Dreamworld: Theme Parks Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Dreamworld theme parks Gold Coast
At the end of a great Dreamworld day

Dreamworld is known to be Australia’s favourite and biggest of the theme parks Gold Coast. Gold Coast is known to be the adventure capital of Australia and is one of our biggest tourist draw cards, both domestic and international.

Dreamworld is just one of those reasons why and is popular for family holidays. But, don’t let not having kids stop you from going, there is a lot for everyone to enjoy.

Thrilling rides for the Big Kids

An adventure park can only be great if it has thrilling rides for the big kids. Dreamworld has some of the biggest and best thrill rides out of the theme parks on the Gold Coast.

Officially declared the tallest vertical free-fall ride in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, the Giant Drop is sure to set your heart on fire. Plummeting 120 metres (39 stories) at speeds of 135 km/hour with legs hanging freely, it provides a euphoric rush like no other.

Giant Drop and Tower of Terror
Giant Drop going up Tower of Terror coming down

One of my favourites and one which I found scarier when it faced forwards instead of the now backwards, the Tower of Terror blasts backwards, rocketing you through a 206m tunnel hitting speeds of up to 161km/h in 7 seconds flat. You soar 100m into the atmosphere dangling for several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness before plummeting back to earth. It is an ultra cool ride.

Do not eat before you go on The Claw, it will churn your stomach up and make it want to empty onto the gawking mouths below as they watch you swing up and down 9 stories high like a pendulum, yet spinning a360 degrees at the same time. It is sickening, spine tingling fun.

The Claw Gold Coast
Spinning around

Forget going on Wipeout if you have back injuries. The tidal wave simulator sucks you into its massive swell and twists, tumbles, throws you upside down and then dumps you on the shore. I seriously felt as if I was going to get shaken out of the ride the whole time.

Wipeout Gold Coast theme parks
Wipe out

Rides for the Whole Family

Thunder rapid rides theme parks gold coast
Taking a break

It wouldn’t be a theme park if you didn’t have the calm Thunder River Rapid rides. The rapids are really pretty tame and are perfect for a sit down, easy on the heart experience.

The Log Ride is another gentle boat ride culminating in a giant slide down the gold mine chute with a big splash at the end. Kalyra was a little shell-shocked once we reached the bottom and despite her protesting, “I don’t want to go on that again Mummy,” I think she really enjoyed herself.

Fantasy Worlds for the Little Kids

Dorothys Rosy Tea Cups Dreamworld
Spinning with Dorothy

Your children will love being transported into Wiggles World. (Go Mums and Dads, admit it you love a bit of the old Mashed Potato too.)

There’s Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cups and the Big Red Car ride through the Wiggles home.

Once you tire of that head over to Nickelodeon world for some swinging chairs, children’s roller coasters and for the little ones, the Merry-go Round and flying Blues Clues.

Dorothy and Diego Dreamworld
Dorothy and Diego make Kalyra’s Day


dorothy and Henry the octopus
With Dorothy and Henry

Your little ones will be ecstatic to see some of their favourite characters walking around the park such as Dora and Diego and Dorothy and Henry the Octopus.

Tiger Demonstrations for our Wild Side

Tiger demonstrations Dreamworld
White tiger

Tiger Island is a world where Bengal and Sumatran tigers play, wrestle and swim with their handler’s everyday, allowing you the opportunity to observe these beautiful majestic animals and study their natural instincts.

Tiger Island Dreamworld
Awesome display of power

Tiger Island presentations are held twice daily where you can see them scale 20 foot trees, jump between massive logs, launch ten feet into the air and demonstrate their remarkable instincts. Kalyra loved it!

If you are really brave, and have some extra money to spend then you can go on a morning walk with the tigers and have your photos taken with them.

Australian Wildlife Experience

Australian wildlife experience
Kalyra’s new cuddly friend

This is a great added bonus for all our international travellers, actually even for us Aussies. Dreamworld has an Australian Wildlife Experience section of the park. You can see a koala feeding show and have the opportunity to pat them.

You can also feed the kangaroos that jump freely about the enclosure. There are other animals to see such as Tasmanian devils, wombat, wallabies and cassowaries. There are also croc feeding show and other wildlife demonstrations to see.

Feeding the kangaroos
Skippy time

Whitewater World

world theme parks gold coast
Whitewater world

Just next door to Dreamworld Theme Parks is there very own Whitewater World, the only place in the world boasting all four of the hottest waterslides on the planet. You can spend part of your day getting wet here on the thrilling rides or swimming at the wave pool for an extra cost.

Tips and hints on How to Make the Most of your Day At Dreamworld Theme Parks Gold Coast

Get there early

Dreamworld has pretty short opening hours 10am-5pm and is one of my only criticisms. They do have early 9am entry tickets for an extra $10 and may be worth paying the extra to beat the crowds to the most popular rides. Sometimes they have specials if you book online which give you the early entry ticket for free.

Pre-purchase your ticket so you do not have to line up upon arrival. This could waste up to half an hour of your time.

Buy the Q4U fast ride pass

If you get to Dreamworld on a busy day you could be lining up for rides for hours. This will really cut into your day and your ability to enjoy all that the park has to offer. For an extra $10 plus $7.50 per person, you can buy the Q4U pass and save up to an hour waiting on some rides. It really does feel good to walk straight past the queues to the front of the line. (Go on, give them a wave. You know you want to.)

All you need to do is reserve your time on the ride. So book ahead and go and enjoy some of the shows and experiences while you wait.

Go straight to the Giant Drop

The Giant Drop is not on the Q4U fast pass system and is really popular. It has few seats per ride and has a slow turnover. Go there first before the queues really start growing.

Check out the schedule straight up and plan your day

Be very diligent in your planning. Hit the busy rides first before the crowds start growing. Check out the schedule of shows and plan your day around them

Eat at tiger island

Kill two birds with one stone. Make a lunch date with the Tigers. You can sit and each your lunch at the Bengal Cafe and watch the Tigers lazing around at the same time. There is a late afternoon tiger demonstration show you may want to save your lunch time for. You might have to eat standing up though as the crowds will be big.

Pack a picnic

The food at the theme parks Gold Coast is pretty expensive not to mention lacking in culinary flavours. Save some money and pack your esky full of picnic food. There is ample space around the Water park for you to sit and enjoy your delicious cheap lunch.

N.B Dreamworld does not allow food but if you have the two park pass you can go and eat at WhiteWater World and then come back in to Dreamworld.

Buy a two day world pass

I think it would be next to impossible to enjoy Dreamworld and Whitewater world on the same day. You would be far too rushed. Buy a two day world pass which you can use within 14 days. Have one day at Dreamworld and then the next at Whitewater World.

Dreamworld Theme Parks Gold Coast Costs

1 Day World Passes (Dreamworld and WhiteWater)

Adult    $89
child     $65        (under 3 free)
Family $265 ( 2 adults, 2 child)

2 Day Pass

Adult    $109
Child     $75
Family  $299

Want more information? Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor
Thanks to Gold Coast Tourism for hosting our stay at Dreamworld

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  1. Theme parks here is one of the best in the world and will definitely be back here to visit it again. You can also enjoy other theme parks here that can let you and your family enjoy your tour. I agree with all the tips that was given and basing from my experience I booked early through Experienceoz.com.au and made no hassles while I was on vacation.

  2. We went to Dreamworld recently and loved every minute – I agree they should open to about 7.00pm especially in the summer months! We would love to go back again another time :)

  3. You mention on this website that it is far too expensive to buy food so pack a picnic, but if you buy the 2 park pass to white water world you can go eat there. Isn’t that cheeky?In order to eat food we have to go somewhere else and go to a world we won’t be visiting.What other options do you have besides buying expensive junk food rather than bringing healthy food from home to eat it. PS we have a 3 year old in our midst, so leaving food in a hot car won’t be an option.

    • I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. You can’t bring food into Dreamworld, but if you have a pass that gives you access to White water world next door, you can bring a picnic and eat there. I’m not being cheeky, I am sharing a tip that can help someone save money. These are Dreamworld’s rules, not mine.

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