Do It in a Dress Helicopter Flight over Bright

So you have been eagerly awaiting our paragliding event in Bright, Victoria.

The one in which we took to the skies wearing school dresses in an effort to raise money to help girls go to school in Sierra Leone in Africa.

We can’t thank all those who shared, encouraged and donated enough. We have raised $820 so far, which is enough to put 3 girls in school.

Totally awesome. (You can still donate and we are still keen to reach our $1500 target and will find new places to wear our dresses.)

Unfortunately the paragliding did not go ahead.

When you are told it’s too windy and dangerous you simply reply, “Oh that is too bad,” and get over it.

You can’t help anyone if you are dead and you can’t control the weather so there is no point crying about it.

To make up for it, we donned the school dresses for a helicopter ride over the Ovens Valley instead.

Probably not as entertaining for those who wanted to see Craig running off a hill in a school dress, but there is photographic evidence of him wearing it floating in the skies anyway.

And not only that, we were filmed by the local WIN TV station, so Craig will be broadcast over the airwaves in a dress! YAY!

All women will agree that he chose the wrong shoes and definitely needs a leg shave, but other than that, is looking so pretty.

do it in a dress helicopter ride
The dress maketh the man

I don’t think there was a better way to see the Valley and the town of Bright then in a school dress in a helicopter. You get such a beautiful perspective looking down from the clouds.

Our pilot pointed out different homes in the area, the river and the various peaks and dips. It was the first opportunity we had to see Mt Hotham, the famous Victorian skiing peak, stewing under a mass of angry clouds.

Our floating bubble took us over Mystic Hill, the location of our paragliding run off. Maybe it was a good thing it was cancelled, I lost my stomach a few times bouncing around in the wind up there. Our dresses would have blown up over our heads, scaring everyone out of the town for the morning!

Kalrya sure got a kick out of seeing her Daddy wearing a dress and has been heard letting random strangers know that he wears one.

Enjoy our scenic helicopter ride in school dresses via photos:

helicopter do it in a dress
Get your girl face on boy!
helicopter ride in a dress
Victor Charlie Charlie
Helicopter ride over Ovens Valley Bright
Getting ready to take off
Helicopter flight Bright
Away we go
Helicopter ride over Ovens Valley Bright
Ovens Valley Bright by helicopter
Views best seen in a dress
Ovens Valley Bright Victoria
Bright from the air
The township of Bright
helicopter ride in Bright
What’s that over there?
Mount Mystic
Oh, the mountain we were meant to paraglide off!

We flew with Hi Life Helicopters and were guests of Kim who organised the #BrightDelight weekend. We were so glad to be a part of it, as we discovered one of our now favourite Aussie towns.

Stay tuned for a post on how beautiful Bright is, things you can do in Bright, and a story of my encounter with a ghost!

What do you think of Craig’s new look and the views from the helicopter?

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3 Comments on “Do It in a Dress Helicopter Flight over Bright”

  1. Seems like Craig has enjoyed a lot in his ooops Her School dress. By the way I am happy for you people’s effort to raise the money for a noble reason. The helicopter view is magnificent.Thanks Caz

  2. Very nice legs!

    I’ve watched the paragliders leap off that hill innumerable times from my parents-in-laws’ nearby home. They make fantastic photo opportunities, but I have never, ever had the least desire to join them. That is scary stuff! ;)

    The landscape is gorgeous, love the helicopter shots.

  3. Congrats! That’s a pity about the paragliding but it’s such a great cause, so I’m glad you guys still managed to get up in the sky!

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