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There is more to travel then just seeing the amazing planet, learning about different cultures, tasting new foods, seeing the sunrise over a volcano, or chasing lions in the Savannah;  travel also involves seeing the beauty that exists in yourself and to grow and evolve as a person!

Travel opened my eyes and helped to make me a better person. This is why through y Travel Blogwe emphasize the ‘why’ part of travel.

When you travel you step out of a world of busyness, structure and sometimes chaos and darkness into a world of freedom and freshness. Your eyes and ears begin to waken your soul to witness something so extraordinary- life!

Travel has shown me certain natural laws or principles, and taught me how to apply them to my life so that I can make it an empowered one.

These are truths that I find form the basis of a happy and fulfilled life and keep me centered and balanced and whole.

It’s these lessons that have helped me live the life that I really want to and to know how to handle problems when they arrive.

What You Will Find Inside:

Within this 65 page free ebook, I have selected 20 lessons about life that travel taught me. These lessons I have categorized according to the four relationship areas of our life:

  • Relationships to Others
  • Relationships to the Earth
  • Relationships to Self
  • Relationships to Life

Truths that relate to these four areas include lessons such as:

  • Hang around people who celebrate you not tolerate you
  • Helping another means helping yourself
  • The Earth is a Living Organism that is so much more powerful than us
  • Your past does not matter and you are not your problems
  • There is power in pain
  • Silence and Stillness is a friend

What You Will NOT Find Inside:

  • A book that tells you how to travel.
  • A book that talks of how travel is the only way for you to experience life. As I mention in the book, travel is a process of discovery, and these lessons can be learned by anyone setting on a path of discovery, even if that may mean a weekend trip to their local ethnic market.

My free ebook is a window of opportunity for anyone  to see how easy it is to live an empowered life. These truths work for anyone, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

And if you are wanting to travel or if you travel already, then this book will help inspire you to start or to continue doing so. It will give you the confidence to know that despite the challenges of the journey ahead of you, it is an exciting one and one that will bring you many rewards and much fulfillment.

How Do You Get This Free eBook?

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If you enjoy the book, please recommend it to your friends, and feel free to drop a comment in the box below telling me your thoughts. We welcome any feedback, even the negative if it is constructive – we are never advocates for meanness.

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  1. Completely agree that travel is not just about what you see. As for the why part of travel, that’s exactly why I did my post on the psychology of travel. This book sounds like a great resource and very encouraging.

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  3. Neil Laubenthal

    Getting ready to retire from active work (56 years young) and travel the world with my Sweetie.

    • Sounds like you and your sweetie have some great adventures ahead of you. Where are you heading?

  4. Thanks

  5. Brenda Lopez

    I would love to read your ebook :D

    • Thank you. Stay tuned Brenda, we are releasing it in 3 weeks. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

  6. Hello! I receive your updates but i havent received your free ebook(((

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