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Published Articles

I write about family travel on Kidspot and how learning matters. (Click links to read all articles)
When Travel Takes a Friend- Brave New Traveler
How to Travel Africa - Nomadic Matt’s travel blog
What you Spend on Your Vacation isn’t What Matters –  Sharing Travel Experiences online magazine
How to Get Married in South AfricaWhere I’ve Been travel blog
5 Reasons to travel to Uganda - Travel with a Mate travel blog
Why We travel lifers- Brendan’s Adventures
St Lucia Wetlands in Zululand- the hidden gem of South Africa - Travel Dudes website, tips for travelers by travellers
Ashanti Lodge, Cape Town South Africa Travel Dudes
10 Alternative Adventures to do in Australia Traveling Canucks
The Tazara: A rail adventure through Africa Trains on the Brains
Christmas in New York Jazz Hostels
Glamour Grannies don’t snatch back time- they re-invent themselves Glamour Granny Travels
Vodka Haze, Nha Trang The Traveller World Guide
When Oprah comes to visit Western Australia Why Go Australia
How to live an Extraordinary Life Ordinary Travelers
Highlights of a Kenya to Cape Town Backpacking Trail Part 1 and Part 2 Globotreks
A reflection on Teaching English World Nomads
It’s not better or worse, It’s just different World Nomads
Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa Gap Year Escape
Is travelling with children Selfish Bacon is Magic
Road Trip Through the Creator’s Art Studio in Utah Go Backpacking
My favourite Travel Memory Rafting the Nile River Traveling Around the World for Couples
Holy S”’t I think I am going to die Fearful adventurer
Tips for Travelling as a Couple Hostel World
54 life lessons 14 years of World Travel taught me Marc and Angel Hack Life
Living with Children in a Foreign Country What’s Up El Salvador
How to go from Ordinary to Extrordinary Lifehack
Tips for travelling as a couple Hostel World
The mother’s guide to taking a break: The Organised Housewife
The pros and cons to travel with kids Hotel Club
The reality of family travel and why you should do it on Super Kawaii Mama

Stories and connections are what inspire us to travel The Planet D

Travel to create a business and lifestyle you love Under 30 CEO

Blogging and Social Media Training Articles

Build your Brand: Be Yourself and Be Everywhere and The Power of Building Relationships Travel Blog Challenge
Why the Travel Industry Needs Travel Bloggers and  What Travel Bloggers Must do For the Travel Industry Blogging Standards
Make your Facebook fan Page a Party Problogger
Travel blogger Case Study Flashpacker HQ
Ditch the Job Mentaility and Develop and Entrepreneurial Mindset Problogger
The Art of Self Promotion: The Friday Traffic Report
The most powerful blog success tips Styling You
A writer’s biggest barrier to success, Jeff Goins
Get more comments Problogger
Growing your Pinterest community and How to get more repins on Digital Parents Collective

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