ANZ goMoney Competition – WIN a Samsung Galaxy SIII

To celebrate the goMoney app for Android, ANZ is offering our readers the opportunity to win a

Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone valued at $899!

Perfect for managing your finances while on the road, ANZ’s goMoney banking app provides customers with a convenient way to bank 24/7.

Features include:

  • an easy four-digit login PIN
  • the ability to send money to anyone using just their Australian mobile number
  • instant transfers between your accounts.

anz gomoney app

To Enter the giveaway:

Where and how have you used online banking during your travel adventures?

To win, in the form down the bottom tell us, What sticky situations you’ve found yourself in while travelling, where the instant transfer function of the goMoney app could have helped you out?

Please note: competition is for Australian residents only.

We are also excited to tell you about ANZ’s NEW Facebook Travel App

Don’t have time to plan your holiday, but desperately need one?

ANZ is launching a new travel app on Facebook, the first of its kind in Australia, which can help you plan your next getaway destination!

Just enter in your travel style (budget, normal, luxury), total budget and intended length of stay, and the app will recommend places around the world you can visit for that budget in that time frame.

For that all-important second opinion you can then post your top results on your Facebook profile, and let your friends vote for the best of your holiday options.

Please click on the link below, and start planning your next holiday now!

 Background info on goMoney app:

goMoney is an online banking app for ANZ customers.  It is available for both Android and iPhone users and provides customers a convenient way to bank 24/7.

Some of the key features of the app include a 4 digit login PIN for super easy access to your account, ‘Pay to Mobile’ which allows users to pay anyone using just their Australian mobile number instead of their account details and the ability to transfer money between your ANZ accounts instantly.  If you would like any further information please visit

To enter, simply fill out the form below. Once entry is received you will be redirected to our fanpage and will receive a confirmation email.

Terms and Conditions

1. Only open to Australian residents
2. The giveaway is a game of skill. Entries will be judged based on originality and creativity
3. The giveaway opens on 28th Nov 1pm AEST and closes 12th Dec at 11:45pm pm AEST
4. Entries are judged by independent third parties
5. There will be 1 winner receiving a Samsung Galaxy III valued at $899

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15 Comments on “ANZ goMoney Competition – WIN a Samsung Galaxy SIII”

  1. Great giveaway, thanks.
    Bronnie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday
    Bronnie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  2. Such a shame that everything is only for the Australian residents only :(
    crazy sexy fun traveler recently posted..The biggest positive shock in Mexico – Mexican toilets
    crazy sexy fun traveler recently posted..The biggest positive shock in Mexico – Mexican toilets

    • I know! I am so sorry. Unless you have someone over here with an address you can use and then have them send it on?

  3. Dang Aussies! Not only do you cheer for the wrong college teams but you limit great giveaways like this to Aussies! :)

    I just got my first smartphone in May. I got the HTC One S which is a pretty good phone and highly rated. Heard lots of great things about the Samsung Galaxy III
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..A walk in the rain through Dublin Castle
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..A walk in the rain through Dublin Castle

    • I know!! We are trying to make these comps global. Not always easy though!! If you have access to an Aussie postal address you can enter and they can send it on!

  4. Sara Hayward

    Such an awesome idea for an app. I’m so forgetful so it’d be perfect for me! Nice phone too. ;)

  5. sam greenwald

    here goes

  6. oh what a great comp… This would be perfect for keeping little miss 6 y.o occupied whilst doing our round trip of NSW…keep living the dream y travellers

  7. I couldn’t find a submit button for the competition so not sure if it worked or not.

    • Hmm. Not sure what has happened there Tegan. I can see the submit button on the form. It’s directly under the check all that apply section.

      Your entry didn’t come through so you will have to try again. so sorry about that. Maybe you have some browser issues. Try opening the page up in a different browser and see if that works

  8. [...] this giveaway here: [...]

  9. Nice Competition, great idea, and also the anz app sounds usefull, just a question, when will the draw take place, winners will be announced how?

    • The competition ended today so we have to go through the entries. We will be selecting a winner next week and it will be announced via facebook.

  10. When I’m overseas I use online banking all the time to check on balances, pay the credit card and transfer money between accounts. When travelling a few years back we’d no sooner landed when my youngest had to go to hospital with pneumonia. I didn’t have cash for the taxi or for meals at the hospital etc. If such a facility had been available then it would have made my life a lot easier. Although it was overseas so it wouldn’t have made much difference. An international version please! Checklist 1. Travel Insurance 2. Spare Cash 3. Money app

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