Best Of

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2 Comments on “Best Of”

  1. Caz & Craig, you should be really proud of your blog and what you’ve achieved. Glad to see you travelling with your kids.
    We too have taught OS in different countries and put our 2 girls in to Japanese schools when they were 4 & 6 years old for 2 years. They are now in their 20’s.
    We have just retired from teaching (early) and are travelling forever.
    We have just started our website in January and are inspired to read about the places we’re visiting on other people’s sites.
    We’ve spent two & a half months in Thailand and will soon be moving on to Cambodia, Laos etc.
    We’re having fun and enjoy reading about others who are doing similar things.
    Thanks for your tips.
    We wish you well.
    Jon & Jenny

  2. Hi Jon and Jenny,

    Sorry about the delayed response, missed this comment. That’s awesome that you are living your best life and following your passions for travel. And thanks for sharing your story about your children.

    Safe travels!
    Caz :-)