once it comes to traveling,its looks like part of your life together with the family.I love adventure although hadn’t reached your stage of doing thing things.Thanks for the blog.

  2. giuliadventures

    I’ll just do it too! Soon!
    Thank you for your inspiring post.

  3. Exactly. Well said.
    I’ll add to your experience with my own. I moved across oceans with no job, friends, home or really any way back to my homeland; and made it all work. It seems that putting ourselves into situations like that with no support we find the vast well of energy in ourselves.

    • It’s sink or swim isn’t Andrew? When you put yourself in positions like that it’s amazing to find out just what you are capable of. We are powerful beyond measure!

  4. Rich Polanco

    Great post! It’s amazing how the little pieces start falling into place once one gets in motion to “just do it!”

  5. I have a lot of desire to travel and see the sights this world has to offer. I would hate to waste the one life i have in one area of the world when there is so much to see. So much to enjoy. I’m barely turning 18 in a few weeks. I don’t exactly know how i will start my adventure but not taking the chance isn’t how. This is an inspiring post Caz because you’re right. Just do it. Don’t be afraid to take initiative, because once you do, everything will begin to fall into place. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much David for leaving a comment. i’m so excited for you and your future travel plans. All you need to do is take the first step. The rest is easy. You’ll figure out the best place to start for you. You have to consider budget, your length of time you’ll be away for, whether you’ll work abraod and what places interest you. Just start researching where others have been and something will grab you soon enough.

  6. My name is Peter Aikin and I live in a small town in Virginia, USA. I’m graduating high school this year with really good grades, but I don’t want to spend all the money go to college and then get stuck in a job I don’t like. I want to travel the world and be free.

    Your story is so inspirational and I want to do what you do! The only problem is, my parents want me to go to college and get a good job. Live in the “system” of America. I don’t think this would make me happy.. :(

    • Hi Peter.
      I know that you must be feeling like you are in a difficult position. You have to really take the time to consider what will make you the most happiest and do that. It is your life and your dream after all. Maybe talk to your parents and express how you really feel and let them know that college is something you can always do when you get back. You will probably have more of an idea then of what it is you actually want to study and you will be far more mature as well.
      Your happiness is the most important thing, Do whatever you feel is calling you to do.

  7. I just want to travel. I have the adventurous spirit. However, I also have a heap of student loan debt. I can’t just take of and not pay 500$ a month on the loans, they can take away my nursing license. You can only defer so often. . . I am back in graduate school for a degree in Global Public Health. I figured this would allow me to work and travel. But now I am thinking it is just going to give me a bigger heap of loans. *le sigh*. Money is not irrelevant. :(

    • Ouch, sorry Naia. Debt can be very crippling and will prevent you from doing those things you love. I know how that feels. You have to work out a way to pay that off. You can always look at jobs overseas, perhaps you may earn enough where you can continue to pay off those school loans. I paid off a loan from Australia when I was living in London.
      You can always look for solutions, they are out there.

  8. Hi!!
    Im studying infrastructure engineering in india.. and from the past 2 years, ive thought nothing except travelling… i just want to be a nomad and move through the world!!… i have actually made a plan… which would start my journey from africa(as it is an underdeveloped continent)… and i can live there for few years and earn at the same time and travel in order to complete my objective!… my family is not that supportive in my opinion.. as ive told them that i cant have a family if i want to live such a life!.. i have few friends living in south africa, and i think they can help me with my first step in journey!.. i want to live in a country for a few months… earn some money and move on!!… i dont plan a family!.. and i dont have a girlfriend as well!.. im a complete loner… and i love just being alone! but i dont know how to father wants me to join the army as an engineer… im very confused and dont know what to do!.. could you please give me some ideas?.. thanks! :)

    • Jeff, all I can say is that it is your life. You must live it with no regrets. And while some of your decisions may upset your family, you did not come here to live for them. You came here for you and your dreams and passions. If you don’t follow those you will be unhappy. You can’t live your life for others.
      I think you know what to do. Trust that inner desire that is calling you to travel. IF you can’t stop thinking about it it means you have to do it.

      I think your plan of starting in Africa and travelling and working is brilliant. Don’t delay get started today.

  9. What are your thoughts about single mothers wanting to travel the world with there child?

    Im a 25 year old single mother my little boy is 3 1/2 and he absolutely loves going on trips and camping.. Im in college right now on a scholarship.. studying Welding.. I wanna travel lots while I’m still young.. Im confident enough to travel alone… but with him..Im super nervous..

    • I am all for it! I think you could not give your child a better gift or help strengthen your bond in any better way.
      It is terrifying travelling with your kids, but I also think it is terrifying living every day with them. The love you have for them tends to make you fear everything. So you might as well travel.
      You should check out the following two blogs. Both single parents travelling with their child

  10. Thank you so much for your blog! I’m always looking for these things on the web. It has been my dream since I was a little girl to just travel. I don’t need more than bread and water to survive and when I travel I always tend to meet inspiring people that understands my values in life.
    But still, it can be very disturbing for me not to figure out how to do this. Exactly as you write.
    I have debt to pay off before I can go anywhere. Or thats at least what I think. I have a sincere regard for you. I’d love and yearn to hear how you worked it all out financially. How did you earn money for the most important things while traveling? You wrote you were paying off some debt while traveling. And what about flying/train tickets and food. What did you do exactly to survive? Did you get a visum to work in the countries you were in?
    I’m quite fearless when it comes to taking a chance. I’m not a worrying kind of person, and I love to travel alone. I’m prepared for all the preparations you’d have to do before and while traveling. The only thing that’s important to me is knowing how to do it, and then I’m on that plane, going somewhere exiting.
    Your story is very inspiring! And I’m looking everywhere to find the answers to my questions :)
    Regards Louise

  11. arnab roy

    I am as much a vagabond as you are, but I am at a situation in life where i cant do what you do.

    I am 38 living in India and have afamily with 2 lovely kids and a equally vagabondish wifey. In this situation how do I lead that life that i so badly want. I have house emi, childrens education and old parent responsibilities to take care. help me figure this out. And by the way great write up loved your bohemian lifestyle, a little bit jealous though lol

  12. yanaa joshi

    hey, my name is yanaa and i am barely 16 from india, i want to travel the world. it has been my dream. but as per the future i am going to london to study psychology and my mum has always been there for me since i was a kid and she has built this company for me and its been on since past 10 years and she really loves me and she came up with this company so i can take over and don’t have to struggle with a job or anything in the future and i just have to directly take over the company after i finish studying. but i dont think so want to take over the company because i wanna travel the world and dont wanna stay at one single place and do the same thing every day as much as i love being here i wanna travel the world…..i dont know how i am gonna do it and i knw my mum wont exactly approve of it as she will say i will have to struggle a lot and how am i gonna earn so much of money and live a lavish lifestyle. plus where am i gonna get the money for flight tickets and staying expense wat to do pls help me…before she builts the company bigger relying that i am gonna take the company forward. pls help me what to do, suggest me sumthng.

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