Meet Ella: Traveller and Winner of “Post Your URL” Day

Ella in Italy - Mt Vesuvius
Ella is this weeks WINNER of “Post Your URL Day”…Every Friday we give YOU the opportunity to post the URL of your own Travel Blog on our Facebook fanpage wall, and we randomly draw a winner from the URL posts submitted to be featured on our travel blog, our fanpage, and our twitter! Be in it to win FREE Exposure!

So, who is Ella?

An 18 year old English globetrotter on a mission to have visited 18 countries whilst I’m still 18!  (I’m planning on Thailand being the 18th at the end of my 4 month world trip, starting in March!). For most of my life I have been a musical obsessed, self proclaimed drama geek who does far too much theatre, having been in 27 amateur productions with several different companies!

As someone who has only lived in 3 houses, all within 10 minutes of each other (near Winchester, Hampshire), I’m looking forward to moving away to Brighton in September to start my degree in Marketing and Management at the Uni. of Sussex in September!

Where are you currently and what are you doing?

Currently on my gap year, I’m still in England, in a little village just south of Winchester (for anyone who isn’t English, this is about an hours drive south west of London) which doesn’t even have a shop!

I’m working full time at my local hospital as a Housekeeping Assistant to save up to fund my world trip  to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and Thailand and I’m working so many hours it feels like I live there!  But it will all be worth it in the end!  I also volunteer weekly at a local charity run cafe which is raising money for street children in Africa to do my bit!
in Paris, France
Where have you traveled to so far?

In Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Wales and Portugal. In Asia: Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong (although I barely count HK because I was mostly too ill to leave where I was staying!). In Oceania: Australia, New Zealand (North Island), Fiji, Cook Islands

Do you have a favorite place to date?

This is a hard one because I think I’ve loved a lot of places! But saying this, I think my all favourite memories are of Raratonga, the main island of the Cook Islands.  With horseriding along the beach and round waterfalls, visiting the church and joining in with all the singing and happy atmosphere, going around the market, learning about their lifestyle, watching beautiful sunsets between the palm trees, a crystal clear lagoon, windsurfing, drinking out of coconuts, cocktails on a beachside restaurant and the friendliest people I really couldn’t ask for more!

What place has surprised you the most?

I think I was most surprised by New Zealand because I kind of assumed that it would be similar to England but it was completely different!  One event that highlighted this was when on a boat trip to see dolphins we got offered the chance to swim with them, all that was asked was “Can you swim?”.  If that had been in the UK we’d have been signing forms and everything to say we wouldn’t sue if we drowned or anything happened etc etc but they were just so relaxed!  It was a nice change!
in the Cook Islands

What are you MOST proud about your own country?

I could make a really long list of negative things about England, but I could also make just as long a list with positives! What I’m most proud of though is probably the arts related opportunities!  I don’t mean painting art but performing arts, with the hundreds of youth theatres and the brilliant National Youth Theatre and all the range of things like music festivals and plays!

If you could live anywhere in the world besides your home country, where would it be and why?

I think this would have to be New York, that “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” because I’m a city girl at heart and I think that I’d love the liveliness and all the broadway shows!  I’d also be tempted by somewhere that would be hot all year round as well though.

If we were to visit you in your hometown for a day, what would you do with us?

If you came to my home town of Winchester (though I wouldn’t really recommend it, there isn’t that much to do!) I’d recommend it was around christmas time (Or July for our hat fair)!  Then I’d let you have a lie in and meet you at 11 and show you the historic side with Winchester Cathedral and King Arthurs Round Table before heading to my facourite cafe, Cafe Monde, for lunch and tea/coffee.

Afterwards, I would take you to the Christmas Market and go Ice Skating on the open air ice rink that we have temporarily!  We’d have to grab an earlyish tea so we’d be fiished in time to see a play at a local theatre in the evening, before lastly heading to the pub!

If you could have dinner with 4 famous people in the world (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

Joanna Lumley… because I think she’s a pretty amazing woman who would have some really interesting stories to tell.

Michael Mcintyre… because it would be funny.

Idina Menzel…because she’s an amazing performer.  I mean, she was in Rent (one of my favourite films), I saw her in Wicked (she was phenomenal) and she was even in Glee!

Richard Fleeshman… because he’s pretty!  And I’ve got to let myself have one shallow option!
Japan - Tokyo subway mural

Favorite Food/Drink?

I’m the worst person for snacking, but I love Chinese crispy duck pancakes YUM!

How do you chill in your spare time?

I barely know the meaning of spare time any more!  Creating my site has literally taken it all!  But when I do get the odd moment off I’ll chill out by listening to music or playing guitar.

Read any good books lately?

I’m in the middle of reading Tuk Tuk To The Road which I’m enjoying!

Finish this sentence. Travel is about__________

keeping an open mind and experiencing new things.

And this one. The people in the UK are_____________

Fed up of the snow.

What did you want to be as a kid growing up?

From literally when I was 5 until when I was 17, I wanted to be an actress. Although I did go through a lawyer phase thanks to Legally Blonde.

What was said on your school report card?

All positive stuff up to college really (I was a bit of a geek) but then it turned into my teachers complaining that I spent too much time on drama and was missing too much college.

What’s the one item you can’t leave home without?

My Blackberry… unoriginal but true.

What are your Christmas and New Years plans?

I’ve never looked forward to christmas less than I am this year. I’m working all day christmas eve, half of christmas day and all day boxing day. Saving has to come first at the moment. I’m being slightly more generous to myself on new years, giving myself the morning off work on the 1st January to recover from being hungover after partying with my friends who are back from uni.
Australia - Ayers Rock

Tell us about your travel blog and it’s purpose?

It’s a new Travel Blog on the block with it only being around two weeks at the moment. But I started Global TravElla because when I was googling stuff to do with planning for my world trip, I came across some travel blogs and they were really helpful!  I’d never really come across them before and learnt so much and I wanted to share what I was learning.

I feel like I’ve done so much research I wanted it to benefit others too. Also, I’ve travelled to a lot of places but I’m bad at being organised and keeping a record of it so I really want to eventually blog about all the experiences I’ve had in the past as well as ones I will have as I go on my world trip and future travels.

Also, I’ll be putting a lot of more general travel related things up like quotes, videos, photos and music because I find it interesting and hope that others will too.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?

I will hopefully be at the beginning of my second year of university, and have developed and grown as a person due to the coming world trip. I also hope that I’ll be working in a part time job so I can continue to be able to afford to travel.

When all is said and done, how would you like your epitaph to read?

Well, I hope it won’t be written for a long while. I feel I have too much left to do in my life that I don’t even want to contemplate death. But I hope it will be something along the lines of that I’ll be remembered.

Finally, how do we find out more about Ella?

Well you can start by reading my Travel blog, and you can also follow my tweets on Twitter.

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