Dumplings, pancakes and home-made noodles at Sea Bay, Sydney

“I wonder why we have never noticed this before.” Craig mused. The restaurant was small and non-descript, but full of happy eaters

It was just up from Central station, on Pitt St, a street we walk up and down almost every time we come to Sydney.

“Probably because its right near the Hotel by the Hour sign” Christina pointed out.

We cracked up. We had just been joking about it and something to do with five minutes and Foxtel.

Our friends, Jim and Christina, had met us for an afternoon drink at the Palace Hotel.

We decided to grab some food before the train journey home; the kids were sure to go crazy from starvation if we didn’t. Jim and Christina were leaving to go to a party and dropped us at the door of the Sea Bay Restaurant, the place they recommended as a local’s favourite.

They assured us that it was out of this world and we should not miss the dumplings, home-made noodles and pancake.

They also said the meals were huge and cheap. We kinda ignored that one and over-ordered.

Sea Bay Restaurant Sydney
Dumplings with Daddy

I can’t say the actual sit down part to the meal was all that great.

Savannah began by throwing the a bowl on the floor and smashing it, before banging on every dish with Daddy’s chopsticks. Kalyra decided to break the serviettes into tiny pieces to create her own pancake and both of them threw food from head to floor.

We actually had to walk out with dumplings in hand as Savannah decided to wail until we heeded her “I’m tired, get me outta here call.” We threw her in the pram and ran.

Not first without the waitress chasing us because we left her milk container on the table. I’m sure she was panicking that we might come back. At least she knew we wouldn’t be sneaking in to book a room from the shady hotel next door! Two screaming kids is enough thanks!

Sea Bay has definitely found its way to our places to eat in Sydney list.

The food was simply delicious

Home-made noodles: The noodles were so delicately soft and the favour a subtle mix of fish and soy sauce.

home-made noodles
Home-made noodles

Vegetarian dumplings: These were seriously the best dumplings  I have had. I was shattered that my stomach was bulging too much to fit more in.

vegetarian dumplings
vegetarian dumplings

Pancake with shallots: oily, thick with crunchy oniony bursts. Divine.

Chinese pancake
Chinese pancake

Each meal was around $10 each and could easily feed two people.

Sea Bay is located on Pitt St, Sydney, only about a 5 minute walk from Central Station and right next to the Hotel by the Hour sign.

Do you do dumplings?

What’s your favourite and where did you eat them?



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4 Comments on “Dumplings, pancakes and home-made noodles at Sea Bay, Sydney”

  1. Sounds great, I’ll be sure to check the place out the next time I’m in the centre of Sydney. Although I might avoid that hotel!

    I tend to only have those types of dumplings in China, which are delicious.

    Quite different from a UK dumpling, have you ever tried those?

  2. They are a lot heavier and the same floury consistency throughout. They can be quite large and go well with gravy.

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