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FREE Updates and Inspiration

Get our FREE Travel Ebook and monthly NEWSLETTER


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12 Comments on “Free Newsletter”

  1. Neil Fahey

    Please sign me up to your newsletter… Thanks!

  2. Neil Fahey

    Just got it to work in Firefox. No good in Chrome or IE8.


  3. [...] We have also almost completed a nine part video series where we share our best tips on how to travel more often. This will be available to all those who subscribe to our monthly newsletter. [...]

  4. Ruth Mockett

    Cas, I’m starting to worry about this. What used to be a really sweet personal blog, with lots of lovely photos of places and your family, seems to be losing it’s way for me. It’s starting to look a lot more commercial and the content is not so interesting. A few weeks ago I was looking forward to daily photos of you all travelling round Australia eating cakes and playing on beaches etc. Where have they gone? So sorry, but I don’t want to lose you and your personality and your family.
    I looked at this bit and thought Nooooo please don’t go the way of so many other over commercialised confusing sign up for this, that and the next thing websites. Next you’ll be charging us a sneaky monthly fee.
    I understand you need to earn a living doing this, is that why you’ve gone down this route?
    Best wishes to you and your lovely family

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for expressing your concerns. I am listening. However I don’t quite understand where you are coming from, so I’d love a little bit of clarification from you. I don’t get where the commercial aspect comes from as we have barely any advertising on here. To be honest Ruth, we hardly make any money from this site. I know we put the odd thing out about our latest ebook, but if we didn’t this site would close down. I worry constantly about paying the bills and providing for my children, so I am a little upset that you begrudge me a little bit of promotion here and there. Of course I only see things from my point of view, but I think we put out exceptional content each week. We have an abundance of articles incorporating tips, destination highlights and inspirational type stuff. Please let me know why the content is not so interesting because when we have thousands of people reading and sharing our content, when National Geographic, Expedia, Tourism Australia, Kathmandu, and Virgin Australia promote our stuff and talk about why we are so exceptional with what we do I don’t understand how we ahve lost our away and why our content is not interesting.

      We put the daily photos of us eating cakes and playing on beaches on our facebook page. Maybe you don’t see them. Ruth it takes us hours to put together one post on our blog. I am up at 4:3oam every morning and we don’t go to bed till midnight at the earliest. Each day we are parenting, homeschooling, trying to manage travelling, doing normal everyday things like cleaning and cooking, and then running our business. We earn less than the average Australian and we battle every day, but we keep doing this because we love what we do. I’m really upset with your comment, “Next you’ll be charging us a sneaky monthly fee.” I think that speaks more about your frame of mind and judgements you have of others than it does to our character traits and what we do on here. I am sorry that you completely missed who we are and what we stand for. We’re not monsters hiding around the corner waiting to screw you over.
      To put together posts showcasing our photos takes an insane amount of time, which we just can’t manage. So we work to do those type of posts once a week. We pepper that with posts that are less time consuming, yet still pack a lot of value. We get so many emails and comments from people saying how much they love our content and find our lives inspiring. That makes me happy. IT makes the crazy hours worth it. We do get paid below an award wage for what we do. So be it. That is my choice. I’m waking every day knowing I am doing what I love and making a difference to others. But, I can’t please everyone.

      If you feel we have lost our way and can no longer serve you Ruth, then fair enough. We don’t want you to put your time and effort in a place that you don’t like being. It’s okay for you to leave. Don’t hang around a place you don’t feel comfortable being in. I don’t want that for you or for me. It’s just unproductive, bad energy. Thanks for being with us as long as you were and we wish you all the best with your travel journey. There are many wonderful moments waiting for you.

  5. Ruth Mockett

    Oh bless you. I’m so sorry. I seem to have really hit a nerve. I don’t think for a nanosecond that you are out to ‘screw’ us. Please please don’t be upset. I don’t wish to hurt you at all. I think you have changed the format somewhat and I am not seeing the chatty coffee type bit. I don’t see the facebook stuff. It’s probably my computer illiteracy. I just used to get a regular email which was lovely and seemed to be more like a diary of your trip. I had been collecting them in a file to aid our plans to travel in the next two years. Recently it seems to have changed and I am getting emails which seems to be more about life and thoughts which are lovely but not really what I am looking for. I am missing the beaches etc. but as I say, maybe I’m being useless and looking in the wrong place now.
    The reason I said it looks more commercial ( I don’t mind adverts) is that it is starting to look (don’t jump on me, I only mean appearance not content, ie lots of different coloured and sized fonts etc ) a little like two websites which have stung me in the past. (Save the marriage by Lee Baucombe and one about Dog training by a guy called Adam Katz. I bought the Ebook ‘save the marriage’ and found I was hooked in to a monthly fee which was very hard to get out of. I think the other one is the same). It seems that this is becoming a common way to promote websites esp in America and Australia.
    I know from following you, that you are a lovely decent honest sensitive soul, so am absolutely sure that’s not your intention to let your website go this way. I just wanted to give you some feedback that I’m finding it a bit less simple and straightforward than before and a little bit more like you may have been listening to too many sales experts who are influencing you a bit more.
    But this is only my opinion. I just don’t want to lose the lovely homely letter from a friend/diary type format that you had before. Maybe lots of other people prefer the new look. Maybe it appeals more to younger people. It’s just getting a bit complicated for me, but I am fifty and menopausal so that could be it! I can’t bear to think that I have upset such a nice person, so please ignore my thoughts. It was just feedback from an older UK fan.
    Lots of positive good energy and love to you and Craig and the lovely girls

    • With over 120,000 visitors to our blog each month, I can’t please everyone. We like to evolve and my newsletters are still personal and I get a lot of positive feedback on them. The majority of people like it the way it is, so I move in that direction. Please don’t assume that because someone else stung you that I am going to as well. That’s not fair.

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