Recording Your Travel Memories + an eHarmony GoPro Hero 3 Giveaway

This post and GoPro Hero 3 giveaway is brought to you by eHarmony

Our tagline here on our blog and in life is, “It’s all about the memories”

It’s usually the thing that pushes us from complacency to stretching ourselves a little to experience moments and create memories that will last a life-time.

Craig and I are very lucky to have travelled many years together. Three days after we were married we set off for a 5 year honeymoon.

We knew it was make or break it.

Zion National Park Utah
Zion National Park Utah

Lucky we made it and our bond is strong. The memories of the times we shared working together to live our dreams and solve problems is what held us together through some really tough times.

I don’t think we could ever separate because what would we do with all our photos? Who’d keep them? Or worse, would we have to throw them out??

Divorce is just not an option. :)

Travellers today have incredible options for capturing moments. Phone camera technology has taken off, and instagram is making recording travel memories even more interesting.

Digital SLR’s functions help create depth to your travel story, and even basic point and shoot can do pretty amazing things.

Lately we have had our eye on a GoPro.

We record a lot more video now and have a lot of fun doing it with our children. But, we are limited by our hands and motion. The Go Pro Hero 3 gives you the freedom to capture amazing video and photo hands free. Strap it on your head and go enjoy yourself while the camera records away.

We used a friend’s recently while videoing in the surf at Palm Beach, it was such a cool experience, to splash around filming each other like we were on a first date again!

The release of the newest GoPro Hero 3 version recently has had everyone buzzing.

While we have not yet secured one for ourself, we have for a lucky reader!!

Thanks to eHarmony, we have one GoPro Hero 3 to give away and they’re throwing in a three month membership to eHarmony (transferable if you’re already attached – it’s the holidays, you can always give it to someone deserving!)

About eHarmony

eHarmony are helping people around the world to connect and form lasting relationships. Craig and I connected so well because of our common love of travel and having similar interests and passions. eHarmony actually delves a little deeper than similar interests which sounds great I think. They match you based on key areas of compatibility, things like personality, sense of humour, intellect and ambition.

Review your matches for free on eHarmony by filling out a relationship questionnaire designed to find matches which are truly compatible with you.

Cool! We can give a GoPro camera away to someone AND we might also play a small part in helping fun and loving relationships start.

I think I like wearing this hat!

About the GoPro Hero 3

Go Pro Hero 3
This could be yours


The Wi-Fi enabled HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. It’s 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than previous models. Wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197′ (60m), capable of capturing ultra-wide 1440p 48fps, 1080p 60 fps and 720p 120 fps video and 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second, the HERO3: Black Edition is the world’s most versatile camera. See more here

Strap it on your head while surfing, snorkelling, quad bike riding and any fun adventure activity to capture your memories. They rock!

How To Enter the GoPro Hero 3 Giveaway

In the comments below,

 1. Tell us about a picture perfect moment you wish you had a camera with you – and didn’t.

 For extra entries you may also do the following:

2. Like eHarmony on Facebook and commenting again saying they’ve done so.

3. Tweet the following phrase: “I’d love to #win a #GoPro Hero3 camera thanks to a #competition by @ytravelblog  Leave a comment saying you’ve done so. (I’ve made it easy for you just click to tweet)

So that means you can enter up to 3 times if you have left 3 comments.

Terms and conditions

1. Only open those with an Australian or New Zealand postal address
2. The giveaway is a game of skill. Entries will be judged based on originality and creativity
3. The giveaway opens on 7th Dec at 10am AEST and closes 21st Dec at 11pm AEST
4. Entries are judged by independent third parties
5. There will be 1 winner receiving a GoPro Hero 3 worth $399
6. NB: It could take up to 30 days for the prize to get to the winner thanks to the silly season

See you in the comments below!

Competition is now closed. Winner announced shortly


Caz Makepeace is the co-founder of y Travel Blog and has been traveling the world since 1997, first solo, then with her husband, and now with her two daughters. Get her free email series on the 4 best ways to reduce travel costs. Follow her on Google+

115 Comments on “Recording Your Travel Memories + an eHarmony GoPro Hero 3 Giveaway”

  1. It’d have been great to have a go pro when doing the sky walk at Auckland tower.
    Andrew Mosey recently posted..GAGS Q&A – 12ft Skiff Interdominions
    Andrew Mosey recently posted..GAGS Q&A – 12ft Skiff Interdominions

  2. I would have used it for my dive in the Blue Hole in Belize. I have been wanting to do that dive for 7 years and the day I get a chance my camera decides to die! I only had it for 3 months and every time it was a special occasion it had a problem. Ready to upgrade!

  3. I was walking along the gold coast lakes with my wife and saw a full moon emitting its yellow glow through the ripples of the lake. It was such a beautiful moment. Shame we couldnt capture it.

  4. Mitch Phillips

    I would’ve loved to capture the craziness when I ran with the bulls in Pamplona in 2007!

  5. Mitch Phillips

    Tweeted and liked the FB page as well!

  6. Scott Drennan

    I wish i had a GoPro Hero 3 when i was snowboarding Japan Powder at Happo One ski resort by myself. Had such a ball and it would have been the ultimate if i had captured it on video to watch and show my 2 and 4 year old boys.

    I tweeted this also.

  7. I would love to capture moments with my beautiful little girl and share with our loved ones

  8. Glenn Minett

    I Wish I had a GoPro3 strapped on me the one and only time I surfed pipeline when I was younger.
    (Also retweeted)

  9. cath woods

    riding a horse on my girlfriends farm it was a crack up literally.

  10. I wish I had a Go Pro with me when my partner and I went white water rafting. I fell out of the raft, and I feel that although there are some damn hilarious pictures of that moment (kindly taken by the tour operator) it would have been way more awesome if I had been filming with a Go Pro strapped to my head. Rafting, rafting, rafting, then splooosh! I was the only one who fell in too!
    Tegan McIntosh recently posted..Golden Flowers
    Tegan McIntosh recently posted..Golden Flowers

  11. Jarrod Galante

    I wish I had a HoPro Hero 3 when I went skiing and snowboarding with my girlfriend at Treble Cone, Canada, New Zealand.

  12. Michael Serbo

    I work on a dive charter in Victoria and a rare occassion happened where we neally ran over a humpback whale. I wished I had a gopro and went swimming with it.

  13. Will Treacy

    I wish I had a camera when I did my first (and last) flip on my bike!

  14. Carl Otto

    I wish I had a GoPro (with waterproof casing) on me for SongKhran celebrations in Nortern Thailand. Motorbike rides, Songtaew taxis, LOTS of water and an endless amount of amazing moments to be captured.

    Like the FB page. :)

  15. I was recently in Bali and was swmming with manta rays. The water was crystal clear, the sun was shinning bright. I dove down and swum above the manta ray with my arms stretched out the same width of the manta ray. I swum with the gracefull beast for about 30 seconds.

  16. I wish I reside in Australia to win this GoPro Hero 3 as I would use it during my snorkeling time. It was sad not to record it while I saw beautiful life under the water ;'(
    Timothy W Pawiro recently posted..Racing into the Maroon 5 concert in Singapore …
    Timothy W Pawiro recently posted..Racing into the Maroon 5 concert in Singapore …

  17. I went to France without a camera.

  18. Kathryn Hart

    My husband and I were snorkelling at Heron Island (gorgeous Nature reserve off Queensland) and he had his camera, but I don’t have one and got mesmerised by a community of reef fish around an atoll which I would have loved to take a photo of when to my left a Green Sea Turtle comes up and starts chomping breakfast and I turn right to look for hubby to get him over here with his camera when a Lemon Shark cruises within meters of me….If I only had a GoPro Hero 3 camera I was in the right place at the right time just no camera!!

  19. Margaret C

    I remember being at sea in a fishing boat. Whales came up so close to our boat that I could almost touch them. If only I had had a camera, as everyone things that I am exaggerating.

  20. Katherine

    My daughter had a chance to swim the dolphins on a recent vacation and my camera battery went dead~ No pic :(

  21. Molly Bussler

    Wish that I had a good camera on my wedding day, we had to have our family to take the pictures. Can you imagine how odd that is, wish that I could have a great camera like this one, especially since we had our first baby in April and would love to capture those precious moments. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  22. As a pilot flying in the remote Northern Territory of Australia, I’m lucky enough to see some truly spectacular sights from the air. Sadly it’s not so easy to have a camera available to capture those moments. Cue the go-pro! With the go-pro I could film all of every flight and never miss a moment!! One can always dream anyway…

  23. On a roadtrip off the beaten track,
    me and my mates never wanted to go back,
    hilarious moments and memories we shared together,
    but since we had no camera now they are all a blur!

  24. A picture perfect moment would be in the USA
    When traveling with my Mum and Dad who were visiting for the day
    We’d hit the Kentucky Derby for my Dad who is horses mad
    And Mum and I sipped mint juleps while Dad lost money bad
    But then it was time for the big one and hopes were running high
    That Dad might pick a winner and presents for Mum and I buy
    Around went all the horses, some of them really fast
    But unfortunately for Mum and I, Dad’s horse was running last
    Then something started happening and his nag was making tracks
    We stood on toes and stretched our necks and even arched our backs
    But there were so many bloody people and we couldn’t see a thing
    The crowd was cheering the race was run so Dad headed to the ring
    To see if he’d backed a winner to make up for the earlier loss
    He really needed something good to report back to the Boss
    Mum and I sat waiting, me hoping I’d be getting new clothes
    And then we suddenly saw him; dollars in ears and up his nose.
    So that’s why I need the GoPro, to take with me when we go
    On all of our adventures; we’re a crazy family you know!
    Sal recently posted..A Very Berry Holiday
    Sal recently posted..A Very Berry Holiday

  25. tammie weier

    A Go Pro camera that’s what i need,
    to capture that moment
    for everyone to see.
    in the night and sun and under water too
    i could shoot everything in sight
    so watch out or i might shoot you……

  26. The moment that I missed because my camera wouldn’t turn on was when my 12 year old daughter scored the most perfect goal in her hockey game for the semi final playoff. From the top of the goal circle she hit a hook shot through every other player & it hit the top corner of the back of the goal box. It would have Ben a picture perfect moment because time seemed to stop & we could just see every players head turn in slow motion to watch the goal. Picture perfect but no picture for us to prove how awesome it was!

    Jos @sewcooklaughliveblog recently posted..No bake choc ripple cake
    Jos @sewcooklaughliveblog recently posted..No bake choc ripple cake

  27. The first moments of any of our children’s births!

  28. Alicia fox

    After climbing and sweating and walking far, I came across a situation rather bizarre. A beautiful sight and made hiking worthwhile I saw a sight seen only once in a while. It was in fact a young black bear; of my presence it wasn’t aware. I reached for my camera in my backpack, but somewhere around I had lost track. My camera gone and the bear ran away. At least I will never forget my Canadian holiday! Next time I hope to carry a GoPro Hero 3, so my memories will be kept safe I can guarantee!

    I have Liked eHarmony on Facebook and tweeted the following phrase: “I’d love to #win a #GoPro Hero3 camera thanks to a #competition by @ytravelblog

  29. Chris Holmes

    I took my partner on a dolphin cruise as she LOVES Dolphins. I paid over $500 for this romantic ocean cruise. I had organised prior with the company to allow my partner to swim with them on a stop over island. After all this I had actually forgot to pack the camera and to my partners disappointed there was no photographic remembrance.

  30. A picture perfect moment was last night when my partner fell asleep looking up at the stars. Our dog laid done next to him, was out cold as well, and my partner was cuddling him. :)
    Vicky recently posted..Dark spots belong on dalmatians, giraffes and cheetahs
    Vicky recently posted..Dark spots belong on dalmatians, giraffes and cheetahs

  31. stephen Thomas

    at karaoke because i sing dolly parton songs i look and sound exactly like her too embarrassing because im a construction worker

  32. It would have been great to have a camera while i was doing a black run at Mt Hotham last season! Nobody believes that I had done it! and i dont think im game enough to try do it again.. i thought i was going to die!

  33. Antonietta

    My picture perfect day is everyday,
    with my loving family by my side,
    the faces pulled and smiles galore,
    that’s what I’d use the camera for

  34. Last night, walking the desolate streets of Carlton in Melbourne, an old man came into view busking with a violin. The sully aura that surrounded him whilst Beethoven’s 5th played from within his fingers stopped me in my tracks. It’s moments like these that can really shape a person. His somber demeanor mixed with raw musical talent really hit me. I need this reminder every so often to stay humble; yet with no camera present I have no way of reliving this simple moment of enlightenment.

  35. Kristian Southern

    I wish i had a GoPro camera when i was surfing on the weekend, would have been able to capture me in the “green room”!

  36. Lauren Dean

    When my youngest son took his first steps. We had been waiting so long for this moment. He was developing slow in that area so when he took his first steps we were thrilled. We unfortunetly didnt have a camera at the time to capture this special moment.
    Have also like eHarmony on Facebook :)

  37. My family and I do a lot of travelling and camping, so one day we went to this beautiful camping spot along the beach. It was a gorgeous, blissful day. The sun was embracing us in rays of heavenly warmth, so we decided to head down to the region of the beach where there are mini rock pools filled with exotic marine life. It was an area known for the thick flocks of birds that visit there, but we were unfortunate enough to not be aware of that. So we went down, and as soon as we approached the rock pools, hundreds of assorted birds flew around us in a giant wave. It was like being in the middle of a storm of vibrant colours, and the flap of their wings whistled by your ear. It really was magic, mixed in with the towering waves crashing along the shoreline. Unfortunately, we ha no camera, but the memory will undoubtedly rest in our hearts just the same.

  38. I wish I had a camera of today back when I was younger. Sure, I had a camera back in those growing up days, but at around 24 photos per film, the time to develop & cost, I wish I had a camera like the ones of today back then.

    Imagine all the things I could have captured. That first kiss with a girl behind the sheds, that camp we went on in school, the days spent with my grandparent whose long left this great earth. I would give anything to be as lucky to have a camera back then as I am today, as we ALL are today..

    Facebooked –

    Tweeted –

  39. Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    A perfect moment that propelled me along to who I am today as a person occurred when I was 6 years old. It was 1993 and Jurassic Park had just opened in Australia. A kid with a dinosaur crush (what 6 year old isn’t?) I was ecstatic about the whole event. Whilst I can’t remember I’m told I stood up in my chair the entire time throughout the movie from excitement. I wished I or my parents had a camera then to capture the excitement and wonder that was a defining moment in my life!

  40. Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    Liked eHarmony as well!

  41. Kristy Sharvell

    I wish I had the GoPro Hero 3 for this christmas, when my whole family will be gathered together for the first time since I was born.

  42. Promoting loving relationships with a GoPro Hero 3 giveaway. Am I the only one that can see where this is going? *bowchickawow-wow* :)
    Ian [EagerExistence] recently posted..Christmas Gifts for the Traveller
    Ian [EagerExistence] recently posted..Christmas Gifts for the Traveller

    • I’ll get in on this competition action:

      “I wish I had a GoPro camera at any stage during my travels. Most especially the adventurous stuff: like the diving shipwrecks in Egypt; Bungee Jumping in NZ; Snowboarding in Poland; White-water Rafting in Italy. The adventure-proof video camera. I could be YouTube famous! …it could have even come in handy with a few travel romances”

      ps. liked, tweeted… and OMG on a 5 year honeymoon :)

  43. Jade firth

    I wish I had a GoPro camera when riding the great ocean road in Victoria on motorcycle, such a stunning place and beautiful winding roads :)

  44. Anjie Morrisey

    a gopro camera would of been fantastic, when my aunty took me sailing around sydney heads, so many old bunkers and great scenery, not to mention the secret beaches

  45. I wish I had a GoPro camera to take to the blue grotto, where I plan on proposing to my partner.

  46. I need a GoPro camera for the moment when my Australian boyfriend and I get re-united in January.

  47. Manuel Reichert

    went back to Europe to see the family for Christmas last year.
    my brothers knew but their children had no idea!
    on Sunday morning for breakfast we knocked on the door
    when the kids opened, their chins dropped to the floor
    speechless of disbelief, their brains were a mess
    no camera with us but the look was priceless!

  48. Just wanted to say good luck to all entrants for this competition!
    Andrew recently posted..Ironman 4×4 – win 1 of 1000 stubby holders
    Andrew recently posted..Ironman 4×4 – win 1 of 1000 stubby holders

  49. Linda Hynson

    i wish i had a camera with me when my daughter took her first step

  50. Lucy Leland

    I have liked.

  51. Lucy Leland

    I have tweeted :)

  52. Lucy Leland

    I wish I had a GoPro when I went ziplining in Yosemite, California!

  53. heath hera-singh

    while out riding my motorcycle a perfectly shaped mini cyclone crossed the road just infront of me (whirly whirly) it was about 2feet acrossand 30-40 feet high , was ana amazing sight …

  54. Holly Carlson

    When I suffered a severe compound fracture to my left tibia and fibia. The bones were sticking out, and it was awesome and terrifying at the same time. I wish I had something to show people other than the hideous scars.

  55. Sarah Collett

    I would love for my husband to have a camera on his fishing trips. He always talks about the one that got away. Ppfftt. He needs a go pro to prove to me that he actually catches fish.

  56. Sarah Collett

    I am already a Facebook liker

  57. Sarah Collett

    I have tweeted

  58. My daughter when she smiled for the first time.

  59. I wish I had a GoPro when I went skydiving.

  60. I wish I had a camera for the Solar Eclipse last month in Port Douglas

  61. Like eHarmony on Facebook

  62. tweeted

  63. I wish I had a camera to catch the thief that broke into my neighbours house, stole the contents of his garage and drove away with his car. That would have really helped the police.

  64. i would have used it to record and take photos of every single moment i spent with my grandparents before they passed on.

  65. Theresa Clift

    I wish I had a camera with me the first time my husband was able to slalom ski. He was so excited. Would have been a great pic.

  66. Theresa Clift


  68. The first time my Dad took me on a driving lesson. It would be a Youtube classic by now.

  69. While on honeymoon in Mexico, my husband and I went swimming at a beach near Tulum and were unexpectedly joined by three beautiful turtles. We would have loved to capture that serendipitous moment, the highlight of our trip.

  70. I always seem to have a camera and rather than missing a shot, I actually put the camera down and simply watched when a trio of Killer Whales surfed the bow wave of a ship I was on last January in Antarctica. I have an image in my memory that will never fade.

  71. When I told my wife i wasn’t rich after i proposed – priceless photo moment for a picture, very bad moment for love

  72. Karola Santos

    The time I went to one of seven wonders of the world. I went to the underground river in Philippines… If I had a gopro I would of captured the moment so I could share it with my family and friends… They too could of experienced what I did !

  73. I traveled with a broken shutter button in egypt and couldnt get good photos

  74. I wouuld have loved to capture the look on my Mums face when I rocked up at home, without warning, having been travelling for two years!

  75. Stacey Flynn

    When a dolphin at Monkey Mia swam straight up to my three year old son and lifted its head and nodded! I’m sure it winked…. if only we had a GOPRO i could have checked it out and captured the priceless expression on my little mans face as well! It was his most favourite moment of the whole trip!

  76. Kyl Neusch

    went to grand canyon

  77. Hey I would love to win the GOPRO. The magic moment I missed and wished I had a picture of, even better a video of, would be when my only child walked his very first steps. As a single mum it is hard juggling everything and even harder with a camera in my hand! The three months eHarmony membership would be awesome too. I don’t want to be a sole parent forever!

    Thanks, Vanessa
    Vanessa recently posted..All I want for Christmas is…
    Vanessa recently posted..All I want for Christmas is…

  78. Have also like eHarmony on Facebook. Thanks!
    Vanessa recently posted..All I want for Christmas is…
    Vanessa recently posted..All I want for Christmas is…

  79. Steven Gaunt

    Hi, I would have liked a GoPro when visiting the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland a few weeks ago. It was 2 degrees, windy and raining, and the shuttle bus was ten minutes away. I got a couple of pictures, but my poor little Samsung got wet, so I decided to wrap it up rather than risk any damage.
    Liked EHarmony on Facebook.

  80. My taste buds will never forget the Eurochocolate festival in Perugia. I would have loved to capture the dazzling chocolate sculptures and beautiful Italian countryside

  81. Have liked eHarmony on Facebook

  82. Charisse Childs

    I wish I had a GoPro with me when my husband and I went on a holiday to Mooloolaba and took our 2 year old into the surf for the first time. To have been able to have a camera that could get wet and capture the memories would have been fantastic, re-watching the expressions on his face as the first wave crashed against him, the delight of jumping the waves and the tears when the first touch of salt water hits his eyes.

  83. Charisse Childs

    Already liked on facebook

  84. Charisse Childs

    Have tweeted on Twitter

  85. Renee Annison

    i don’t want to sound cliche,but the moment my hubby proposed to me,i wish someone was there to take a photo. lifes’ memories fade to fast with a photo of this special day it would make me Reminisce the past.

  86. Renee Annison

    liked on fb and shared on twitter :) @mzmumma81

  87. I am petrified of heights but I managed to ride the ski lift all the way up in Park City. I wish I had a camera with me!

  88. It would have been great to be able to take a camera and photograph inside the Pyramid and some of the temples in Egypt. The heiroglyphics are amazing and some of the colours still vibrant and beautiful after thousands of years. Just got to respect that by not photographing them, it may help preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

  89. [...] Enter this giveaway here: [...]

  90. Bassam Othman

    The moment I started to feel myself falling for the first time, in clear blue sky high above the city of Melbourne, when my view was completely filled with magnificent scenery. The snapshot would have been a constant reminder of an experience that is like nothing else in life and why there will always be a next jump.

  91. At my tertiary Graduation ceremony – even though one of my teachers offered to pay the professionals present, I refused and there are no photos, not even by me. I was too young to realise how much such an achievement is worth recording, especially now I know it is not likely to happen again!

  92. Lynne lillington

    Watching turtles laying eggs in the sand dunes, a amazing moment that is rare to witness.

  93. My moment was when y oldest son got married. Stupid me forgot to get a camera. I would LOVE this.

  94. Emily KELLER

    Swimming underneath a waterfall at Fiji, it was such an amazing experience.

  95. I never have my camera when my dog is being super cute!

  96. Kristy Edwards

    When I face planted it coming off the pwee 50. Lol was hillarious.

  97. Miz Vickik

    I wish I had one mountain biking in the Smokies!

  98. Kristy Edwards

    liked on facebook

  99. I wish I’d had a camera when I rode Elephants in Bali they’re my favourite animal, I get almost dizzy when I see them. It would have been amazing to have been able to capture the whole ride.

  100. To capture the look on my husband’s face when I admitted (for the one and only time) that he was right and I was wrong!

  101. a squirrel climbed onto my son’s head in NYC

  102. Travelling through Europe my poor little old camera couldn’t cope with the cold weather or the rain and spent more time down my bra (trying to warm it up so it would work!) than in my hands capturing the sights! The few accidental photos it did take were definitely NOT pics to share! The biggest ‘miss’ was when I did the tower tour of Winchester Cathedral in the UK (I’m horribly claustrophobic so it was a big achievement!) and couldn’t take a photo at the top to prove I did it! The sight was magnificent too – swirls of clouds with only the tops of ancient buildings, distant green hills and the occasional tree emerging as if from ancient time itself, through the clouds.

  103. chris horgan

    I trekked to the base of Victoria Falls in Africa with my girlfriend, and left with her as my fiancé. I stood in front of two of the world’s most natural beauties, and one of them said she’d be with me forever. If only I’d had a GoPro Hero 3, I’d be able to relive that moment forever too.

  104. Bassam Othman

    The very first moment I saw, when the first image after total darkness formed in my mind and meaningful life began.


  105. Bassam Othman

    The moment I looked up, surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see, seeing a family of kangaroos hopping towards me. The intense feeling of wonder (and fear) that followed would forever be brought back to my mind by that photo that never existed.

    Liked on facebook

  106. On our honeymoon at Melbourne Zoo and my camera batteries went flat just before the elephants, got there and the baby elephants were playing in the water together and having a fantastic time, I’ll never forget the sight but wish I’d got some it on camera!

  107. liked on facebook

  108. Caro Shanks

    A circus came to our Sunshine Coast town with elephants. They had walked them down to the nearby river for a swim. I just happened to walk across the bridge at the time only wishing I had a camera to capture them showering themselves in the water. An image I’ll never forget :)

  109. When I gave birth to my first born – seriously how did I forget to charge the camera?!?!

  110. susan smoaks

    My husband and I took a nice weekend trip to Atlanta, GA. We had a nice dinner and then went on a walk. We saw a sunset that would have been nice in pictures, but we didn’t have a camera!

  111. Tanya White

    I wish I had my camera charged when my new kitten was curled up next to our dog licking him, it was priceless.

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